Quick Progress Update

I’ve been trying all day to put together a normal blog post, but I’m just not happy with my writing, so instead here’s a brief progress update:

-Working on the Huntervale quest, things are proceeding smoothly, hopefully I’ll have it completed by Friday.

-Added a new feature to the game, which will allow you to synergize your various investments.

-Something really good has happened to Nekochan and I, which changes our situation rather drastically. This will result in me having more resources to use making HC.

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  1. Straight and to the point. Congratulations to both of you, by the way. Just a quick question about Huntervale: will we see the chapel finished before the end of the game? Inquiring minds wants to know ;- ) .

    1. Maybe. It might be a interesting just sort of thing you can do, where when the dust settles you can pay to have the church restored if you like just being nice.

  2. Congrats, man. Looking forward to hearing the good news, if it is something you are willing to share.

    Also, investment synergy? You just blew every “perfect start” strategy out there outta the water, you sly bastard.

  3. Hmm … is the cannery going to synergise with anything? Or is it going to be left in its little pathetic-for-those-who-are-not-monsters world? Just curious about that.

    Also, whatever the last one is, congratulations.

  4. Hey, been a long time follower of this game. I enjoy it a lot. I used to frequent the forums over at LoK quite a bit before my time became limited. I am glad to hear something happened for you and Neko that is good. It’s great to hear knowing you’re a pretty swell person from what I can tell to begin with. (Not that I know you well. Just from what I have observed of your demeanor.)

    May I ask if you’ll ever get a chance to free the kids at the cannery? I know that sounds like a really weird thing to ask; but something along the lines of spending some of my money to improve their conditions/pay their salaries and then some as well as pay proper workers; while making a mint by making the cannery a bigger operation than it is currently with even more funds?

    I played through the entire game as it is, without the developer tools (aside from the time turner because I wanted to train after all the main quests were done) and what not and was just curious since I have tons of money in game to burn but really not much to spend it on after only a half hour or so grinding the daily quest/getting my levels up to learn the final skills from the skill trainer. The money gained by doing so made me wonder if in the future a system to gain gold through grinding endlessly was added if there was something I could do to improve places I’ve been or visited for the better or worse. (Give more options like the cannery is now) to other places?

    Sorry for the long winded barrage of questions. I just really enjoy this game and if I had money to spend at all some would go to your patreon if I could afford to do so.

    1. Oh and one final thing I forgot to add to the bulk of what I said- This along with the slight financial gain you’d eventually receive (long term wise) would give you relationship bonuses maybe as a side perk. So to make your harem happy like Therese would get a bonus +3 from the action; the daughter of the sale’s person would notion that it was nice but she didn’t really care.. maybe you’re not such a bad guy afterall+1 etc

      Just some thoughts I had C: have a great one and if you do end up reading and replying I appreciate it but if you don’t/can’t don’t worry about it. I know people can be busy. You and neko take care!~

      1. You know, I have seen his name a dozen times now, and its meaning just struck me this time.

        I am made slightly uncomfortable about the prospects of such a person existing in society…

        1. Gurotaku is a great guy. He works like a dog at his day job and still makes time to do the CGs for Harem Collector free of charge. He’s never asked me to put anything in the game that I didn’t want there, and as far as I’m concerned he’s as much a part of Bad Kitty as Chibi is. I have zero regrets for working with him, and Harem Collector wouldn’t be the same without him.

          If we gets to enjoy things like noncon and incest in our private lives, then (so long as everything’s safe, sane and consensual) other people get to enjoy whatever they like in theirs.

          1. Oh, I certainly wasn’t being serious. Hell, depending on who you ask, some of the things I am into in my fictional pornographic methods of escapism are worse. I am just as into those things in reality as he probably is with his or you are yours.

            Really, the only grain of truth that existed in that joke is that fans of that genre mean that that genre is out there for me to accidentally stumble upon from time to time. More than one erection has been put to an untimely end by that.

      2. Oh, by the way, I was looking for a link to the patron page to check on its progress, I and realized it is really hard to find a link to the patron page.

        Have you thought about adding a big, bold link to the side bar or adding a small “signature” at the bottom of every post reminding people of its existence?

        1. There’s a link on the downloads page for Harem Collector, a link on my Twitter account and a link on every forum thread I have elsewhere. That’s good enough for me, especially considering that Cypress_Z and Sierra Lee have their own Patreon pages and I don’t want to be confusing anyone and stealing donations that are rightfully theirs. I suppose I could add a link on every blog post, but I’m trying to be classy about it, you know?

  5. Hi, mosh! very glad to hear something good happened. (esp. if it gets more/quicker updates) ;D Been having major problems with my internet connection last few weeks, so I haven’t been able to get on Valkyrie at all lately. working on it. Played a few more rpg maker games lately,(ones I have downloaded) including overwhored, and last f*cklord. IMHO yours is still #1. Hope to see more gr8 stuff soon. Take care and keep up the gr8 work team!

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