Backer crunch

(Hey, this is like from a week ago, I wanted to promoted the daily streams but Conash works hard so I held onto it, and now you get to read it because I forgot to do a blog yesterday. Yay!)

Hey everyone, it’s the last Wednesday of the month so we’ve just got to finish a few things with the backer release and we’ll get it out to you guys when we can! The past few days have been pretty hectic for NoMoshing and I as more things keep popping up just as soon as we think we can see the end, but we’re both pretty happy with what we’ve got done. I’d also like to take a moment to thank our volunteers for all the testing that they did, it really helped us out a lot to be able to get such in-depth feedback so quickly to help make the game work so smoothly so thanks both of you for all your hard work! Now, since NoMoshing’s been getting in a massive amount of dailogue (including several sex scenes) in these past few days, I thought that I’d take a moment to talk about the various things I’ve been up to since my last post from a week ago.

First off, I managed to get in a couple of the stuff that I talked about awhile back. The Furniture system will now have the green/red squares show numbers on them so that you know what ‘room’ you’re looking at, while it’s certainly not perfect I’d rather give you guys tools that help you a bit with it than not at all. On top of that I’ve managed to extensively fix it so that furniture like the Holy Diver will no longer cause bugs, you can view them in the menu and remove them safely now, but keep in mind that if it was bugged before the person who was bugged with it won’t be displayed in the menu as loving/liking/hating the furniture as appropriate even though they do, the display refused to cooperate on that front but if you remove it and put it back it will work as intended! I’ve also managed to add it so that putting carpets into your various houses will now give a small happiness bonus to everyone in that house (party members always choose the house with the highest ‘house’ bonus) so between that and another house bonus that we’ve added to the game I hope that the happiness system will be a bit easier to approach for the characters who only have a few pieces of furniture they like. I also managed to fix the bug that came about in the 0.35 release that stopped the autosave feature from working, I’m hoping this fix sticks but I thought the last one was going to as well so we’ll see…

Next up is something that has been on the docket, but long since forgotten about, since before I was on the staff. See with the addition of the Southport house we realized that we needed to put in horses for Southport and into other places to get to Southport, which would have been a lot of busy work… So now we’ve managed to get it so that there is a singular horse per house that will be able to handle all the fast travel needs as it was honestly less busy work than the alternative thanks to the magic of me not being limited to RPG Maker’s eventing system. We might be making a few changes to the horse stuff down the line, but with this change it’ll be far easier to accomplish universally so look forward to us taking advantage of having a more streamlined fast travel process! On a similar note, I’m sure that a few of you have probably noticed that several quests still teleport players to the old Northmarket manor, well a big reason that those teleports haven’t been fixed is because that running the proper checks for teleports, finding the right block of teleports to copy, and all of that just takes awhile so I decided to also make a more streamline (on our end at least) version of the entire thing for teleporting to the houses that handles all of that busy work, so while for now it’ll probably just be for the Southport quests since they need to be changed anyways, look forward to having a lot of those wrong teleports get dealt with in future releases!

That’s about all that I’ve actually gotten done so far so I think I’ll leave it at that. I’ve still got several things to finish up before I can handle over the game to NoMoshing to add in his final touches but yeah, hope you’re all looking forward to the new quests and functionality!

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