Sex Scene Update!

Hey everyone!
By the end of this month, all of Nerys’ solo scene CG will be completed! I’m pretty excited about! I still don’t know when I’ll get around to adding in her Love Quest, but at the very least when I do we’ll have all the art assets needed for it.
Next up, of course, is Alina, the winner of this year’s Iron Waifu tournament. The number one priority with her CG would be her love quest, but we’ll also have finished at least one other CG set of hers by the time her Love Quest update is finished.
After that, I want to get a minor character out of the way, and I’ve settled on Lady Silvayuco, mainly because Nekochan has already concept art of her and we could probably squeeze out her small (future) sex scene through in a month. By the time all that’s done, it’ll be high time to get a party member out of the way and I’ve settled on Yamamaya for that role, because there’s been some ambiguities in her character design for a long time now that I’d like the get settled, particularly with regard to her dress and her skin tone.
As for things like group sex scenes, I’m going to be scheduling those when all the girls in that particular scene have already finished their solo stuff. For example, the “Bullying Alina” threesome with Yamamaya would happen after Yamamaya’s scenes are all redone.
So what does this mean? Well, barring any interruptions (or a significant increase in funding), expect the CG schedule to go something like this:

July 2017- Nerys’ Love Quest scene
August 2017- Alina Love Quest scene
September 2017- Claiming your Property
October 2017- Salty Dessert + Nerys Wallpaper public release
November 2017- Alina a la Carte + Alina Vacation
December 2017- All Lady Silvayuco stuff
January 2018- Mating Season
February 2018- That’s Strong Catnip
March 2018- When You’re Not the Victor… + Alina Wallpaper public release
April 2018- Yamamaya a la Carte + Yamamaya Vacation
May 2018- Bullying Alina

I fully expect that at some point, I’ll be able to kick things up a notch and make all this happen faster, but I don’t like planning around things that *might* happen. If I can speed things up, hey, bonus.
Of course, if you’d like to help out to make all this happen more quickly, please consider supporting Bad Kitty Games on Patreon. And if you’d like to keep track of everything with monthly updates, please check out the H-Scene Progress thread on the the Bad Kitty Games forum.
That it for now! Thanks again for following the progress of Harem Collector, and happy fapping!

10 Replies to “Sex Scene Update!”

    1. SacB0y is pretty great, he loves the project, loves the fans, and wants to work even harder on the game. So I’m pretty confident all this will happen.

  1. I am surprised you are going with the redo on the existing scenes instead of concentrating on the scenes that have nothing at this point, such as Eulania for instance.

    1. Our policy at the moment is to fully complete one character’s solo work before moving on to the next, and only doing group sex scenes when SacB0y has had lots of practice with both characters. This plan is meant to cut down on characters (such Therese and Doralice) who will have art of them from multiple artists. There are also representational concerns- I also want the new art to be distributed throughout the game, so that a brand new player doesn’t down the game expecting hand-drawn art and then sees nothing but 3DCG for the first ten hours of play.
      I do want to get to character who don’t have art at all, and Eulania is a top candidate for that, but there are multiple needs I need to address with the way new art comes out, so please bear with it for a little while longer.

    1. In the fuuuuuutuuuure. *sparkles*

      Seriously, maybe soon if I have an planned update that seems a little anemic and I can slot in another quest. Mostly, the reason why the art is getting done now is so that I have it when I need it, and SacB0y draws it at the same time as the rest of her art.

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