Landlords are Lazy

Hello and welcome. ‘Tis your friendly neighbourhood Nekochan!

So moving was…a thing.

It went smoothly, except for the fact that the renos we had scheduled weren’t done yet. So we’ve moved into a house without a kitchen that can actually be used. The stove, sink and all the cupboards aren’t set up. The basement is also basically unusable (especially since the plumbing needs to be redone so it drains properly). The upstairs is barely useable, but we can’t use the closets. The renovators, instead of tackling one room at a time, are bouncing from place to place. So the end result is that there is no place in our house where we can actually unpack.

…And then on the first night after moving day, it rained. And we learned the roof leaks. Haha. Got that patched but was warned:
a) the patch is only good for 6 months
b) except for the shingles, the roof is original to the house (which was built in the 20s), is rotten and should really be replaced.

So we have the roofers working on that too. So the renos won’t be done anytime soon. Haha.

The reno crew also noted that it looks like the A/C may be shot (since it’s overgrown with plants that no one ever bothered to clear)

These two issues weren’t caught during the house inspection since it occurred during winter. You can’t run an A/C in the cold and the roof couldn’t be inspected (though the prior homeowner insisted it was sound.)

This leads us back to the title. The former owner of the house was a landlord and our renos are making it apparent that any work done recently was a patch job or just cosmetic and any proper maintenance wasn’t bothered with. Since we actually want to live here, we’re getting caught doing all the work.

Anyhoo, what all this means is, NoMoshing has not been able to access the game since we moved. Our time has been spent working on renos, finding a roofer, finding someone to look at our A/C and waiting for deliveries. Also the PC NoMosh does most of his game work on can’t really be set up since there not enough open space to put it, the chair he uses has clothes stacked on it due to the aforementioned closet problem, and it’s not getting signal from our router anyway (mental note: if you’re going to put something in cloud storage for safekeeping, make sure you can access the internet to get it back!) Hell, we’re using handhelds to entertain ourselves since we can barely set up our TV.

We’ve been promised most of the renos should be done by this week, though our time will then be taken up with cleaning and getting enough shit unpacked so our house doesn’t look like some weird warehouse.

Clearly we underestimated the disruption this would be. Cuz we’re house virgins. Now that cherry’s been popped we’re sore and limping and this metaphor is going to a weird place. Sorry. Time to stop typing Neko.

(Note from NoMoshing: Sorry everyone… looks like release will take even longer. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off before August. I certainly don’t want to get to Fred Gallagher or (dare I say it?) Gabe Newell levels of update neglect.)

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  1. Well, as a person that hates the moves you have my deepest sympathy and my best wishes in your interesting times. I’m sure that it will get better sooner that you expect.

    On an unrelated topic, Patreon has suffered some kind of trouble (maybe related to the extra second on Jule 30, LOL):


  2. So, you moved to a abandoned house that is almost falling down, you don’t visited the house before moving? you know, so you can see all the problems, anyway, good luck with everything

    1. Don’t know where you got the idea it was abandoned… it was a rental property, and all the previous owners neglected the maintenance and repairs. We did do a home inspection, but because it was still winter at the time we couldn’t check the roof or the air conditioning.

  3. Take as much time as you need to get everything situated.
    Everyone who has moved into a house feels your pain, and we understand that sometimes things require extra time. I hope after everything is taken care of you like your new home.

  4. Every time I move there’s so much junk…and I think *how do I accumulate so much??*

    Just wondering, when I fight the Dracula guy in Westcastle, I bring Larelle along and don’t actually fight him. Is the reward the same if you fight him or have some fun?

  5. I can understand the struggles I’m military so we move like every two years (or when they tell us) and I’ve had several time were I lived out of my car cause the room was so bleh but hope things go well and you two enjoy your new house don’t worry about the update I’m sure we will all find a way to get by while you deal with your stuff I know personally I would feel bad if you busted your back pushing the new update when you don’t even have anywhere to relax yet

  6. It almost DOES sound like “The Money Pit”! wow. Yeah, that’s rough. and almost ALWAYS seems to happen. darn little unforeseen problems. though, not little, know. Don’t worry about us. WE back u all the way. Make your house a home 1st. And keep up the gr8 work! (when u can. lol)

  7. You know, I find it really nice to see that people on here are so understanding. It’s all ‘Don’t worry, work on getting comfortable first’ and ‘We will be fine, work on your own problems. All too often I have seen angry mobs over unforeseen and really very petty reasons, so I really appreciate it. You guys are the best!

    1. Yeah, we’re pretty fortunate in that regard, aren’t we?

      Then again, I think it helps that this is an adult game, and so there are (theoretically) fewer teenagers.

  8. You could always sue the guy for non-disclosure. Sounds like he outright lied to you about the roof among other things. You should talk to the lawyer who helped you close the deal.

    Be aware, you may have a time limit to start proceedings. Where I’m from (Alberta, Canada), you would have 1 year from the day you took over the title.

    I know shingles for a standard home run about $4,000 unless you do it yourself ($800 and a couple of cases of beer for my garage – 2 weekends). I figure the roof in addition must be $10,000 easy.

    1. Actually, the roofers we had recommended to us are doing it for ~$3500, and put a temporary patch job in for free. It’s not a really large home.

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