Drunkenly Stumbling Along

It’s been a rough week. First depression, then caught a summer cold. >.> What’s worse is, I ended up whining on Twitter about the depression like some kind of teenaged loser… not that whining about it here is much better….

As for other things- I’m still picking away at the website, Conash is taking lead on the new quest, Clara has been updated with music requests, and everything is proceeding in it’s mostly-usual fashion. I’m meeting up with a friend tomorrow who is designing the new website logo, so hopefully that will turn out to be good.

Don’t really know what else to say, and it’s closing in on 3AM, so I guess I’ll leave it here. See you all next week with more and better news, hopefully!

6 Replies to “Drunkenly Stumbling Along”

  1. Brazilian here, sorry if i miss a lot in english.
    I found your game weeks ago and really like it not online because of the hentai and shit, i like the history, characters, “fuck the world” protagonist. Its really a thing that caugth me when i need a game to distract my self.
    I dont have depression or have any day of my life ( i think), but sometimes i caugth my self lost in the world and some games like yours (since i dont have money to console or anything).
    I dont know what are going in your life but i can truly thank you for the days that a spend with this funny and cool game insted of being sad about my self . Of course i hope the games one day get finished (and i will pay for it if i have money someday, dollars its like 4x time worth of the money on Brazil), but if the game never get completed or anything, i still thank you and hope that you life got better with depression and summer cold.
    Have a good day friend!

    1. Thank you for the very kind comments. I appreciate your support, but also be sure to take care of yourself first before you consider joining the Patreon. I am more than happy to just have you following the game as a fan!

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