Harem Collector December 2014 Release!

Get it while it’s hot! Well, I’d hope it’s hotness would not decrease with time. Whatevs.

Changes in this Version

If you’re updating from the Backer’s Pack version:
-Serade, Therese and Larelle now have proper chat messages.
-Some more banters have been added.
-Buncha bugs fixed.

-There is a brand new secret quest! Good luck finding it.
-There is a quest to cure Gargan now. Successfully completing the quest adds Gargan as a party member.
-There are five new sex scenes.
-There are now CGs for when you walk in on the tentacle sex during Virgin Gynocides.
-Southport has been redesigned! Huzzah.
-Two new harem girls(?)
-The blacksmith can now be chatted with and gifted.
-A skill trainer has been added to give the Hero some of those high-damage attacks many have been looking for.
-Seeker’s Stone should now work for all hidden items, not just buried treasures.
-The Lore Book counter now works properly, and there are around a dozen new lore books to find.
-Key items you no longer need after dungeons should now disappear from your inventory when you advance a day.
-Raina’s Phalanx and Deflect skills no longer have a failure chance.
-Raina’s Shield Bash and Shield Rush have had their damage increased, and no longer remove Phalanx/Deflect. Phalanx and Deflect are still mutually exclusive, though.
-Therese’s Shining strike no longer hits automatically.
-Meline, Larelle and Chimei have new top-level spells/prayers/invocations they learn at high levels, if you’re really obsessive with that Timeturner.
-A minor lore change: succubi are the only demons capable of interbreeding with humans, instead of being the only demons with primary sexual characteristics.
-There are two new roaming encounters on the world map.
-Added/changed some battle animations
-A small disclaimer has been added to the pre-game dialogue.
-Fixed a slew of bugs, see Bad Kitty Games forum for the deets.
-Removed Herobrine

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    1. A Minecraft meme. An alleged ghost that allegedly somehow got into the game and was removed from the game so many times that it’s not even funny anymore.

    1. It definitely has to do with number 3 and multiples of it…There’s threes of bottles/enemies/books/glasses everywhere…

      But for the love of god I cannot figure out the actual numbers..sigh

  1. In Southport – University District after trying to go up after Astromancy Tower F4 I get teleported outside.

    Scholastic Excellence triggered even though I didn’t have Felix in my party.

      1. Oops. I posted that before I realized there was a new clock code in the quest with the count. Couldn’t quite figure it out myself, but I found it on a forum: 3:33.

  2. Okay, so that count is awful. When he turns into the bats, they just spam sleep and paralysis and it’s just annoying. I used cheat engine with my health, book of hax, but even with those it’s impossible. I’m level 13, just 2 levels below the recommended level. It’s impossible WITH cheats. I cannot play this, my only save is right before the battle.

  3. Yeah so I figured out how to get Gargan’s quest but seriously what is the clock code?? I’d rather not spend all of Christmas trying various combinations…puzzles are evil and hard

  4. Sorry but all I can see is : Click here to download the game!
    Current Version: October 2014 Public v1
    and “http://www.badkittygames.net/games/hc/HaremCollector_October2014_Public.exe”

    with 404 error

    Go back! Ruuuunnnnn!!! Save yourself!

    why I can’t download the game? and if i am doing wrong where should I go to download it?

    thank you

  5. NoMoshing, I hate to bother you on Christmas but there’s something that I’ve been wondering about for a little while… Well, maybe a few things actually…

    1.) I’ve heard you use the phrase (or is it considered a word? Well, whichever) Timeturner a few times before. It sounds to me like it’s a spell/item that allows you to advance a day without actually completing a quest to advance a day normally. My question is, what exactly is this Timeturner thing?

    2.) To go along with my above question, if there is no way to artificially advance a day without completing a quest, will there be enough time in the game to max out every characters relationship value?

    3.) Are there some items/quests/dialogue, ect that only Backers of the game will have access to, or do Public users get everything that the Backers do with only a weeks delay?

    Anyway, I know I usually say this every time I post, but the game really does look great. You and everyone else who has worked on the game thus far should be proud of all the great work you’ve done thus far. As always, I’m really looking forward to what you’ll do with the game in the future. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  6. I have a small problem:

    i started the side quest of “Hour of the Beasts”
    and i have selected the hero and yamamaya and i cannot enter into the arena, why?

    and….how to progress the bewitchy women quest

  7. The fight with Corgan is kind of, uhh… I think you need to tone it down a bit as the second phase with the bats is rediculous. 5 bats that attack first with big AoEs is pretty un-fun tbh, as it starts relying purely on luck (either they all just AoE your party down or perma-sleep you while you slowly die), and they’ve got enough HP to take an AoE of your own in return.

    Honestly the first phase is actually one of the harder boss fights in the game already too.

  8. 06-10-50 is the clock code. Also, very minor bug in the prologue of the game. Immediately after being dumped in the sewers, after a line or two, the hero’s hair briefly changes from red to blonde. Great game, keep up the excellent work!

  9. Cannot get past clock code. Presumably there is a right answer, but here’s what I got.

    There are 5 objects (2 bottle clusters and 3 plates) in the kitchen

    There are 3 sets of 3 objects (3 bead bags, 3 books, 3 wine glasses)

    There is 1 piano in the chapel

    There is 3 bottle clusters in the clock room.

    No fucking idea what any of this means. Apparently the minions are a clue as well, but I killed them all before I found the diary so I can’t remember what significance they had at all.

  10. Disappointing update. Because the whole ‘time advancement’ system is still utterly broken (if progress through the game is determined by the advancement of time, WHY is advancing time so tyrannically restricted unless you abuse the Time Turner?) absolutely NONE of the new content can be accessed on my existing save game unless I cheat. I can’t complete Bewitchy Women because it isn’t raining and I can’t progress to a day where it is, and I can’t even START Looking For a Cure because -guess what?- I can’t progress a fucking day! Currently the game is bordeline UNPLAYABLE unless you cheat and fixing that should be the absolute #1 priority!

  11. Is there some place you plan to add where we can continue to fight multiple time to gain experience? After completing all the other quests so far, with the exception of most of the love/respect quests (I’ve done Meline’s and that’s it), and choosing to fight every battle I could (including the ones from the daily quest in your house), I’m still at the point where going into the new quest involving the count my party is pretty underleveled (the hero and Meline are 12 because of the love quest, then I have 4 characters at level 11 and 3 at level 10). It seems that the experience your party can gain is falling more and more behind the increases to enemy strength.

    1. I was fighting the “Guardian”, obout 40 minutes or more. And he stays alive. Guess he have half a million or more Health. In that case, hes unkillable, or there must be some kind of trick.

  12. Is anyone else having trouble downloading? I’ve tried it 4 times so far and it gets about halfway and then fails. Might just be my computer not wanting to cooperate today but never hurts to check 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all the new stuff once it actually works though 🙂

  13. 6:10:50 for the clock bit – it’s a Final Fantasy 6 reference

    I noticed something, the hero talks about not caring to visit the dwarf capital. Does that mean that somewhere down the road there will be a reason to? (You may have answered this already, but I don’t recall) It used to be that if Doll was in the party but I hadn’t completed the Forge too Far quest, the Manor invasion didn’t happen until after that was over. Has that been fixed? Maybe it was *number of girls* and not *number of people* though, is the manor invasion based on how many girls as opposed to how many people total?

    I like the new content so far, still hoping to get an elf babe (they just tell me to buzz off).

  14. a little bug to you if you are unlocky (like me) then if you meet the clock guy after beting them you will be stock there is no whay to get out… and i keep meeting them so when to is the nest update…

  15. Count fight i way too hard, on second form.
    I’m lvl 15 and i barely can do 1 or 2 attacks; bats keep on paralyzing/sleep/kill all the party members, AFTER I had to kill the count with 2 people due to the charm spammed on me
    I tried 5 times now, and still can’t even do more than 2 rounds, and it’s very annoying.
    That said, great game and thank you.

  16. To the people that have troubles beating the Count (I feel your pain), you should include Larelle in your party. It really heps (hint, hint). I strongly suspect that to win a straight fight, you should have a very high level party & very well equipped.

  17. OK this is gonna sound like a REALLY stupid question. how to I get onto Giant’s Path? I have tried going straight north of Eastfort, but half of the castle thing on the map is solid. I have tried going north of the outlying town. both have resulted in nothing but a headache for me. I am using the December 2014 v4 release. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Hi echoPN:

    You have to go to the Westacstle Outer District, go to the left top side (to the left of the arena) and go the fence. Pust the space bar to interact with it and you should see the menu of the dangerous arena…

    I hope it helps.

    1. Can’t approach as in you cannot be standing in the same square as the base of the clock? If so it’s supposed to be that way, simply ‘talk’ to the clock from 1 square away while facing the square that it’s ‘inside’. If the bug is different a screenshot would be appreciated to better understand what you’re referring to!

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