Harem Collector v0.35 Public Release

Download Here

Here’s what new this time:
-There is a new quest in the Elf Village that starts when all the previous quests in that chain are finished. If you’ve played the mini-release version, this quest can now be completed!
-The quest that Gargan gives you at “Trust” affection level, “Blow Job”, can now be completed!
-Yamamaya’s Sex A La Carte art has been updated!
-There are a few new banters featuring Larelle and various other party members!
-Among other bug fixes, saving during the manor assault has been changed. Now instead of saving before it starts, a save point has been added to the manor for the duration of the quest. If your save file is stuck at the start of the manor assault with a black screen, please email it to conash@badkittygames.net so that it can be fixed and sent back.

Please enjoy!

11 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.35 Public Release”

  1. I tried to load any save and all I got was

    Script ‘Khas Awesome Light Effects’ line 952 No Method Error Occured.

    undefined method ‘restore’ for nil:NilClass.

  2. Script Exception line 21:No Method Error Occurred

    Undefined Method ‘[]=’ for nil:NilClass

    Happens when I go down the hole in the Darkness Gate- Lower Level.

  3. Quest Dude Where’s my sword is still broken. It says go talk to Shally as Raina (after talking to people in the adventure guild), but it pops up the hero’s head instead.

    How can this get fixed? I’m stuck without a way to progress. Others have run into this too.

  4. Not sure if my comment showed up, but going to try posting again. Stuck on Dude Where’s my sword. I went as Raina to talk to people at the adventure guild. Then I was told to investigate Tin Dog Tavern, but it doesn’t trigger any story, instead it has the hero’s portrait instead.

  5. Quest dude wheres my sword is bugged. After i go to adventure guild as raina. I go talk to shally but story doesnt progress. Game thinks i am hero instead of raina.

    1. That Bug is somehow caused by old savefiles. I had the same problem, and after getting no replies on multiple comments and seeing that other people with the same problem didn’t get replies either, I replayed the game in the current version and the quest worked without a single bug.

  6. Script ‘Exception’ line 21 No Method Error Occured.

    undefined method ‘[]=’ for nil:NilClass.

    I got this when go down the ladder that require eating the grass inside Darkness Gate. How can i fix this? thank you

  7. Can you PLEASE fix Professor Antimbits’ quest?! I’ve tried following the Wiki’s instructions, trying things my own way (several times over) and STILL I’m having the game crash on me when I attempt this quest!

  8. Found another 2 bugs. After completing the Elf Village quest, two issues occur:

    1) I had trouble leaving. Walking out is not doable because the Hero says something about finding out what happened to Meiriona and Nerys. I tried speaking to BOTH but nothing happened, and I had to leave via horse. I’d already spoken to Titor, so that couldn’t have been it

    2) Once the quest is done and dusted, and you’ve left the village (in my case, only possible via horseback), walking back in means you’re pushed back to the beginning of the quest. This doesn’t happen if you get there via horseback…but the first bug is still present

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