Encyclopedia and Iron Waifu Thoughts

Hey everyone, Conash here! First here to share my thoughts about how the Iron Waifu Tournament has been proceeding and following it up with what I’ve been working on lately!

First off in regards to Iron Waifu two matches have really surprised me! The first one was Yeon vs Doralice, while I expected Yeon would win the amount of support and good things people were saying did certainly surprise me given how her 2016 run went. I was sure that we’d get a lot more comments about how she needed to be put into her place. The other one was Meline vs Renfeld match. While I tend to also find Renfeld interesting she hasn’t exactly shown to have the same sort of popularity as Meline, heck last year Meline came out on top of Renfeld! While last years match was pretty close and we’ve got a fair amount more fans this year, I fully expected it to go the same way this year! This is especially of interest to me because when I was rolling for the round 1 match-ups I had a rule that if anyone ended up with the same round 1 match as last year I’d re-roll (didn’t need to) and extended it to very one-sided round 2 match-ups as well, I actually came pretty close to re-rolling Meline’s round 1 match up but decided that since it was close it was fine. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the tournament goes!

On the more development end of things, I got hit by a bit of inspiration and motivation last month and managed to put something big together. Now, while we will probably be adding more categories to it, I managed to get the encyclopedia project that I’ve been working on fully functional for artifacts (unique weapons/armor), a few details are still needed and given how dependent on the HC code it is it’ll need a fair amount more testing to work out some kinks but it will mean that all those pieces of equipment that say give mana regeneration, or status protection or what have you well you’ll be able to look up what they do in-game instead of having to rely on the wiki! We’re still finishing up a few minor details on getting it working in the game but the heavy lifting is already accounted for! I hope you all enjoy!

And that’s just about it for me, at this point I’m mostly working on fixing some bugs and I hope to invest a bunch of my time into getting the wiki up to date next week given how ahead of schedule I am. Hope to see you all in the Iron Waifu tournament!

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