Harem Collector v0.23 Release!

Hey everyone! It’s finally here! And with a real grown-up version number!

Get it here!

Changes in this version:
-Therese’s Love Quest is in! I understand that it’s not quite possible to get Therese to 101 Relationship naturally yet, so you can enter the code “witenite” into the console or the code machine to boost Therese’s Relationship to 100 in order to access this quest.
-Of course, can’t have a love quest without some lovin’! A new sex scene with Therese is available, featuring art from team newcomer DrawingNeko! Enjoy!
-Achievements are in! It’s still needs work (the achievement menu selection was buggy as fuck so I disabled it until I can work on it) but there are some achievements available, and much more to come later.
-A new piece of music from Peasea plays in the Westcastle Noble’s District.
-Added Vlue’s Basic Options Menu and Basic Window Resizer, for your convenience.
-Several bugs and spelling errors were fixed.

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    1. Try clearing the whole thing and redownloading. If that doesn’t work, try downloading the Rpg Maker VX Ace RTP from the RPG Maker VX Ace website. This is my first time trying the game with attached RTP, hopefully it goes well….

  1. I think I found a bug. In the previous versions, Meline’s Revelation was judgment + rays combined. In the current version it’s identical to judgment, so using it is just a waste of 20 mana.

    1. You’re not the only one to have this problem, and I’m still looking into it. Sorry for the trouble.
      …you might say I want you to be a happy lavamancer, not a grim one.

      1. I’m not sure wether I should be dismayed at the awful barely-a-pun or happy about the unexpected MtG reference. I didn’t know you MtG’d.

        I think I actually have a grim lavamancer lying around. I’m not sure, though. Been a while since I looked through my cards.

        1. I played magic when I was a kid, and again right around the first Innistrad block. Normally I don’t like CCGs, as crap like net decking, the lack of creative freedom, the expense, the culture…. Innistrad was a unique instance where a) it didn’t play well with the sets that came before it, so there were fewer rare and expensive power cards, plus it seemed to take everyone a while to figure out how to use it, b) the powerful deck types fit in with my playstyle, and c) I really liked the fluff and the setting. Oh, and d) I thought the transformation mechanic was the bee’s knees.

          The final straw was that I made a white/black deck built around trading various hapless villagers for spirit tokens, playing that demon that made your opponent sacrifice creatures, and using all that to power the Morbid keyword. I worked really hard on it, really liked the mechanics and how they played… and never won a match because it had a snowball’s chance in hell against Kessig Wolf Run and that W/U that won half the time solely because of that stupid mad scientist that turned into a giant fly monster. After that, I just stopped having fun. Not a game for me.

          1. I know what you mean. I stopped playing MtG a while back for pretty similar reasons, but lately I’ve been getting back into it thanks to streams of sealed and draft games. It’s interesting to watch people build the best decks they can from a limited pool of cards. Unfortunately, I live like ten miles from the nearest game store and even further from my old magic-playing buddies, so I haven’t been able to do any sealed/draft play myself. Still, it’s fun and relaxing to watch, and I really liked some of the most recent sets in terms of art and flavour (Kaladesh is super-fun and Eldritch Moon was amazing).

          2. I used to love drafting. But drafting alone wasn’t enough to solve all the things that made Magic unfun for me. Besides, Nekochan made me promise that I wouldn’t collect CCGs anymore.

      2. All good, I don’t have two cards in my graveyard yet.

        Also, Raina is pretty OP in this version. With the Paladin set, Chromium Spear, and Blue Dragon Ring, her Shield Bash/Rush deal insane amounts of damage to victim – out damaging Elaiya and Bronwyn with the techniques. And Shield Rush knocks down almost guaranteed. And she’s your party’s tank so you can bring even more DPS to the show. It’s definitely fun, but imho she’s kinda game breaking.

        1. =D

          Raina’s deserved another look for awhile. I might change her damage formula or her skill cost (or both) but I’m kind of holding off on fine tuning all the balance until the game is close to finished. For now, enjoy the power trip while it lasts.

          1. I’m fairly good at balance if you want me to take a crack at it, but in Raina’s situation she suffers from a lack of Clarity of Design. She’s a tank that outscales the physical damage dealers because she scales off defense and there are currently more ways to get defense than attack (through gear).

            Easiest way to fix it is to reduce the damage scaling of shield bash/rush while maintaining/upping the threat generation so she can stay effective as a tank but not obsolete the physical single damage hitters. If you hit the momentum, she’ll just run into clunkiness problems where she either starts with 0 momentum and is fairly useless or starts with 25 momentum and still instagibs an enemy with Shield Rush.

  2. Oh my goodness, the new art in Therese’s scene was AMAZING…quite hoping that it is a sign of things to come and that someday far down the update road all the scenes might be redone with that style.

    Definitely nice to see our resident paladin finally get her quest too.

    1. DrawingNeko is pretty great, right? The scenes with Doralice from last update are next on the docket, plus a brand new scene for Kyrie, and if we’re very lucky the first sex scene with Nerys, all for the November update.

  3. So I started playing again after a while. I started over and when i was playing the first mission, it suddenly hit me when he said 151 was a sacred number. I’ve played this so many times and suddenly I’m like omg, i can’t believe I missed that obvious pokemon reference. Just wanted to say that.

  4. Is there an up to date list of scenes somewhere? Was looking through the scene replay section and noticed I’m missing a Therese scene, between Therese and the Horse and A Knight To Remember and can’t figure out what it might be.

    1. The wiki is just a little bit behind atm, and there is a list of all the scenes planned and current on the forums (badkittygames.net/forum/).

      But I don’t mind saying. The scene you’re looking for is Therese’s Sex a la Carte menu (the “sex” option when talking to her) when she isn’t completely brainwashed.

      1. When did the a la Cartes get added to the replay section?! Can’t believe I didn’t notice that, it is one of those little things I was hoping would be added eventually.

        Well I feel dumb now 😛

  5. Do you plan to make a version with unlimited days? I really tried to like the game, but not being able to progress at my own pace is a huge turnoff. Also, do enemies respawn somewhere?

    1. For now, the closest thing to unlimited days is using the Time Turner. In the final version, you will gain the ability to advance days freely once you’ve completed the main story. There are a number of places where enemies respawn- Coastburg, The Giant’s Path, the Abandoned Fort, the Dark Mine, the Golden Tomb, and the Feywoods.

  6. It seems I’m stuck with the quest “Hour of the beasts”, I can’t access to the field of the tournament. I beat the gay guy outside the changing room, I go in but can’t walk through the door to go outside.
    It was like this with the august version of the game and it’s the same with the new update. Any tips?

  7. I know the wiki is kind of backlogged in content but is there any interesting things buried you could give hints to like more CDs or darkseeds?

    1. Not sure if you’re paying attention to this comment anymore, but I just did a massive update on the Buried treasure page of the wiki, and it is now up to date…. With the August 2016 release… Fuck…. Oh well I’ll find out if there’s any buried treasure in this new update sometime

  8. Some bugs.
    You can enter Faith’s Bastion as soon as you acquire the Manor. As a result you can enter Order of Light and Mercy. Then it progresses as if you’re doing Therese’s LQ, including all Therese’s and NPC’s reactions to stuff inside. I.e. they talk to you as if she’s there. Also she throws a barrel and then you can proceed to the upper floors and subsequently get killed by Nephil Ritualist.
    Sorta related, but not really a bug. There’s no warning that Coastburg is a dangerous zone and it is accessible right from the start as well. Considering you can’t escape from the zombies wandering (and once they spot you, rushing at you at ludicrous speed) inside, it’s a guaranteed Game Over for your sorry level 2 ass.

  9. I hit a bug. Was doing Yamamaya’s love quest and I talked to the guy to start the final battle and then when it was auto moving me into the arena I ran into a wall and was stuck there. I guess I need to talk in front of him instead of in front of the door.

      1. doubt you’ll ever get rid of that bug till you change the paths and just have the guy standing permanently next to the door rather then straight up blocking it then moving every time. because if you are speeding up the text the pathing can’t keep up and it glitches like that.

        so either three options :
        1. disable text speed up during the event and force players to sit through it, and it’ll never bug out.
        2. remove the pathing problem altogether by just permanently moving the NPC to a fixed position.
        3. spend many hours of frustration trying to fix it with the hopes that one day it may actually work disregarding there are two simpler solutions that would allow you to dedicate more time to other endeavors.

        also could you check to see that the yama love quest tourney is disabled after succeeding in it. have had it allow me to do it multiple times and bug out during those said times.

  10. After completing the clock delivery quest, I got the scene where Felix barges in on Ino massaging the PC. Even though I haven’t been anywhere near her capture quest, and she shows up in the follower menu (but not in the manor).

  11. Hi NoMoshing . It seem I’ve encounter trouble when i want to complete “Maid to Order” Mission and replaying “Two Maids are Better than One.
    It kept going :
    “Script ‘Cache’ line 106 : RGSSError occured.
    failed to create bitmap.
    Please help.

    1. That’s… weird. That’s one of the built-in scripts. I’ll get the testing team to take a look right away, hopefully there will be a solution. Until then, a quick fix might be to delete the game (except for save files and replay.rvdata2) and reinstall.

  12. Is there something wrong with the elf village elf rescuing quest? Fight the clown a couple of times, rescue the elves, fight all the rest of the slavers, clown never reappears so I can’t leave the area. Unless I did something earlier that broke it.

    1. We’ve discovered one possible issue where there are problems if you do the first half of “Night of the Raping Dead” and then do “Stuck in the Middle With You” directly after. Is that what you did?

      1. Ah, I think this is actually a different bug that results from how you use a single event for the Clown boss throughout the entire quest. If players enter the tent with the elves to free them at certain times it seems that the clown might disappear or at least move to somewhere he’s not supposed to be. I’ve had it happen where after I defeated all the slavers while chasing the clown, so all that was left was the boss fight (and I saw the Clown running) I stopped to help the elves, when I came out of the tent he was gone. I’m not entirely sure WHY changing screens has a chance to make him disappear so without looking into it a bit more and some testing the best I could advise would be force players to deal with all the slavers before they are allowed to enter the tent on some premise that Hero wants to make sure that no one sneaks up on them while they’re inside or something.

  13. I can’t get the Joint Venture option with the slave trader (and therefore obtain Yamamaya), since I bought Chimei first.
    Is there a fix or maybe a way to get her anyway via modification of the save file? I’m 8 hours deep into the game, wouldn’t want to start anew.

  14. Hey NoMoshing, hello… I am a fans of this game since a year ago when my friend recommend me this game because it have this weird death getting a bad ending doing a loli (lol)

    I wan to ask something, i accidentally finish the yamamaya love quest and i got the sex scene with alina, and when i go to title, i forgot that i didn’t copy the replay scene to a new map folder, so i after i copy the old replay (with backuping the new replay), the sex scene yamamaya and alina is lost, is there a way to gain it once again? Or can you please give me the complete sex scene replay?

    Oh and i found this 2+1 bug
    -When doing a phantom quest breaker, at the 3rd floor we encounter the guardian guarding the sword chest, instead of fighting him to get the chest, you can just walk past him without even fighting him and keep the 1 sword to your inventory (sword of darkness or sword of sea? Forgot about it)
    -After finishing the quest, and after the quest was signed by the guard guarding the noble mansion, the objective of quest is go to receive your money from guildmaster, but when i go to the guildmaster she just keep talking about her past when she do an adventure… now i’m stuck and i can’t complete it… (my 100k :’c )
    -The third one is when i was doing yamamaya quest, got stuck after i talk with the referee (is it? The one we must talk before fighting?) got stuck after i talk to him from the left, yes i know someone already inform you about this bug, just want to let you know anyway…

    Btw, is it just me or is this an uncomplete cg? When i try replaying the scene with that Nerys (the slave you got after finishing elf quest), what i just got is a blank screen… hmmm….

    Oh, and is there a way for me to make the screen smaller, i didn’t like it when i play this new update, it cover almost my screen…

    Thank you in advance, sorry for a long post, i got carried away…

    Oh, in the next update please give Larelle a sex a la carte and love quest \(^0^)/, or Alina love quest if possible !

    1. Unfortunately, you’ll have to start another game loop in order to get your scene back. Sorry!
      Thanks for the bug reports, though!
      As for the sex scene CG, there was time between the old 3DCG guy working on the game, and the new 2D artist, when I was adding text-only scenes while searching for new staff. We’re in the process of adding CGs to the pic-less scenes to catch up, while also adding entirely new scenes. Once we’re caught up with the CG-less scenes, we’ll be going back and making entirely new art for all the old scenes so that everything looks nice and cohesive.
      If you want to follow along with the progress of the H-scenes, there is a forum thread all about it.
      As for making the screen smaller, try the “options” selection on the in-game menu.
      Thanks for getting in touch!

  15. i found two bugs :
    1. when you use thereses lay on hands it quits menu so you have to constantly go back to the menu to use it again
    2. when you start new game plus it always switches your heros class ( warlord to phantom knight and pk to w)

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