Harem Collector v0.34.4 Public Release!

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Changes in this version:
-There is a new quest given to you by Professor Antimbits in the Southport University!
-There is a new skill trainer for Elaiya who can be found in occupied Eastfort.
-Some new art for various sex scenes involving Yamamaya is in.
-The tentacle sex scene during “Virgin Gynocides” now has new art and will be saved to the replay menu next time you replay that quest.
-There are now a few places where, if your have the Phantom Knight class equipped, you can find small scenes where Eulania will flashback to moments in her past.
-There are exciting new graphical elements to the Abandoned Fort area that features in “One Is The Loneliest Party”!
-The process by which dungeon-based harem girls gain happiness should run a lot more smoothly.
-Numerous bug fixes, balance adjustments, etc.

11 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.34.4 Public Release!”

  1. I am getting a bug in the new quest, in the description appears “Missing stage description”.
    Also, i can’t find the way to reach the lever in the new quest.

  2. So I don’t see a slot in the gallery for the Virgin quest and when I went to do it it still had the 3D CG images. I tried both the full version and the lite version. Everything else seems fine though.

      1. It’s not there. I did the golem quest(are you not suppose to get xp from the fights?) so I know I’m on the right version, but I have all the scenes in other and non of them are tentacle related, and if I go in to the Virgin quest the scenes are using 3d custom girl and not new art. If you want I can screenshot or something.

        1. How you open the ruin’s doors ? I can’t find a way to cross the underground river to pull the lever. I tried to dig holes, in differents places on the farm, interect with the stones underground and with the well above ground, but nothing worked.

  3. Good to see the game is getting bigger.

    So, i have a problem with Yeon, don’t know if its been reported before, so sorry if it has, but she was in my cell, right?
    I did a quest, don’t recall which and now she is in my bedroom and i can’t do anything with her. Can’t give her a gift, chat, she just says “Anything you need, Master”

  4. Welp, now I’m starting to wonder if I’m cursed. remember when I wrote that “It came from below the equator” didn’t end as soon as old cob died and I couldn’t leave the dungeon? yep, it’s still happening, even with the new version and a brand new start, but I obtained that very same result. Getting kinda desperate here, I want the fame that comes with completing the quest ç_ç

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