Weekly Streaming, Activate!

Hey, we’re almost done the v0.36 backer release, just going to need a couple hours more. But, while I have your attention….

We’re now streaming four times a week, every week!

Our usual twice-monthly voiced and interactive streams will still happen, but “silent streaming”- me just getting work done without the mic on- will now be happening every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1pm-5pm(ish) Eastern time. If there are any changes to this schedule, it will be made public in a Patreon post, so pay attention to that feed even if you’re not a backer!

You can catch all our stream here.

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  1. There are multiple time zones in Canada, so even knowing that you live there it’s hard to tell when these streams will happen. Could you share UTF data, or something equivalent?

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