Iron Waifu Commentary (and some other stuff, too)

So, Iron Waifu 2017 has kicked off in style. The first day broke last year’s participation record, and then day two went and broke that new record! While there haven’t been any upsets yet, party members routinely beat non-party harem girls and Brigandine is really popular for an NPC, the high level of participation has been pretty exciting for us at BKG. On top of the usual suspects lobbying for their favourite characters, ShadowCluster has publicly made a case for electing Serade as Iron Waifu which I found pretty compelling. If you haven’t been following it yet, you can find the brackets and schedule here and the current match (Evanie the Sword-Saint vs Ino) here. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

As for the game itself, work has begun in earnest on the new quest. It’ll be a pretty fun one, I think, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people think. It’s always fun making a chain of events that can go in one of two very different ways depending on the player’s actions, and there’s going to be a pretty big one at the beginning of this quest. Other things are moving pretty quickly. I’m hoping that for this month’s update we’re going to have some new status effect icons to help communicate things a little better to the player, and finally have some new CGs. So far backers have responded pretty positively to the mini-release, which is good to hear. The Banneret upgrade scene was a lot of work, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with everyone later.

Oh yeah- the Backer Devstream will be this Saturday due to some unavoidable life stuff. I’ll be distributing the link a bit later today, so keep your eyes out!

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  1. I haven’t played the game in a while, and I couldn’t find information on the wiki so I was wondering if I could ask here… Who are Brigandine, Fionna, Queen Regal, Renfeld, and Silvayuco? I tried looking them up on the wiki under the characters link within the Harem Girls and Other Important People list but I couldn’t find anything about those five girls.

    Also, will you get a second chance to capture that genie girl you meet during the quest Looking For A Cure at some point?

    1. You encounter them in/after some of the later quests. You first see Renfeld during ‘Looking for the Cure’ and can collar her after that whenever, you can also meet Brigadine by exploring the Westcastle Noble distract also after that quest. You encounter Queen Regal at the end of ‘Research Materials’, and meet Fionna during the quest ‘It’s Pronounced Sabotage’ after that quest. Silvayuco is the newest of the bunch as you meet her during the quest ‘Get Dumped’. These are all kinda more late-game quests so sorry if you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out yet!

      1. I thought i was done up to the point that the game was updated too there is so much i am missing so i am going to have some fun with looking for these characters i still need to meet 4 of these girls i know the queen but i don’t think i met the other 4. Thanks for the updates on discord it helps me keep up.

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