The Monster Girl Situation

So, I frequently get questions about what monster girls will make it into Harem Collector. I often respond with “maybe” or “wait and see” but here’s the thing- I’m not interested in the vast, vast majority of monster girls, from the encyclopedia or elsewhere. But hey, some of them are nice, and I’ve already said that there will be a slime girl at point.

There are many problems with implementing monster girls, though- they need to exist as 3DCG mods, and I need to find or commission a sprite to match. Because of this, I’m not going to be going the extra mile to put a given monster girl in the game unless I feel very motivated. Very little of this applies to Fairy Side, though, MagicWhiteLady might have her own priorities.

So, let’s run down- I’ll list off the primary monster girl varieties and tell you the chances that they’re going to appear in a Harem Collector game. If I don’t mention one here, the answer is probably “I don’t care one way or another, so my apathy probably means no”. If there’s something specific you’d like to inquire about, stick it in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Alraune, Mandragora, etc: I don’t plan to. I don’t have anything against alraune but if I’m going to put a plant-girl-type in the game, it’s probably going to be a dryad and pass on the predatory aspect of the alraune.

Interestingly, the Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki describes the alraune’s  disposition as “voluptuous”. I’m not certain if it’s “voluptuous” or “disposition” that’s the problem, but one those words doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Arache, Driders, etc.: I have a theory: Anyone who thinks that spider/girl hybrids are hot were actually born on Antarctica and have never seen an actual spider. Like, god damn. They’re literally the single most alien, horrific things ever  and some guys want to put their dicks in one, as long as it has tits. I mean, look:

Every time I see this, I throw up in my mouth a little.

Cancer: Ugh, no. A girl shaped like a tumour? Forget it, I mean, how insensi-

Oh. OH. It’s a crab.


Centaurs: Hmm, maybe. One of my earliest video game crushes was May from Shining Force 2. The question then becomes, would the girl’s pussy be in an anatomically correct position for a girl, or a horse? Probably the former, but I might change my mind. So, there will probably be a female centaur at some point, but not in the first installment of the series. Also, the chances of a centaur being in Project Norn are high.

Classic Elementals: Elementals were in the “no” zone for awhile. Slyphs and Nereids are covered by the Monster Girl Encyclopedia already, so there’s not much to say there except that they can be hot. It’s also not hard to think of a sexy fire elemental without it being a salamander or dragon or whatever.

The problem arises because you need the complete set. I want to put a set of classic sexy elementals in Harem Collector. However, the question is how to do a cute earth elemental, without being lazy doing the “plants = earth” thing. Dirt and rocks, however, aren’t terribly sexy. Or even feminine.

The solution I came up with? Gems and precious stones. Observe:

Pic courtesy of MagicWhiteLady. Hopefully that makes up for the earlier disturbing spider pic.

Demons: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia lists a number of different demon girls, with varying degrees of sexiness. If you read the lore in-game, there will obviously be demon girls of several varieties. Some of the demons are dudes though- and I know that’s mostly been what’s in the game so far. But there will be demon girls, and even in the first installment, too.

Dragons: Dragons will play a large role in Harem Collector, but I don’t know how likely they are to show up as sexy girl dragons. If I feel like it, one or two might show up in later installments of the series, but it’s not a priority.

Dryads: The chances of a Dryad showing up at some point in Harem Collector and Project Norn both are very high. I don’t have any plans at the moment, but I like Dryads, they’re sexy tree ladies, and that’s awesome.

Dullahan: I don’t see the appeal in having sex with a headless girl. So, no. Which is too bad, I can’t imagine it would that hard to implement in 3DCG given the number of guro mods.

Fairies: As you can tell from Fairy Side, the fae are going to play a big role in the setting. In terms of actual small pixie-type creatures, my main problem is the limited possibilities. Your basically have the pixie giving the Hero’s dick a full-body massage sort of thing, or bukkake.

Gazebo: YES. HELL YES. There will a gazebo girl at some point, and it’ll be AWESOME.

Ghost: I’ve said there will be a ghost girl in the game at some point, and that point is soon.

Goblin: I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do concerning goblins. I’m definitely going to stick to my policy of no loli and nothing that can be construed as loli, and that might reduce the appeal for some guys. So, this one is a “maybe”.

Golem: Depending on what part of “golem” is important to you, there may already be something in the works to satisfy you. There will be “artificially creature girls that you can also fuck” but I don’t know about anything more true to the actual golem legend, or the Monster Girl Encyclopedia version.

Harpy: They might appear as monsters, but probably not as harem girls. Those bird legs and wings instead of arms kind of weird me out.

Kitsune: Very likely. I don’t have any plans as of yet, but they’ll probably appear in part 2.

Lamia, Snake-girls, etc:  Even as I was about to say “not likely”, Nekochan is standing over my shoulder talking about how awesome Bleu was in the Breath of Fire series. She’s nagged me into including stuff before, so I won’t say “never”.

Like-Like: It might be funny to have this girl, who is just a naked girl with a mouthful of weird teeth and the disturbing shade of pink skin, that just hangs around in a dungeon nomming on shields all day. Maybe she can block a door, and you have to give her a shield to proceed, and if you didn’t bring one extra, oops, sorry Therese.

Matango: Not as such… The chances are high that a fuckable Mycon Queen will appear in a later game, but not for the first Harem Collector game.

Mimics: The concept of opening a treasure chest with a girl inside and having sex with her amuses me (You received “Sexy Time”!), but that’s probably not the same thing.

Modrons, Drelb, Thought-Eaters, Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing, etc.: Noah Moshing’s recipe for comedy: Take one (1) obscure D&D monster. Turn into cute girl as parody of the whole monster girl encyclopedia thing. Serve while hot.
Ogre: Ogres in HC are already pretty standard Ogres. It might be fun to have female ogres actualy be sexy later, but I don’t think the Hero will actually fuck one.

Orcs: The whole orc thing has been gone over in Harem Collector, so, no..

Owlbear: I promise you there will be an owlbear girl, but only because it’ll be funny.

Slimes: You just skipped down here after reading the title, didn’t you?

Trolls: Trolls will probably make it in, just so I can make fun of Homestuck more.

Vampires: Kind of in a weird place right now, actually. MagicWhiteLady and I both want to use vampires in our games, but we’ve yet to sit down and actually figure out what canon vampirism is. So, yes, it will happen, in what form though? Read and find out. 

Were-[blank]: [Redacted]

Yuki-Onna: Very high. Very, very likely to happen. It might not be a legitimate “ghost” but more “cute ice fairy or spirit or something” though.

Zombies: Yuck.

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  1. Cantaurs:
    I will cry. I really will. I know too much about horses and their anatomy… if you put the vag someowhere else I will cry =_= and writhe aroudn onthe floor and go “WTF HOWCAN SHE WALK NOW????? I DON.. I.. I CANT….” but hey XD I know you liek to make fun of me.

    brb fappng to gazebo ladies. =3=

    you coudl say she’d naga-ing you into it XD


  2. See, the problem with the example you just showed is that it’s backwards, with the top half being spider and the bottom half being girl. I mean, that’s like putting a fish head on a regular girl and dumping on mermaids.

    That said, you know what? It’s your game, and no one, me especially, can tell you what you *have* to put in it.

  3. You might if you can find it is Kohime a H-anime Two of the girls in it are a goblin and a dragon as for elementals mostly comes to skin color and hair Earth would have dark skin brown hair maybe gemstones for eyes

    1. AllenAndArth here o/
      isn’t gazebo a house-like thing on the garden?
      so we’re gonna have a house-girl?
      what if the hero enter through the back-door?

  4. How about a vagina monster..A huge vagina trying to swallow you whole!!!!
    Joking* Anyway thanks for the game it’s fun!!!
    -A paramedic..I’m for real lol my work is tiring so playing games helps me a lot-

  5. Noticed that you had listed demons however see no mention of celestials. Since the MC and his sister are already favored by a celestial whose name escapes me, seems like she might send some underlings or herself for fun/harem fodder.

    I like the gnome sketch. However, metaphorically speaking I think that her breasts should be bigger. Earth and water elementals were seen as life givers thus had large breast. Where as wind and fire were destroyers thus had petite builds.

    Also if you include a summoner rather than add them as harem girls you could pull a hand wave that adds missions and have them summoned for group sex.

    1. If you’re new to following the game, there was a threesome with an angel quite a while ago that will be re-implemented for the April release. So yes, celestials are taken into consideration. The HC universe actually has a detailed cosmology, of which fae creatures, demons, celestials, and high dragons are a part, as well as a fifth GROUP OF MYSTERY *dun dun duuun*

      Poinky brings up a good point though. Maybe the gem elemental has a gummy-like texture?

    2. “Poinky brings up a good point though. Maybe the gem elemental has a gummy-like texture?” N.M.

      Or maybe you just have to be hard enough to cut diamonds, first.

  6. The earth elemental girl suggested by Xortberg is from an H-game called Kamidori “Alchemy Meister, The God Captor” by Eushully. Based on your previously stated tastes in games and H-games I both recommend you play it and use it for Monster Girl reference. There is a comprehensive English patch so if you want to give it a try you should be fine. Also I recommend the manga “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou” for ideas on sexy Monster Girls as well as a generally good read.

    1. ‘Tis a Visual Novel time sink of a tactical RPG that will likely send anywhere between a week and a month of your life down the drain. Depending on your own tendencies and preferences you may want to consider getting a one hundred percent save file instead of playing.

      That could basically go for just about any Eushully game, to the best of my knowledge, really.

  7. Make the game you want to make. While public feedback can help in some situations don’t add or remove stuff because of its effect on the popularity of the game.

  8. One options for the elemental’s is to go the shadow hearts way, one character who can merge with an elemental spirit and then transform into it. The last shadow hearts had a Sexy native american who had that character trait. No clue how you’d balance that, since the fusion character were always overpowered compared to any other characters if you could change fusions whenever, but would by annoying if they changed every day so you couldn’t get the one you wanted.

  9. First off, since you ‘do’ use 3DCG for scenes, this is purely to make a few counterpoints that you may or may not have already considered. Just trying to make you think but otherwise it’s still your game.

    Monster girls in general: based on what you said, you’re using the Monster Girl Encyclopedia for references? Not a bad choice but seems kinda limiting (both in types and in design). Not sure about everyone else, but I don’t think it’d be that bothersome if some of them were closer to human proportion with a few aspects that tell you what sort of monster they’re derived from. Going with that-

    -Arachne: Don’t know if you’re familiar with League of Legends, but Elise fits with what I said.

    Basically, human in appearance overall with two extra sets of legs extending from her back (could be used as weapons for instance).

    Golems: This one is actually quite simple. Consider that a golem is basically an automaton powered by magic (as opposed to science, where it’d most commonly be refered to as an android), once again all you’d need is a few design choices that let a player take one look and say ‘That’s a golem’. Depending on what type of golem, her armor could take the appearance of stone or metal.

    Just my two cents. I understand perfectly, though, the difficulty in finding the right mods for 3DCG (my own failed attempt at an RPG still floating at the back of my head)

    1. AllenAndArth
      IT’S SHEEVA!
      sorry couldn’t help it it’s sheeva from mortal kombat! but, sheeva is too close to what would it be in 3DCG…please Noah… don’t put that in HC…i’m going to have nightmares forever

    2. I know of Elise. I don’t play LoL, but I do follow Nerf Now! I personally have an odd relationship with MOBAs… I keep seeing DOTA2 and LoL porn, and would love some context to add to that, but then I would have to play a MOBA. I was actually super disappointed that the LoL anime was actually going to be about people playing LoL and not the in-game universe.

      While Elise’s design could work, I still think spiders are creepy as fuck.

    1. if you are an older fan of games and like rpg style games i would recommend playing them or at least trying them, lots of little bits of humor from old games and even at least one anime reference mixed in

      you might need to look up some some things to fully understand all the syblisim in the game since things are based on the game industry

  10. Actually a Harem grade Golem could make perfect sense as a followup to the watch delivery quest where the final boss was the Clockwork Scorpion. Just have some aspect of this that later leads into a confrontation with a far more advanced clockwork golem expert who’s created a supreme masterwork clockwork golem girl. Indeed part of claiming her might involve getting the keys to her heart – a set of keys her creater made that could be used to adjust her emotions and such. (Which I’ll admit, was in Planescape torment)

    1. Hmm, thinking a little further, I don’t know about the mechanics of it, but possibly one way to make the golem girl a touch more unique could feature using the mentioned keys to wind several emotion key points, possibly featuring an inital story point involving one being overwound to bring things into the once per day model like gifts.

    1. Given the number of requests for a lamia, and Nekochan’s Bleu fangirling, I will probably put in a traditional naga-type girl at some point, just probably not in the first installment. Unlike, say, motherfucking spiders, I don’t have any particular creepy jibblies about snakes, I just don’t think snake-girls are particularly sexy.

      Modrons, Drelb, etc, are all really old, obscure D&D monsters. Modrons were basically… animate Platonically ideal shapes? Thought-eaters are psychic monsters and control your thoughts and look like desiccated duck corpses. Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing are creatures that look like a rabbit sitting on top of a tree stump that was meant to confuse hunters and then devour them with vine-tentacles. A Drelb is a type of wraith that specifically haunts abandoned places or something like that.

  11. to help with elements I have a list of potentials

    Wind: Slyph(duh), Fairy, Harpy(you already said not in harem so okay), Elf(okay not a monster but they attuinded more with the wind earth and water more than fire, kamidori’s elf is primary wind ele)
    Water: Slime, Yuki-onni(ice is a sub department of water), -insert sea creater-girl, Snowgirl/woman(sort of like a living snowman)
    Earth: Mudgirl(LONG LIVE AHT), Goblins, Trolls(standard versions not Homestuck)
    Fire: Kitsune(fox fire anyone) Salamanders, Dragons

  12. You think the hero wouldn’t fuck a sexy female ogre? He considered a robotic scorpion until he realized he couldn’t fuck it. As for elementals, many of them that I’ve read about are born from their element and have absolute control over it, but they aren’t made of it. So you could basically have a fire elemental be a girl with flame-colored hair and a darker skin tone, while the water elemental could have blue hair and lips.

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