April Revamp Version

Hey, everybody! I just uploaded a new version of Harem Collector, with a bunch of fixed stuff in it and some changes to the opening of the game. Unfortunately, some of the changes are database and table changes, so it is not a good idea to import your old saves- you’ll have to start a new file from scratch.
Get the latest version here!

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  1. um sorry for bothering you but uh why the heck is everyones genders swapped? the main character is now a girl and all of the girls are now guys?

    WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!

    1. It’s the “July the 1st, things get weird” edition.

      Although I wouldn’t mind more weirdness someday … call me a pervert if you want.

  2. I….. I didnt even realize when i updated the game link on the wiki. I should have played it before hand xD. This is just great though. I died laughing when i loaded it up.

  3. Hey, yeah, it’s all well and good to do an April Fool’s Joke, but don’t prevent people from downloading the ACTUAL game. I just found this game today but I can’t even play the legit version because you didn’t leave a clear download link anywhere to the original.

  4. Playing as a sex-craving female who isn’t interested in women is a change for me, and a bit odd. Shame you don’t get to try out more of the… characters in this version, but it’s still impressive.

  5. Welp, that was fun. Seriously, if there was a full version of this, I’d play the heck out of it. So much potential for hilarity and smexytimes. I’d especially love to see what happens when the heroine gives in and takes her brother from behind. Like, what, does he have a ‘tool’ stashed away under the counter for just such an occasion? “Oh, sis, I’ve been waiting for this day. Here, I prepared a strap-on and everything.”

    Anyway, this was great. Best april fools thing I’ve seen in a while.

  6. Maybe you can use the April fools scene in the main game? Like the MC finds some sort of mirror that lets him view a world where he was a girl. Of course that would leave you open the possibility of having the MC wanting to add the femMC into his harem in some kind of quest. Just think about how awesome that would be!

  7. O.M.G.
    I’ve been playing Harem Collector since it was a young one, followed its growth through several updates and still love it. But this april’s fool version, the one with the female hero, damn i loved it more than the original! And Alex was hot. Dang, shame that’s not the original XD

  8. Would it be possible for you to run both of them, the Fem version is hilarious and the Male version is as well but, I really want to see how the rest of the game would look gender swapped.

    1. Taking into account the amount of work that The Development Team already has in their plates with the mainstream version, I don’t think that it would be feasible/possible.

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