Indecent Podcast Episode 1

Grab the Indecent Podcast Episode 1 here

Cypress_Z, MagicWhiteLady and I have started recording a podcast and episode 1 is available for download on the Bad Kitty Games front page. We’re still ironing out the technical aspects of the ‘cast (for example, my mic sensitivity needed to be turned way the hell down) but hopefully the problems with the recording won’t stop you from enjoying it.

In this week’s episode, we discuss hentai gaming in general, what inspired us to start making our hentai games, and some advice on people looking to start their own hentai game projects.

Also, Harem Collector: Fairy Side goes out to the testing team today, and should be released to the public in a week barring any sudden problems. Harem Collector itself is looking pretty firm for a mid-May release (although I just now realized the dates on the Bad Kitty Games release schedule are wrong, have to go back and fix that).

Anyway, I think the plan is to do these Podcasts every week, so if you have any questions or things you want to see addressed on the show, let me know in the comments or on the forum.

5 Replies to “Indecent Podcast Episode 1”

  1. It was fun to listen to. I’m not sure if that “creepy breathing” was deliberate, but it was great for the whole indecent podcast atmosphere. =)

    1. I started as a backer that became a friend after helping them with some publicity for their current Offbeatr project. I’ll send them a link to this page. I hope I am not overstepping, but it sounds like a fun idea to me?

  2. I applied for assisstant writer for Overwhored…i didnt exactly know that the guy making it is bona-fide badass writer who is trained/payed to write and i am just some loser writer (kinda, i am still learning).

    Now for podcast itself. It was weird when i heard NoMosh talking from one speaker (thought the headset is broken again) and then other people from other side. Other than that, quality was good, content was good and the lenght was obtimal. Cant wait for next one…and the one after….and you get it.

    Also, breathing into the mic was a bit weird, i agree with first poster, but not too distracting

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