Harem Collector Public Release – October 2014

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Man, it’s been awhile. Well, enjoy.

!!!IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT transfer a file where your game is save on the Middle Kingdom, Eastfort or Lumberhill maps!!!

Changes in this Version

Meline’s Love Quest is complete and implemented.

Lumberhill and Eastfort Military District have been made over.

Daily Dungeon maps have been given a small makeover.

The world map has been shifted and made over.

Chimei and Doll now has on-demand sex scenes.

The Stagger Skill now penalizes Evasion rather than Agility.

Sacred Ward now only affects Therese, but makes her immune to all magic

Therese has a new skill, Shining Strike, which is a Radiant-element
physical attack that simultaneously casts a healing spell on a random
party member.

Elaiya’s Assassin Strike has been renamed Headshot.

Kneecap’d has been replaced with a self buff that increases Elaiya’s hit

Kyrie’s Ice Armor does the same thing, but with a consolidated state
rather than a separate defense buff.

Meline has a new skill called Beckon Mana, which makes one target take
more damage from magic.

Probably numerous other changes I’ve completely forgotten.

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  1. Been looking forward to this for a while. Thanks for keeping at it. I’ll admit I’m a little dissappointed that Apple kid/ORange Kid aren’t fully implemented yet, and that Kyrie isn’t making it to the party yet, but all in good time. I’m sure there will plenty of new things for everyone to enjoy. Speaking of, off to play it!

    Thanks again for all your efforts. You rock!

  2. Great game, but that was true last release as well. 🙂

    Been noticing some minor bugs, but nothing game breaking so I’ll make one big post on the forums when I’m done playing today.

    But one thing… Is there a VOLCANO in the north?! That wasn’t there last week! Ferdinand is going to need to get a new mansion soon if that popped up that quickly..

  3. Thanks for the update Its been real fun so far.

    Possible spoiler kinda..

    But is there a hint somewhere on what the answer is for the power question?

  4. Big fan of the game love every bit of it so far, quick question how do I get the statue in the ritual room to work? Sorry if this counts as a spoiler question.

  5. does anyone know how to pass a day without doing any quest, like sleeping or something? I’ve done most of the quests and I need to advance the day in order to raise the girls affection to do their love quests.

  6. You know, now that I think about it, I am wondering.

    Ferdinand didn’t force the issue with Ino because of the whole “underage” thing, and yet he does seem to try … something with the Apple Kid.

    Is that because not being a designated haremette means that Apple Kid is allowed to be a target of such jokes, or is it more about the fact that Felix knows Ino? I mean, not that it would really matter to Ferdinand what Healbot wants as far as Ino is concerned, and I know it’s that way because some places can be a bit silly with the whole “underage” thing for fictional characters and you don’t want to risk it … it just made me a bit curious because Ferdinand’s actions in those instances don’t necessarily match.

  7. I know I type this a lot, but great game as always. I’m hoping there will eventually be a day where I can afford to donate money to this project rather than just offer moral support in the blog comments section.

    I do have a few questions/suggestions in regards to the game.

    – When do you think Serade will be getting some dialogue? Whenever I select the ‘Talk’ option when I go see her at the Eastfort Shop, it either tells me nothing has been written yet or the dialogue box just cuts out.

    – In regards to the character Ino… I have gotten her relationship value past 100 (it’s at 107 to be exact) and whenever I give her a gift, it says ‘Love Quest not implemented yet’ like it does for other characters. This tells me that Ino has a Love Quest planned for her in the future, rather than a Respect Quest. Now, obviously Ino is too young to be in the Heroes Harem, so I do have a suggestion. You know how in the game Kichikuou Rance, a character named Mill Yorks uses a certain method to get older and enter Rances Harem? (I don’t want to say too much because of spoilers) Well, you could do something similar. You could take Ino to a certain location, or use an item or magic on her to make her older. Hmmmm…. Magic…. If you were to use magic to make Ino older during her Love Quest (if you go that route) maybe you could tie her Love Quest in with the Elves? You know, Elves live really long lives so it’s quite plausible that they could have a magic spell that ages you. You would need access to the Elves for that to work though. Of course, you could just make it so she has a Pure Love Quest without her entering the Heroes Harem. I’m just curious how you’re planning on handling Ino in the future, since she’s way younger than all the other Love Quest eligible characters in the game.

    – About the character Shally… I must admit, I am a bit curious as to what you have planned for her in the future. After all, her and the Hero do seem to know each other. Plus, if you ask her for sex she laughs (a lot) at the Hero, which I doubt he was too impressed with. So, I can certainly see the Hero planning on adding her to his harem in the future.

    Anyway, that’s all I’m really curious about at the moment. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to make sure I explained everything clearly. Again, you and all the other developers, bug hunters, game testers, and so on are doing a truly marvelous job on the game. I’m always happy to see hentai games that go beyond just being hentai, by adding a great story, gameplay elements, lore, memorable characters, and so on to the mix. I would also like to give special thanks to the backers, since I hope to become a backer too some day.

    1. Thank you for your moral support. That does end up helping a lot, even though it doesn’t seem like it.

      Re: Serade: Unfortunately, she’s not on my immediate to-do list. She will probably get fleshed out more when her love quest comes up, but until then… my attention right now is getting all the new party members introduced and Gargan + Kyrie in the main party.

      Re: Ino: I know about Mill Yorks, but that still kind of rubs me the wrong way. I’m also opposed to shit like, “She’s a 300 year old vampire who was turned when she was twelve, thus justifying my loli.” Ino is simply going to fall in love with the hero before he’s ready to “break her in”. My plan is to have her body ready in a future installment.

      Re: Shally: Oh, Shally. Well, not to spoil things, but eventually you’ll be able to visit Shally’s home, which should shed some light on that situation. Chibi and I have been kinda sorta planning an art book, however, which she will feature in. Take that as you will.

  8. How do you get the statue and torches to open the spike door in the Ritual room? Seriously I don’t want hints I want the answer as I’m sure many others do too.

    1. Here we go again

      The word of power is “Tirapeth” there is a ancient text on the wall where you can find that out
      In the ritual room you have to light the correct torches, it’s pretty easy once you figure it out.
      Only light those torches the different sides of the pentacle point to.
      If you don’t know what I mean by that, just look at the red circle in front of the statue and you should figure it out

      Btw if you don’t want this to be known yet pls delete my post

  9. Tirapeth didn’t work , is there certain way to enter it as power word.. I can’t get the translation scroll due to the save being old one .. please help

  10. So i did the Meline’s Love Quest and afterwards when you go back you are met with a guy that gives you a dark seed is that it or do i have to go someware afterwards.

    Oh and i noticed a bug all of my sex sceens didnt transition i cant replay them

  11. Hey this has probably been adressed before but where do you get your translations for chomei from? I’ve tried google translate, babel fish, and others but most of the time it translates them to something that isn’t any way relevant to what seems to be going on. Is there somewhere you have the english translations posted or a specific site you get them from?

    1. Most of Chimei’s dialogue are common phrases from anime/manga that you can look up on TV Tropes’ Stock Japanese Phrases page or any of the pages that they link from. A smaller amount of dialogue is cobbled together using my miniscule knowledge of Japanese grammar and syntax combined with liberal use of Freedict.

      Most of her dialogue is very simple and designed so that you can figure out what it means in context. Some of it is designed so that if you know a little Japanese, her reactions are meant to be humorous. And no, there isn’t a translation available- nor do I intend to make one available.

      1. I tried to learn a bit of Japanese once. I can get my head around every aspect but everything being backwards. Arabic was fun to learn, it’s like a simpler version of English with different words for the same things and some special male and female versions of words. Japanese is like a riddle written in the wrong order. Bizarro.

    1. I have the same problem, shift key no longer changes move speed. I have to use the debug item to reset speed to medium when it gets stuck on slow, and I haven’t been able to reactivate fast speed anymore.

  12. I have a problem upgrading Doll’s weapon. When i defeat the Michael Jackson boss in Night of the raping dead, he drops a bone chunk, but then the smith tells me I have nothing to upgrade with. Also, in the wiki it says the boss should drop an Iron-Studded Skull, did something change?

  13. Good job with the redesign, I know what its like to just throw tiles around in RPG maker only to end up with too little or too much space -_-;

    The puzzles in Meline’s Love Quest where pretty simple, but still require some thought and exploration.

    Finding the translation book in the pile of bones was a little challenging because I keep forgetting that unlike other RPG’s where the search and find tends to get less and less as the game progresses, you keep hiding funny or important stuff in regular background props lol.

  14. First off I want to say I really enjoy this fine game of your’s
    I found a few bugs in the october release.

    1:After you finish Elaiya’s love quest you *wake* up in the condo in Eastfort and you can’t save the game.

    2:The mugging victim in Eastfort that you get the dark seed from only appers when it rains and disappers when it is not raining.

    3:When it rains it rains inside the Wench’s Gash and in the port counting house where you clear the ship of monsters as a guild quest.

    4:In the slums where the old man complains about getting rolled for his money because he has no safe place to sleep the flame of his fire in not on the wood in front of him.

    Those are the bugs I have found so far.

    Since I can’t save after finishing Elaiy’s love qurest I’ll have to start a new game or reload a save before completing Elaiy’a love quest and play from there, if I find any more bugs I’ll let you know.

    Keep up the good work, I have been following this fine game of your’s for some time now.


    1. 2 is not a bug, it’s intentional. Some events are there only when it rains.

      About saving after Elaiya’s quest: I believe NoMoshing said that it will be fixed in the next version. Until then you can fix it by going to Giant’s Path and then leaving – that should allow you to save again. Or you can complete another quest (if you have any left) or one of the daily random quests – after that you should be able to save.

  15. I noticed in previous releases when looking at the things you could spend satisfaction on, the description for the technique Improved Encourage said “Improved Encourage now restores more Health and can raise slave girls from death.” However, the technique only seemed to gain the increase in Health restored (while still giving the defense buff). When used on a KO’ed character it instead gets used on the hero. The same happens to be true with this release too. Is the technique’s description incorrect, or is the technique not doing what it is supposed to?

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