Plans for January

I hope everyone’s having a good holiday. A very special thank you for those who sent me gifts- that was a very nice surprise!

Anyway, it looks like all my diagnostic appointments will be done by late January. Once that’s out of the way, I’ll update you on the whole health situation and how I will adapt going forward. Hopefully it’s all good news. I’ll be done with the sleep specialist as of the end of today, so hopefully that’s all it takes.

Until this is all done, though, I’m going to take it easy. I will spend the next month focusing on dialogue and bug fixes. I’ve been neglecting bug reports somewhat lately and have a lot to catch up on, plus there’s a lot of new dialogue to write. I also have a few ideas to punch up the “chat” feature I’ll be implementing. No new quests, but if I make a significant amount of new content then I’ll provide another update for January.

As for Diadira: She’s currently stalled out on art assets. I don’t really want to add yet another empty sex scene that lacks art, and I also don’t want to add another character who has a different skin tone from her face set. Once that’s all caught up though, she’ll become priority number one.

Anyway, that’s it. Have a great rest of the holidays and I’ll talk to you again in the new year!

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