Summertime Curse

So, the usual summertime curse is in full swing.

Late last week my internet started cutting out randomly. Three services calls Friday night, exchanging the modem Saturday morning, and then another service call Sunday… it’s been a nightmare. On top of this, I’ve been avoiding having to work directly on HC for fear of having a syncing issue like I did last summer, and losing a bunch of work. And then today, the service provider did some more stuff remotely and then refused to send a tech. So frustrating.

Hopefully things work now, but I lost a whole bunch of time. I wasn’t lazy during this whole experience (my paperwork is all filed, I’m caught up on art assets, and the office almost looks clean) but I lost a bunch of time. Because of this, I’m pushing back the mini-release a week. Other than an incomplete dungeon, the only significant change in the game right now is the addition of an options menu, and it just doesn’t feel right to post a mini-release under those circumstances.

Please remember! Tomorrow is the start of the Halloween Pin-up Poll! So please remember to log on to the Bad Kitty Games forum to cast your vote on who will be featured in this year’s art! The poll should be up around midnight tonight.

2 Replies to “Summertime Curse”

  1. For a “mini-release”, just focusing on bug fixes is plenty IMHO. Such as the glaring bug introduced for Yamamaya when you get her to “trust”, and the text string bug for Florine when you visit her shop, among others.
    Most gamers I know would not expect a lot of new content in a “mini release” or a X.X.Y release, where you are incrementing Y.

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