Volunteer Appreciation Month: Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88

This post will probably be a lot shorter than last week- it’s not that these folks aren’t awesome, but I’ve worked with each of them a hell of a lot less than I have Gurotaku.

Kakurine, Daishi and Eight88 comprise the “writing volunteers” for Harem Collector. They write a lot of the sex scenes- not the majority, I don’t think (there’s still a lot of my writing in there) but a big chunk of them, and especially newer stuff.

Some of you longtime fans might remember that my sex scenes were originally… less than stellar. You see, writing sex scenes takes a huge chunk of time, and at the beginning of Harem Collector development I was more focused on all the cool stuff I wanted to do. While I’m not as bad at writing porn as I am at 3D posing, it will still take half a day for me to scribble out one scene (before editing). In contrast, I can get a lot of actual game making done in that time. So, when people started volunteering their time to write sex scenes for me, I started paying attention.

Daishi and his co-conspirator Eight88 were the first writers I welcomed on board. They worked on scenes together, and were responsible for Doll’s gangbang scene (“Unwanted Blessings”) and Yamamaya’s first consensual scene (“Mating Season”), among others. Unfortunately, after awhile they disappeared from the internet. Recently Daishi has gotten back in touch, but Kakurine has stayed on top of all the new stuff so I haven’t needed anyone else. Sorry, dude. Anyway, regardless of the fact that they’re not actively helping the project now, Daishi and Eight88 were a huge benefit back in the day and deserve their props.

Kakurine is the current sex scene writer for Harem Collector, and damn. She’s fast, she’s exciting and she needs very little editing once I get some text back. She’s responsible for the rewrite of Elaiya’s first scene (“Let’s Make a Deal”) and pretty much all of the most recent content including “Two’s Company, Four’s a Party” and the double-secret bonus not-sex scene, among others. She has also refused any share of the backer donations, instead wanting to cameo in the game as a harem girl. So look for that in the future.

Anyway, if you’d like, post some thanks and good wishes for these awesome sex scene writers, and I’ll see you next week!

3 Replies to “Volunteer Appreciation Month: Kakurine, Daishi, and Eight88”

  1. Hey, Nomash.
    This blog post is a perfect time to ask you about something.

    Would you be cool with me making a bonus character for your game?
    I would make her portrait, sprites, write her story and sex scene(I’d have to pass on the posing since i dont have 3d CG)
    Also I’d program her interactions, optional dialouge, all of that stuff.
    I’d either send the necessary bits to you, or have it posted somewhere where people could add it to their game if you wish.
    I actually have several concepts in mind, and was wanting to make a pole thread on the forum for which one everybody would like for me to work on

    1. I’d consider it, if you want to email or PM me a pitch.

      But, better yet, you could always do your own game. The more the merrier up in this bitch.

      1. I’ll pass. Just working on one character is going to take more time than my better judgement would normally allow.
        I sent you a pm, with a very vague, bare-bones pitch. I await your judgment on wether to go ahead with it or not.

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