Lazy Day

Jeez I’m feeling lazy today. I’m actually getting into gardening of all things- now that I live in a place that I can actually take responsibility for I’m surprisingly invested in how it looks and the general quality of the environment. The tenants of the previous owner obviously did not give a shit, as the deck was rotting in a bunch of places, the paints was stripped, the siding was damaged, etc. Besides, cleaning up the backyard will prevent that whole “spider-haunted jungle” thing I spoke about last summer. Thus, much of my spare time has gone into weeding, removing creeping, trimming bushes and trees, and other such things.
On top of that, there’s also game development and taxes! So I’m having a bit of a lazy morning, but I’ll hunker down and get some game dev done this afternoon.
As for updates: Things are proceeding smoothly. I’ve had a small speed bump because I had to redo enemy encounters in the newest quest twice, the first time because I accidentally mistook the quest-specific enemies for the recurring enemies, the second because I messed up the chase script. But things are looking good, and the quest is almost 100% done and finishing the arena battles shouldn’t take long after that. I’ll probably be done all this with plenty of time to spare, but May promises to be a busy month. I’ll probably spend the rest of the time doing something time-intensive but not demanding in terms of milestones, like chat dialogues or putting more on demand sex scenes in the replay menu.

I’m still figuring out the devstream details, but the May release schedule is:
Backer Release- May 18th
Public Release- May 25th

So, look forward to it!

Edit: Was able to confirm devstream details!

Backer Devstream: May 8th, 12-2pm EDT
Public Devstream: May 21st, 12-2pm EDT

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  1. I was getting ready to give gardening advice when with the content of the rest of your post I realized you were probably talking more about landscape/flower gardening not a vegetable garden. So umm good luck with that and don’t plant bamboo or a trumpet vine unless you hate your neighbors. Well the bamboo is always a bad idea the trumpet vine is more climate based cancer.

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