Bad Kitty Games Closing Down

Hey all, I’m sorry this is so sudden, but because of the recent troubles in my life, I’ve rediscovered God and have decided to make Christ a part of my life again. I’m still going to be in the video game business though, just doing proper Christian games, inspired by classical like Noah’s Ark 3-D.

I’m trying to redeem my sinful past and stop with all the smut-peddling, and though the road will be long and hard no doubt Jesus will walk beside me and carry me.

I’ll keep you all in my prayers and hope that one day you’ll all find it in your hearts to love Jesus like he should be loved.


12 Replies to “Bad Kitty Games Closing Down”

  1. Harem Collector. Therese Edition. You going around the world saving slaves from their owners. Doing the good deeds, praying at the local churches to get blessings so you can smite all evil-doers. And no sex. None. None whatsoever.
    What would be hilarious.

    1. suck that part of no sex and it could work, I would play a game of a harem where i’m a good guy saving poor slaves and making them my wifes/lovers/sexfriends

  2. Noah’s Ark 3-D sounds awesome even-thought I´m not huge furryfan myself. But repopulating human-world could be quite entertaining. Cristian-hentaigames sounds awesome!

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