The Internet is Dumb

Wow. The internet is dumb this week. I mean, the internet is dumb most of the time (while simultaneously being very smart in very specific ways) but this gamergate stuff is especially stupid.

Maybe next week or something I’m going to post the “official” Bad Kitty Games policy on gender politics. Right now, teh interntz r to dum.

Until then, please check out this awesome website. It’s full of cool, interesting historical and mythological women. On rare occasions, the author is a little too eager to reinterpret some figures to suit her agenda, but as a nifty stepping-off point for further female appreciation* you can’t go wrong.

* I realize that women don’t exist just to please me. Despite the efforts of the worst feminists, however, I am nonetheless pleased by them. I don’t make porn because I like looking at pictures of dicks all day, after all.

2 Replies to “The Internet is Dumb”

  1. Was amused till I read the part about Tomyris. Quite a lot of reinterpretation there, as Cyrus’ fate according to Herodot can be disputed. Well, just a little rant of mine, made a project about Cyrus the Great once, spent weeks with my head in books.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish the both of you the best, and as always thanks for all your fine work!

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