Beatrix, Eat Your Heart Out

No Moshing originally wrote this post, but then the computer ate it, so he got mad and went to play Sleeping Dogs.

Anyhoo, I’m sure people are concerned/curious about how my recent vitrectomy (fancy way of “putting your retina back” surgery) went.

The short version: it failed. My retina, once it detached got caught in bunch of other shit in my eye that was dislodged or leaked in during the initial injury. They had nothing to work with to put back. So they cleaned it up, sewed me up and sent me home. Until other advances in medical science are available, I won’t be able to see out of my right eye.

The long version: it faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaailed. (I kid.)

After being informed of my retinal detachment, I was advised the doctor (and his fellows) they wanted to try 2 procedures. The first was a lens replacement. My lens took some damage or got dirty and they wanted to swap it out. The second was the vitrectomy. The vitrectomy had two parts: cryopexy and the air exchange. The cryopexy is using liquid nitrogen to freeze the retina and lasers (you know lasers had to be involved at some point) to stick it back. They’d replace the vitreous humor (inner eye liquid) with a silicon based oil. If they felt the retina needed some extra help, they’d do an air exchange. Simply put, put a tiny air bubble into my eye and use that air bubble to hold the retina in place while it heals. However this second procedure requires you to stay face down, constantly, for about seven days. While that didn’t sound like fun, the promise of having two eyes actually doing their job outweighed the “how the hell am I gonna sleep on my front when I’m a fucking double-D?”

In the following week, I had pre-admission (boo) where we were given a shit ton of literature about what to expect (aka “how to know when shit’s gone wrong”) and how to care for a person stuck face down. We were also given the name of a person who rents mattresses and chairs for people who receive this procedure so you’re not stuck cannibalizing a lawn chair. (Dear God I love you employer health care plan that covers fancy chair expenses). No Moshing may have had a minor freak out when he realized that he would be stuck watching my face down ass rather than being admitting to hospital and having nurses to dote on me. [Actually, this pre-admission visit kicked off about a week where I regressed completely and did little more than play video games and eat sweets, which lead to my emo bullshit post last Wednesday. Sorry. -NM]

On the night before the surgery I had to stop all eating, drinking and all meds (including my pain killers from the last surgery…) at midnight. So in the morning I was a bit grumpy. Cuz it still hurt. And nervous. Do you know they keep you awake (but high) for this operation? We get to the hospital where I proceed to wait. A lot. Which does wonders for nerves. They get me prepped, put the damn IV on the inside of my wrist (which I later learn is the most painful place for it) because my veins are too well camouflaged. And they I have to wait more.

When I finally get wheeled away, I’m a stupid weepy wreck. Which goes away once I finally get the “relaxants” (get high). To their credit, I didn’t feel much of what they were doing. And what I could feel wasn’t painful. However since I was still awake, I did hear enough of the prognosis – they couldn’t salvage the retina. Put in the new lens, since they were already in there, and close me up. But on the plus side – no face down! I can sit how I want. Now when I later related this to my mom and NoMoshing, they didn’t believe me. You see the doc would see us on the following day to discuss the prognosis, they didn’t get a post-surgery visit.

After surgery I got moved to the room where you come down from the meds before we release your ass back into the wild. I came down pretty quick. Sadly I had to wait because they didn’t believe me. And they couldn’t take out the goddamn IV because they were giving me fluids.

My trip home was crap because the painkillers had worn off so my poor stitched up eye felt every bump and turn and sudden stop. Because I got released during rush hour. It was a 2 hour trip home. Also this is when the nausea kicks in. Luckily I managed to keep the three cookies (all I had eaten that day) down. Once home, I get dosed up with tylenol (the strongest painkiller I’m allowed to take) and gravol and sleep until 5ish in the morning since we had to be back at the clinic for 7:30 am to get the post-operation check and prognosis.

The doctor’s check confirms what I overheard in the operating room. At this point, their efforts will be based around making sure I can keep the eye for cosmetic reasons (it still moves around with the left and is less creepy than a glass eye, assuming it heals up okay and stops being a bloodshot mess) and to make sure it’s not in pain (if it is, it means an infection or something got in and the entire eye will have to be removed.) I get sent home with a pretty depressed family (my mom having taken it the worst, having had the highest expectations) to absorb the news and get back to recovering. Which I’m still doing now. Woot woot.

Anyway, thank you all for your good wishes, support, and above all, patience these last few weeks. No Moshing should be back on track soon, and we can put this incident behind us.

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  1. I know what yr going through I lost my hearing suddenly and I had to live with it for a year feeling horrible alone, pain and depperion then after getting implant I started hearing again. Neko some time u got to wait and then let the unexpected do its part. I love yr game by the way! I hope u get used to it.

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about your unfortunate prognosis, Neko. I’m sure that has got to be tough for you and that it will take some adjustment for you once things settle down for you two. I am also sure NoMoshing must feel like absolute shit about the whole thing.

    Here’s hoping things take a positive turn for you guys once this current mess gets a little more sorted.

  3. Ah Neko, I’m really sorry to hear how things went down for you. That said I’m a tad jealous about NoMoshing having a sexy pirate lady for a wife. If I were in your position you know I’d go for the full eye patch look. It’s badass.

    Still, I make light of something pretty sad. I just hope you two are alright. Games are one thing but I consider you two friends and want things to end well for the both of you.

  4. I’m sorry that your vision in the eye could not be salvaged, but technology and science are coming along pretty quickly in that field. Hopefully sometime in the near-ish future you’ll be able to get it back.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of the game obviously, but obviously health comes first. Hope you recover well.

  5. Wow, I am extremely sorry to hear the news but I hope that things will get better. I am wishing you the best I hope that your recovery progresses well.

  6. I know how much stuff like that sucks. I’ve had my share of hospital trip inducing madness in my life. Take your happy sweet time and rest. It’s the best way .

  7. ummm i may be wrong but i think they may be able to transplant a retina that they get via organ donors. maybe its just the doctors u went to. i’m gonna look into it.

      1. During the post-operation check when I was given the news, I did indicate I would be interested if any new advances occur. For now the doctors are more concerned that I recover from the current surgeries (since I’m not quite over the first one back in June either) before they look at anything further. Dunno how suitable I would be for such a treatment, since apparently I have a bunch of scar tissue on my inner eye walls.
        NoMoshing did some checking into the hospital I ended up at and said it is apparently one of the best in North America so I’m not really looking for a second opinion at this time.
        Thank you for looking into though. I’ve always been impressed by scientific advances and it’d be foolish of me to think this is the final chapter of my “eye adventures”.

          1. After the meds wore off from the surgery, I just had a bunch of pain. At the worst, the entire right side of my face was sore, including my teeth. I was a bit nauseous as well but only while in the car on the way home. That only lasted the first night. Right now at its worst the pain is like I have a nasty headache. Most of the time it just feels uncomfortable.

          2. Yup yup i remember how bad the pain was. For me tge pain lasted 3 months. Hell i couldnt even walk.I lost all my balance. But the was my third and worst surgery but worth it.Nekochan was that yr first time in surgery?
            PS. I hope u get back to tip top shape!

          3. I’ve had a total of 4 major surgeries in my life: tubes in my ears when I was 6, wisdom teeth removed at 18, first eye surgery, and second eye surgery. The second eye surgery was the the first “local” surgery I had though. I wasn’t conscious for the others and so wasn’t as nervous. The post pain on the first eye surgery was the worst of the bunch. A week in, the inflammation kicked up and the pain felt like it was freshly operated on and I had to go into the city (during a festival no less so roads were detouring everywhere) to get the pain meds adjusted.
            Yeah I can imagine the ear surgery would knock your balance out since their inner workings are part of that system. I’m sorry your recovery was crappy.
            Thanks for the well wishes!

  8. For Alina, you could make her love quest be about her mother being kidnapped by loan sharks. Quest lvl10. Our Hero will go to her father and get info and get nothing since the father lip shut and after asking him he will leave his house but then the son will spill the beans, that the father just sold alina’s mom to the loan sharks in the slums. And then our hero go to the slum and goes to the inn and get info. Later he finds out she is in the same place alina was when she kidnapped. When he goes to the place, the bartender will tell him the loan shark recently working for a while. He goes in and sees men with swords in black suits and guard dogs with black glasses and as well as black suit gunmen. After fighting them, you will go the prison and a slave guild man will tell you that the key is in the room and the hero could say “is this deja vu?” and then therese could say “I agree with you” then when almost entering the room the party will not get ambushed instead the party will go search the room and key will this time be in the pot and the hero could “Maybe we check the pots often” then when leaving the room the ambush will appear and the party will fight the boss who is a big, buff, bald, black suit with a green blade with two, three men and you could name him “Prevy Frog” And then after the battle you could go to the cage and open it and this time the slave guild man will thank you and give the hero three collars and maybe the hero will say “It really is deja vu!” and then the mother will come out and fall on him and say that she wants him bad but she also knew that therese was her daughter and she slams therese and herself on the hero and the two of them have sex with the hero. After sex she will put on the collar herself becomes part of your harem. Later when the hero brings her back home. Alina and her mother hug each other and later in the night alina will pop up in the hero’s bed and tells him that her father divorced with her mother because she was a slut. Later after a silence. She looks at him and says “You found my mother for me, I don’t mind if she joins your harem but….i want you to look at me not just mum and therese. because…i love you.” Then they have sex and at thein the middle she could say that her parents gave her permission to get pregnant and she could say it like this ” Please let be bear your children, I got permission from my parents but you got promise me that you will never leave me and the other girl….and your children” and the hero will asks if she is sure and when she say yes then he will say “Fine. but you got take care of those brats” and after that she gives you better gifts and higher incomes. As For her daily speech she will say when you click her “Morning dear, i think i might just might be…you know…and i doing fine” and if you press chat she will say “So, Hey who do you think is better me, mum or my sister?” and the hero will say “well- woah you know that therese is your sis!?” and she replied “Yeah, mum told me at night when you know”then our hero says”I see i will go tell therese then..” Alina replied “Oh ok- hey wait are you running away from question!?!”

    Alian’s mum name could be Adriana i think your choice No moshing !
    if you want help in making stories i will keep posting

    1. Yeah. NO.

      A: This is the wrong blog post for game stuff. This is about Neko’s eye troubles.
      B: I’m sure NM is good on story lines anyway. The only reason the game hasn’t been updated lately is because of the aforementioned eye troubles. And rightly so.
      C: Why would there be an imprisoned slave trader? The one you rescued the first time wouldn’t be dumb enough to get recaptured, and he’d be sure to tell his buddies and so THEY wouldn’t end up captured either.
      D: Why would she need parental permission to get pregnant? She’s been collared and as such “belongs” to the hero. He can breed her or not if HE wants.

      1. JohnBlack-> I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’ve always had a fairly open policy about suggestions for the game. I don’t mind Mysterious F’s comment.

        Mysterious F-> Thanks for the comment, but I don’t think I will use much of that material, if any. Like JohnBlack said, I’m pretty good for written material right now. As the game gets closer to being completed, I find I have less and less room to add in fan suggestions.

        At this point, I know who all of the harem girls will be- or at least I have a general outline. I don’t know what will happen regarding Therese and Alina’s LQs yet, but I have some ideas. I definitely want to address their relationship in some way, as so far that’s been a pretty sorry unreveal. But one thing I am sticking to is that all the LQs are optional and none of them will lead to additional harem girls- that’s my policy.

        1. Sorry sorry NM. I understand, but I had this in mind for a while. I really feel sorry Nekochan. After all I do understand how it feel to lose something that has been with u for life. Like my hearing. I hope nekochan isn’t going through a very bad deppresion. I been through it but I knew at one point that I got bored of crying in pain all day when I lost my hearing but know it is back. I hope nekochan gets a miracles one day. Tell me how is nekochan? And I got my hearing back with implants. By the way what do u mean almost completed the game u managed to make harem of 151?

          1. Don’t worry MF, as NoMoshing said he didn’t mind and I saw your earlier post where you passed along your well wishes.

            I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but I am…grieving if that makes any sense. Especially since the prognosis is “no fixes right now”. I’m finding it’s like losing someone you’re close to. I get sad or angry at points, but I do try to remember all the friends and family I’ve got to support me.

            I’m happy to hear your surgery while rough turned out better for you. I’ve often placed hearing as the one sense I couldn’t live without.

            I think NoMoshing has mentioned before he plans to split the 151 girls across multiple games. The hero will get about 30-40 in HC (I think?) and then move on to other lands to find more ladies to fill out his harem. No Moshing has roughed out all the ladies that will appear in this game and has a good idea about the ones in the second game.

          2. Yeah i was …grieving after i lost my hearing. it did feel like losing someone. I am glad that u know that u have family and friends supporting u through this tough time.

            I really hope with all my heart nekochan that something good happens to u which will be enough to safe u from yr pain and sadness.

            Yeah its true that hearing one important sense but it is as u said when u lose any senses it really like u have lost some truly dear precious to u.

            I hope all the best to u nekochan. For people like us something is bond to happen. And hey its still tough to blend in with people since I got implants. But I dont care since my suffering is over in one way so I hope one day u too can end yr suffering. Nekochan do well.

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