Harem Collector 0.24.5 Release!

Here’s the latest version! Enjoy, guys!

Get it here!

Changes in this Version:

-A new quest! After completing Honey Trapper, please check out the Eastfort Adventurer’s Guild for the new content.
-A new investment opportunity exists at a vineyard north of Westcastle!
-The investment book has been revamped a little, so that’s easier for us to code and for you to use.
-Unity Force has been completely overhauled! On top of providing a potent single-person buff, Unity Force also allows the Hero to team up with his harem girls to unleash powerful combo attacks!
-The Status menu has been altered to display each character’s hit rate, evasion rates, critical rate, and critical evade! Also, you can now page through characters in the Status and Equip screens rather than exiting all the time!
-Speaking of hit rate, hit rates in excess of 100% now decreases enemy evasion!
-The enemy line-of-sight mechanics has been changed! Objects now block enemy vision, but beware- some objects (like, say, bookshelves) only block vision in certain directions.
-Kyrie’s Ice Armor buff now lasts between combats!
-New artwork for two sex scenes: Bound to Disappoint and A Difficult Position.
-More party banter!

53 Replies to “Harem Collector 0.24.5 Release!”

  1. did you guys fix it so that Devil Dice, books, and quest passwords don’t end up in the ally rosters? I mean It’s not really an issue I just notice when Delving into the game that it appears.

    1. The easiest way (that I can find) that RPG Maker VX Ace stores names is as “actor” names. It’s just a handy shortcut. Are you saying that these blank actors can get added to the game as characters somehow?

  2. Another very fun quest…quite hoping we’ll see that paladin contact again in the future, she had a cute look to her.

    Had a laugh at the Merfolk Hooker enemies as well, definitely a name with a double meaning in this game 😛

    Very much looking forward to seeing what comes next, as always.

    1. That’s my fault. I ran out of time before putting Mitzi in the game, and then I forgot to put in the “Not implemented, don’t worry about it” message in the quest log. Sorry!

  3. You can actually walk into the paladin fortress without receiving the quest. There’s nothing actually stopping you from just going in through the door.

    1. The new artwork is apart of the quest ‘Honey Trapper’. You can see them if you either seduce Doralice or drug her (having Alina seduce her doesn’t yet have artwork for it).

  4. When I was done with the quest, suddenly the party members I had in my team disappeared. Luckily I saved before the final boss. Is there a way to fix it?

      1. I had the same error. I ran through ‘Can’t Handle It Cove’ with Yamamaya, Bronwyn, and Elaiya, and after duelling the Paladin, they’re no longer on my list of characters I can add to my party.

        I even tried doing the mission solo, though those three were still the ones the trapped items affected, and once again, lost them.

        I had a look through the save I made before going down the well and the one I made after, using the Rpg Maker Save Editor, but even when I set all of the switches and variables back, they were still just gone from my party member list, though they are still in my Followers menu, and I can find them around my mansion.

    1. BTW this new quest has totally screwed up my game. Felix disappears and I reacquire him. Florine disappears, too. I also cannot reselect the party members I took on this quest with me. I don’t know why this is.

  5. After I took care of *Can’t Handle it Cove* quest my three members disappeared by that I mean I can’t add them in my party. What’s up with that?!

  6. after completing the new quest with Therese, Laralle and Kyrie in my party, they suddenly disappeared from my character list. Therese and Laralle reappeared back in the dungeon while Kyrie is in my study, but unavailable for my party.

  7. Cool update overall!

    A couple of bugs I found:

    After entering Coastburg, I can still save my game despite it being a dangerous area.

    The second one is at the paladin fortress. I’ve already done the quest there (I forget the name), but if you interact with the barrels blocking the stairs on the 2nd floor, the dialogue about her mentor maybe being up there triggers and Therese opens the way. If you proceed up, you’ll have entered a dangerous area and since you can’t complete the quest again, you’ll be unable to save at any location (outside, World map, etc.)

  8. I got an error inside the well. Whenever one of the monsters there attacks theres an error message saying:

    script ‘game_interpreter’ line 1192: NoMethodError occured
    undefined method ‘display_affected_status’ for nil:Nil_class

    after clicking OK the game window closes.

        1. After some frustration, we have a tested and working version up now. Thank you very much for your patience and I’m sorry that this took a few tries.

  9. Game won’t even start up with v0.24.8.
    only gives the message:

    Script ‘Investments’ line 109: SyntaxError occurred
    unexpected ‘,’, expecting ‘)’
    percent_change (self_name[temp1],t)

      1. After some frustration, we have a tested and working version up now. Thank you very much for your patience and I’m sorry that this took a few tries.

    1. After some frustration, we have a tested and working version up now. Thank you very much for your patience and I’m sorry that this took a few tries.

  10. Umm boss so after the new quest cant handle it cove. I know i used the hax item but just the book to restore the hp/mp since you know you didnt put a quest level requirement for it or least tell me that the merfolks were insanely hard to beat even if i was lvl 16.

    anyway the bug here is that when i had my duel with the paladin All the sudden i was given a gameover screen. And I did return the nuns to the church. So tech i should have been release and gone on my way since….

    Not sure how i came across the bug or what could have cause it I think i was low 209 hp and was poison could it be that instead of healing it just did a one 180 spin and instantkilled me. ?

    1. My apologies for the delayed response, but I wanted to do my best to address your comment! In regards to you returning the nuns so after the duel you should have been let go, this is not accurate. You returning the nuns lead to Dio not being sure whether you are evil or not, whether you should be turned in or not, and so the duel was more to determine your guilt, by losing you are in a sense being proven guilty thus you would be taken away and locked up. Losing the duel means losing your freedom, it is only by winning the duel are you allowed to let go.

      As to what killed you off, I couldn’t say for certain without having been there, but it’s important to remember that poison does 5% of your maximum health per turn, so if you were poisoned (rather than inflicting poison) you could have died at the end of the turn from it, but it’s also possible that Dio was just faster than you and used an attack before you got to go killing you. Again, without having been there I couldn’t say for sure one way or the other, but I hope that helps!

  11. Got a bug for you, the nightly event with Ino, where Felix walks in on your massage, can trigger without having met Ino, adding her to the registry. If this occurs before the manor invasion, she will show up with your slaves and be a valid target for praising.

  12. Found another bug, if you get the philosophers stone from the research materials quest, it becomes possible to complete the related quest without having started it, and also lock yourself out of investing in orange kid, I assume the same is true of apple kid. quite annoying when it’s much easier to do the quest than get the money to invest in orange.

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