Harem Collector August 2016 Public Release

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Changes in this version:
-There is one new quest! A butler should be waiting outside your Northmarket manor to get it started, once you’re completed the Manor Assault and achieved Journeyman rank.
-There is now a “New Game + Fairy” in your Northmarket bedroom who will happily reset the game for you, leaving your inventory, level and money intact.
-New banters featuring Meline x Chimei,
-Implemented some generic catfolk sprites and faces.
-Doll can now equip Orbs.
-Doll and Chimei now learn new Evocations from some Orbs, particularly the non-generic ones.
-Chimei no longer learns Cold-elemental Evocations. Instead, she learns Sonic-elemental ones. Also, the levels at which she learns new Evocations have been shuffled.
-”Rage” skills no longer count as Evocations, instead they now have their own category. This means that Rages are no longer blocked by Deafness. The same goes for enemy rages, by the way, so be careful.
-A whole bunch of enemy skills are now considered Spells rather than Techniques.
-The Staggered state now drains 2 Momentum per turn it’s in effect.

If you’re a backer who is upgrading from the backer release- I focused on bug fixes and polishing up the new quest. In particular, there is actually text for the new sex scenes, a new sprite for Nick and new sprites and a face set for Doralice.

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  1. So… Started a new game. Went to the university district townhouse. The chest spawned as soon as i entered the second floor. Decided to do the puzzle anyway, and now the weird humming sound effect won’t go away. -_-

      1. Nope. Just a regular new game. Thankfully, i found a trigger to remove that particular sound effect outside the cave where you have an encounter with slenderman. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a more serious issue. After running around getting a bunch of investments, the investment list showed me as having the eastfort branch item shop, even though I hadn’t even gotten the first item shop yet. And then later, when I actually got the eastfort shop, Serade didn’t spawn. The event ran as normal, and her kids are in the eastfort house, but serade isn’t behind the counter, meaning I can’t use the shop or give Serade gifts. Alas. -_-

          1. After completing a quest and getting a new slave girl, Serade is now suddenly where she’s supposed to be. Not sure what triggered it, but I know that passing a day through different means (the event in the gay bar) didn’t trigger it, so… Yeah. It sorted itself out in the end, but it’s still really strange.

  2. While I’m doing the whole ‘actually leaving comments’ thing, I do have sort of a suggestion/request. Could you maybe add some way to fight mini-quest monsters that you’ve “outleveled”? Maybe you could fight them in the arena or something, IDK. It’s just a little frustrating when your level gets so high a type of monsters stops appearing in miniquests before you’ve managed to get their rare-drop items.

    1. Expect a fix for that Serade thing in the next update, fixed it on the livestream just today.

      As for the daily quest monsters you outlevel… the rare drops are supposed to be a nice bonus, not really something deliberately farmed for.

  3. I discovered a bug in the tournament. If you bet the thrird quest of the tournament and had beaten the quest hour of beasts, whemnyou speak with the receptionist you can do the mission hour of beasts again! but when you are in the waiting room, you can’t speak with the man in the door, so you cant leave the room and you will be stuck.

  4. I’m also having problems with Yamamaya’s Rages. She has an empty Evocation tab instead of the Rage menu. I upgraded her weapon as soon as I got her so I don’t know what it was like before that.

    I did not have the same bugs with Serade that Flutterby had, but I did notice that when I ran out of collars, the game acted like I had yet to meet Serade and told me to get more before entering the shop. Once I did it started running normally again and I did not lose any affection with her.

    Also found that two of the quests are bugged for me. In Elaiya’s Love Quest, as soon as I enter the Bandit Fort area where I’m supposed to investigate the door and learn I need to get a bomb it starts the dialogue of the bandit mages in the Fort’s first room and I enter battle with the two mages. The mages can also use flashbang grenades now instead of just using cover so I’m also getting my butt kicked now, but at least something made that part work.

    Minor bug when breaking into the tower for Kyrie, when I enter the first room of the tower Shiki’s dialogue changes depending on how I gained entrance like it should, but everything else acts like I snuck in no matter what I did and I can’t investigate the rest of the first floor.

    I appreciate all the work you do, but it looks like the last update broke more than a few things. Here’s hoping you can work some of them out with a minimum of frustration.

  5. While not a bug report, I’m having a lot of issues with the balance of the game. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’m finding that I have to be 3-5 levels higher than the recommended level for some quest before I’m able to beat the bosses. I don’t think it’d be so bad if I could save before the boss fight, so I could have a second run at it immediately, but getting wiped out by the boss then having to do the entire quest all over again is frustrating (it took me 3 attempts in a row to beat Hall Monitor From Hell at level 18). Maybe having a way to grind for exp. in the late game would be a good thing to include in the future.
    Other than that I really like the game.

      1. Outside of armour, is there any equipment for sale?

        I’ve just been beaten by the boss of Phantom Breaker Battleground, it was going fine until I killed the last of the three bats, at which point the core started taking two turns per round, using AoE skills, decreasing DF and MDF of the entire team and knocking them over. I don’t see how having better armour is going to help there.

        1. well weapons more or less get upgraded at one of two spots in the mansion, if you unlocked the old guy he’ll give you alot of offensive items that will help out, hell if you time it right, you can stockpile the damn things, but generally outside of armor, not really.

          just be happy it isn’t the guardian in the girls dorm, that thing is unbeatable, which sucks cause I could totally see the main char panty raiding :/

  6. HELLO NoMoshing.
    As of now, i playing the may 2016 version and i found a little inconsistency in magical element debuffs, and magic works

    1. There are different debuffs that each magical elements provide:

    And i will try to give stupid table i can give in this comment

    Element – SU Library debuff – scroll debuff – spells debuff

    Necrotic – (-atk) – dark bolt(-atk) murder (-res) – both are (-atk)

    Psychic – (-res) – mind glare (purple haze) – mind glare (-res)

    Is this intentional?

    2. At this mid-game (L19) i can literally use any magician in party and bring 20+ all scroll element for strategical battle.

    DAZE debuff is godsend. Did you intentionally left radian control scroll out?

    Because i hate to spoiled Meline and bringing her to every adventure, because scilintating shard is the only spell that doesn’t gets scrolled.

    3. Deafened(sonic) and manaburn(lightning) seems to work the same way Anti Mage. Is there any debuff for any anti-Momentum debuff.

    Sorry for so nosy.

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