Once More, With Feeling

Nekochan: The new quest is broken. I can’t get the key to work on the thing.

No Moshing: Oh, okay. I can check on that. Do you mind re-playing the quest again, or do you want me to skip you ahead to where you don’t need the key anymore?

Nekochan: Is it okay to skip ahead?

No Moshing: It’s 11PM on Christmas Eve. What could possibly go wrong with the one little room?

Version December_3:

8 Replies to “Once More, With Feeling”

  1. I was finally able to finish missing girls quest, which is pretty awesome, but I can’t really enjoy advancement party. There is fadein when you are taken to guildbuilding but there isnt fadeout. I mean you can control character and interact with guests but screen is black..

  2. So, not sure if it’s just me or a bug, but I can’t progress at the start of the game. I can talk to everyone and have the sister and friend get to hover around the exit and get roaring drunk myself, but Gargan doesn’t do anything to help/steal me.

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