Harem Collector v0.39 Public Release!

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Changes in this version:
-You can now complete the “Stranger Things” quest by exploring the crater at the extreme left side of the main map!
-You can also complete a new quest by talking with Jakuhl in the elf village after completing “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”
-The Southport item shop is now for sale… and that means you get to meet new harem girl Miri!
-Larelle’s chat dialogue is COMPLETE as of the current version. She comments on all 28 possible other harem girls, 51 quests, has a short series of personal conversations and explains all her skills and spells.
-Lilac and Violet now have personal things they will share in their respective chat menus if you ask.
-After so long asking, I’ve finally implemented the Delish Candy Co. Headquarters in Westcastle, intended as an extreme late-game or post-game investment. But some of you might NG+ your way through or figure out how to min/max your way there. Either way, there are more benefits to this investment than just extra cash flow- enjoy finding out!
-On top of the full art sex scene with Miri, there are also four new text-only sex scenes, including a solo scene for each of Lilac and Violet, a 4p scene with Chimei, Larelle and Kyrie, and a special “other” scene that’s a bit of a secret.

7 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.39 Public Release!”

  1. So after completing the ‘Da Orcest Dungeon’ quest, I went back down into the hole to explore a bit more. I found a crystal village and an old man suddenly showed up, who I can only assume is the professor from Southport. Also, I can’t go up the ladder again, so I’m stuck. Tried to load the autosave, and my hero mentioned not feeling well before it threw the Game Over screen.

      1. You can access Violet and Lilac’s solo scenes by completing a quest that leaves you at Northmarket or by examining your bed at the Northmarket manor while you have the super-horny status effect.

  2. So, if you load a save where a certain event moving Florine to another location have already happened… can you trigger the Southport Item Shop girl acquiring (talking to Florine in her new location did not appear to work), or will one have to go back to a save before that certain event happened, maybe even start from the beginning?

  3. I just had something which I assume is a bug. At the earl of northmarkets estate on a rainy day, I could not find him outside. instead he was in the house on the lower floor. Talking to him gave me the end-of-quest speech of his first quest (the one with doralice) and reset his affection from 5/5 unhappy to 3/5 happy.

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