Progress Updates and Design Goals for March

First of all, a few quick updates.

So far the new year has been good to me. As of this Monday I’m off the leash (time-wise) and working on the next update. First up: a quest called “Research Materials” which will finally see Kyrie join the party, and (if you’re clever enough) a sex scene that many of you have been asking for. Gurotaku’s already on the images, I’m about halfway done mapping the dungeon, and everything is clicking along a-ok.

If you’re a monster girl fan who specifically like reptilian ladies, I have a new waifu that has softened me somewhat on reptilian girls.


Will one end up in HC? I don’t know- a lot has been set in stone already and if one does end up in, she’ll be in a non-combat role. But if I get to the end of the game and have room of one more-definitely.

Also, as of Monday I’ve officially launched a Patreon campaign! If you enjoy Harem Collector please consider supporting my work on Patreon. If you were a backer on the old Paypal donate system, please check your email- I had sent an email last Friday explaining how you’ll be integrated into the new system- suffice it to say that you should experience no difference in service. Harem Collector, of course, will remain completely free to play. Cypress_z has also started a Patreon for Overwhored- you can find that here.

I’ve also gotten hooked on Lord of Valkryie, an online hentai idle-browser-card game sort of thing. It is definitely not sleazy like most F2P games with microtransactions, and I feel it’s well worth checking out. If you do, click on this link to let me refer you so we both get a little bonus gold. (Turns out you only get 20 referrals, and I’m closing in on that cap, so this link might not work- instead, see if someone else put a referral link in the comments!)

Fairy Side was finally released on Monday, as well. Please check it out over here. Sorry for last week’s miscommunication.

Now, onto new project goals.

There are three quests I want to complete for the next release- Research Materials described above, a quest centred on the mysteries of Huntervale, and the first quest of the elf plot arc. I still do not have the unique assets I need for the latter two quests, but I can live with placeholders for now. More importantly, this should contribute to a much smoother play experience, without the gaps in leveling that come after level 7 or so. I also hope to add the first arena tourney (other than the one for Hour of the Beasts), add a bit more content to Finishing Unfinished Business, and revamp the random daily quest system. We’ll see how much of that gets done, though. Given the number of delays that have plagued this project, I’m not saying that anything is certain.

As some of you have gathered from the recent release, I’m also trying to focus more on main game content than love quests. Sorry if your favourite character doesn’t have a personal quest yet. It’ll come eventually, but I’d rather work on main game stuff right now. I want to focus down a little and save more love quests for late-game.

Anyway, that’s it for now- have a great Wednesday, and happy fapping!

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  1. I would click on the link for LoV, but I’m already a player, lvl 43, it is a fun and addictive game, though I had the misfortune of coming across the trap character.

    So NoMoshing, I have a question about Raina, after you recruit her, you just about level up her relationship level once and she already seems to be considering how she might be happy being under a collar, with her trust rank commenting on if the collars feel nice or not.

    Now the question is are you going to keep it like that in the final version or are you going to change that so it takes another Rank or two before she actually really considers it, or are you going to have a few quests first before she actually seems to want to be collared, or am I an idiot and you’ve already answered this question which I missed when looking at earlier posts.

    its just to me it feels to soon that she is considering wearing a collar, just 2 ranks and and suddenly a love quest, when its implemented, where she will probably get collared.

    I just feel like it should actually feel like the game should have a small time actually convincing her about it.

    I know you have a lot already going on with making the game already and RL, but I am curious to know

    1. Yeah, I got the trap character too. Though in my case, I just happened to have four copies of him, and I decided to deal with it for the sake of completion. BTW, if you’re reading this and thinking of playing the game- White Warrior Cecil is a trap, if you’re cool with that sure, but it can be a shock if you’re not expecting it.

      Anyway, Raina only has one rank up between her initial rating and her love quest. It is my intention that she will officially join the harem after her love quest, but unless I’m going to have her relationship start lower (which doesn’t make sense for the character) there won’t be that long, drawn-out thing.

      One thing I will say, is that doing these relationship scores has been a real learning experience. If/when I get around to the sequel, I’m definitely going to do things differently.

      1. Thanks for answering, it just feels to me that she changes her mind to quickly from convincing the Hero that she should be his only girl to one of his girl, maybe I’ll get what I want in the new banter system.

        I’m not a completionest, but I am a collector, so I prob would have gotten the trap card either way, but it was still a shock

        Oh by the way, what is your name on LoV, mine is FlipinCordil, they wouldn’t let me use my full name, and anyone else who wants to be my comrade.

        I still got about 15 places left. Also here is my link to join up if all the others have filled there quoter, it has a max of 20 for each of us, for people to join

        1. NoMoshing. What else would it be? Anyway, I sent you a comrade request already.

          Re: Raina, She isn’t agreeing to be in the harem, she’s just expressing curiosity. If you’re using the guide or the wiki to get her favourite gift (or if you’re lucky and got it first try), keep in mind without those thing it might take quite awhile to get her up to Trust.

          1. Hey, hope you don’t mind that I sent you a request as well. Player name is Kaokao.

            Also, if you take a close gander at Cecil’s UC and UC+ art, there is a pretty obvious… bulge in those bikini bottoms. When i first heard from another player that he “activated trap card” (hur hur), Cecil immediately popped into my head.

            Also, they did remove a fair amount of content from this version of the game. Most of it will be coming back (probably) as they finish localizing it, but we are pretty much for certain not gonna see any underage characters or their cards. Having heard from people who used to play the JP version before it was region locked, that means we will likely have about 20% fewer “mons” to collect.

    1. Thanks man, I knew that was coming up soon. Guess that’s on the list too, because you’re going to need at least three of them if I get that huge to-do list finished.

    1. NoMoshing, of course. I sent a request to Psyside, so I hope you have the same name there too.

      Eventually, I want to have my comrade list full of HC fans and to replace all my randos.

  2. just curious but how do i get the now female gargan out of my party? shes marked with a silver star so i can’t remove her i thought killing the gian rat would fix it but turns out the thing is immune to the contained singularity meaning hes pretty much invulnerable to items. i have most quests done and my average character level is about 11. id like to work on other quests but it just aint happening atm cause I’m weak. i tried training at giants path but all that i found was a few cave bears worth 30 exp each. any advice where i can train a bit?

    1. The requirement to have Gargan in your party is a bug. Upgrade to the current version of the game (December v4), talk to the ninja in the Northmarket bedroom, and it will solve the problem.

  3. The Lord of Valkyrie is in Japanese and called Lord of Walkure on DMM’s website. I was messing around a little bit with it. Glad to see this is translated. I’ll probably enjoy it more now that i can know a bit more what i’m doing. Name should be Valten.

  4. A question unrelated to this post … sort of.

    NoMoshing, I’m wondering, was Renfeld supposed to be called that way, or was it supposed to be Renfield instead? I mean, the traditional spelling for an originally human servant of a vampire is the latter one, and I do presume that this is her title (the same way Doll’s name is), rather than a real name, which would make the latter correct … or whatever.

    1. Yeah, it’s an odd thing. It was supposed to be “Renfield” but by the time I realized my mistake, “Renfeld” had stuck pretty firmly in my head. So I figured that it didn’t make a whole lot of difference, and let it ride- easier to do that than re-train my brain to Renfield for writing dialogue and such.

      1. Oh well, happens. And indeed, it doesn’t really make much of a difference, especially not with how many words had different spellings over the ages so it might as well be treated as one such case.

  5. Good go on getting a Patreon account. I know a lot of people like to support the artiest they like using it.

    I still think you should have kept Paypal around. Some of us prefer to just drop one time donations instead of reoccurring, even if the total amount may equal the same yearly sum.

    Thanks for the LoV link. I played a bit of it yesterday. The game play kind of reminds me of Rage of Bahamut. I would have probably overlooked this game due to the fact I’ve been misled before by devious and misleading advertising a certain browser MMO uses…

    1. I was thinking about keeping Paypal around, but providing the same benefits as someone who is instead using Patreon didn’t seem fair and keeping track of Paypal donations for like a temporary, one-off thing. I don’t know. I’m still sort of “dialing in” how all this stuff will work- it’s not like there’s a science to how to be awesome at crowdfunding yet- so Paypal donations might pop back up again.

      What I do know is that living on Paypal donations is next to impossible. I’m extremely grateful for every dollar I get, but it’s very hard to plan around that sort of thing and manage a budget. It was fine when I was working a full-time job and donations were like a bonus, but working on the game full time it becomes much more challenging.

      Re: LoV, I totally understand those feels. I think I only tried it because the person who sent me the referral link called it a “Unity-based hentai card game” without mentioning the online or microtransaction part. I like it because the company, Nutaku, has complete control over their version of the game and can adjust things like microtransactions and game balance independently of the Japanese version. Granted the prices are kind of high if you do want to spend money (Lottery tickets are $5 each? No thank you), but the inventory expansions are $1.20 each and literally everything else you can just earn by playing. TBH, I’m seriously considering sending them some money just because I enjoy the game, not because there’s anything worth buying with it.

  6. NoMoshing this is just an idea it might help you, I love tha images you use from 3DCG, but there is this new game from illusion called harem mate and the pictures you can make from the maker are quite nice (for me better than 3dcg) though I havent used both, every comment says its quite easy to use to make great poses and easy to add new characters, and it has nice set of clothes.

    Again this is just an idea but with this I think it might be faster to do the scenes and with good quality

    1. I’ve seen some of the stuff from Harem Mate, and while I might end up picking that up for… >.> <.< ...personal reasons, 3DCG has the larger mod library and, more importantly, is what Gurotaku owns. Besides, depending on what goes on with the Pateron, I might be commissioning hand-drawn art or at least original 3D art to replace the 3DCG, but we'll see how that goes.

      1. thats fine 2 I was just giving you an other option that might be faster so you dont take that long, but either way is fine

        P.D. I love your game keep up the good work! :3

    1. You can’t. That mechanic adds something of a strategy/time-management element to it. Also, it adds a nice amount of replay value, trying to go for the “high score”, so speak.

  7. Hey, I took a look at your Patreon page man. Nice going on it. I do worry a little bit about how low the price tag on the “full time” goal is, though. After paying for the lower goals, Patreon’s cut, and taxes, you may be looking at less $12k a year.

    Also, commissioning as much art as you are talking about and keeping the quality we all know and love at $600 could take a very long time. Maybe break that into multiple milestones, with 2, 4, 8, ect scenes being replaces per month, as the commissions are finished. Every if you spent the who $600 per month on just that, you are looking at maybe about 10 images from a quality artist – and that much is assuming that most scenes are converted to edit series.

    1. Thanks for your concern. The thing you have to keep in mind about my financial situation is that I’m not going it alone. Nekochan has a great job, which has bought us the opportunity to let me roll the dice on Bad Kitty Games. The “full time job” level is basically the minimum I would need to never put a price tag on Harem Collector itself, or temporarily abandon development to focus on a paying product like Sangreal.

      As for the commissioned art stage, at $600/mo I’d start commission a few pics a month, scaling upwards with the amount of money I’m receiving. That’s far enough away, though, that I’m not really worried about it just yet.

      Because there’s no craft or science (yet) as to what makes a good Patreon page (Patreon’s own advice can be summed up as “make a video, then spam your Patreon page everywhere”), a lot of this stuff has to be dialed in. I’m going to be discussing this on tomorrow’s blog, so check it out.

      As for LoV, I don’t mind at all that they removed all the underage content, and honestly, the hobby could use a whole lot less of that. Doing this for a living is going to be hard enough without everyone I know hearing “hentai” and assuming “CP” because that’s what a huge chunk of the material from Japan is like.

      1. Well its good to know that you and Nekochan are well covered, then.

        Have you put much thought into creating a demo of HC in flash or some other uploadable format to a site like Newgrounds? While your game definitely has its fans, RPG maker games tend to be slow to spread due primarily to low market penetration as they require several downloads to access. If you create some sort of uploadable demo version of the game, or perhaps a short spin off in an uploadable medium, you could very likely gather a larger following more quickly.

        1. I hadn’t thought of that, actually, and it might be a good idea. I’ve seen conversions of RPG Maker to Flash before, but didn’t think of just doing a demo. I’ll have to look into that.

  8. Hi! 1st off, let me say, U DA MAN!!!(lol) But seriously, ur game totally ROCKS! I luv it! I’m of very limited means(w8ing on SSDI)
    or I’d totally contribute $20 a month easy. So I eagerly await the next public release almost as much as my next appt. with my Doc. (She’s REALLY hot, so that means ALOT! lol) Also, playing Valkyrie on ur all’s recommendation, so if u see me asking u to add me, I AM a fan.Luv fairy side too, tho stuck on how to end 1st quest. I wish I had ANY talent like u guys, because these games look like their real fun to make. Thanks for ur time, & imptiantly w8ing on the next release. (Wanta really “”interact” with Kyrie) lol Peace!

  9. Is there any way to get the dungeon scenes once Larelle and Therese are out of there? It’s a shame that the dungeon stuff remains unused once they get out.

    In fact, it would be neat if you could get all your harem members into the dungeon. Maybe an alternative way to increase satisfaction?

    1. You should get the dungeon scenes in your replay menu, if that’s what you mean. There will be two other characters in the dungeon at some point- there are two other cells, after all- but making the dungeon multi-purpose for everyone sounds like a lot of extra work for not a whole lot of extra content. After all, we’re talking about 32 different characters here, all told.

      Dungeon scenes should appear in the sex menus from time to time, though.

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