Easy Topic Week… I Mean, Next Update Plans

So it’s the Wednesday after update day… and that means I’m going to talk about what I hope to get done for the next update!

So obviously the customizatible manor stuff didn’t roll out last week as intended it still needs more work, and it’s being worked on as I write this. Basically, what’s going on is that the affection system and the furniture customization system are a little too intricately linked to release one half without the other, instead of two discreet releases they have to come out at the same time. So, we’re still working on that.

As usual, there will be at least one new quest- this time we’re advancing the Kellos Invasion arc and introducing the last of the Five Generals who will appear in Harem Collector. As usual, I will attempt to get a second quest done when I’m not working on the affection/manor revamp or this other thing, but as usual I make no promises.

Since SacB0y was running behind last month (because, y’know, last month was just hell for people in a certain area of the world), there will be a lot of new sex scene stuff in the next update. Salty Dessert, Claiming your Property, Discovering Doggystyle and Alina’s Sex a la Carte will all be finished for the end of November- that’s every Alina scene that isn’t a threesome or moresome all for your viewing pleasure next month. Alina fans, rejoice!

So yeah, there’s good stuff coming. Thanks for your support, and happy fapping!

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