Harem Collector v0.41.3- the SHOWDOWN Update!

After a long wait, the final battle between the Hero’s harem and the demon cult plaguing the Middle Kingdom are finally here! Can you overcome the legions of hell and defeat Xaven once and for all?

Download it here!

Changes in this version:
-Two brand-new quests where you finally get to deal with two of Harem Collector’s biggest antagonists, once and for all!
-A new harem girl can be captured and sent to your dungeon, representing the first true monstergirl to appear in the harem in HC, with a brand new sex scene to boot!
-Kobolds spotted on the streets and fields of the Middle Kingdom, terrorizing residents! Check out your random daily quest for more information!
-There are now two additional ways to acquire the Philosopher’s Stone if you’ve managed to miss it before or can’t afford it.
-The trophy traders can now process multiple trophies at a time to ease your gift-giving plan!
-A new merchant has opened up in the Westcastle to sell you statues to help you express your devotion in your home decor, be it to the Angels, Demons, or whatever else!
-A whole bunch of new art for Larelle’s dungeon scenes, Therese’s vacation scene, plus a whole new scene with Therese!
-New text-only scenes for Bronwyn and Raina!
-New music and sprite art from Clara and Kumiho!
-And like always, bug fixes and bug fixes and bug fixes!

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  1. so im sure this has been asked befor or is not an important thing bet just wondering why the umbra broker is NEVER updated with quests in the updates as i find needing to read changelogs can ruin the game expirence as it often contains spoilers or hints to ending and i actual play the games for the plot and not just the PLOT (@,@) and find that in game mechanics for informing the player on new content are far more imersive and in a lot of cases more effective.

    1. forgot to mention that it may be a good idea to have the broker also warn you if you may have missable loot in the next quest as im sure a lot of us have missed dark seeds in quests and not realised till we have progressed too far to backtrack our saves.

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