My Favourite Things I Made This Year

I was going to use this week’s blog to moan some more about my depression, explain why the update to Quinta’s second sex scene took so long, and in general beg for forgiveness. While I do feel bad about those things, and I do ask for your forgiveness, I’m worried about this sort of thing becoming dull and rote. So, rather than that, I’m going to talk about some of the things I am most happy made it into Harem Collector this year.

These are presented in roughly chronological order, and just numbered for my convenience, but nonetheless please enjoy this semi-listicle.

#1- Officially Announced ILTSDK
I know it’s not the biggest, most exciting thing, but finally announcing I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!! to the public felt pretty good, like it was making the leap from theory into practice. I’m still slaving away at the pre-production, though, so it’ll be awhile yet before we have a functional build to show off.

#2- Introduced New Scenes and Dialogue for Lilac and Violet
The new content for the twin maids was very well received and I’m pretty proud of it, to be honest. Definitely looking forward to these two coming up in the art queue. Mission accomplished on helping define their divergent personalities more.

#3- Set Up A New Forum
I learned how to do a MySQL and now we have a fancy new forum we rarely use. But, hey, it’s there and I really feel it’s a worthwhile supplement to the Discord community, as a home for content like my erotic writing and the Iron Waifu contest.

#4- Epic April Fool’s Prank
The 90’s-style April Fools website update was a lot of fun to make, and I have no idea how I’m going to match it next year. 😀

#5- The Actual New Website Launch
It was a massive headache at the time, but it feels really good to have gotten rid of our amateurish, outdated old website designed by a certain someone I don’t particularly like, and replace it with our new, slick website filled with all sorts of art representative of what Harem Collector is all about!

#6- Kaguya
Solving the ominously growing PC issue here at the home office without having to impact the Patreon or art progress was a really huge boon. I know it had a lot to do with a random windfall I received from a relative, but still, very happy about that.

#7- Victory Barks
Time to tout something that Conash did! I am very pleased now that victory barks are implemented and in a final form that makes it so people can enjoy them without it disrupting the established flow of the game. Conash did a lot of great work this year but I really think the end of battle update from PRINCESS is among his slickest and nicest looking UI changes.

#8- Miri
Getting a new harem girl in the game is always something worthy of celebration

#9- The End of Demon Cult and Kellos Invasion Stories
Sort of partnered with #8, having Bell and Quinta get implemented and finally finishing off the Demon Cult and Kellos Invasion plotlines was a huge win this year! It finally feels like we’re getting close to the end of the game.

#10- Pandemonium Fortress
My personal winner for Dungeon of the Year is the Pandemonium Fortress from Hell to Pay. It’s a really big, meaty dungeon with it’s own story to tell, a lot of really unique looking areas, homages to multiple games on my all-time favourites list (including Resident Evil, Super Mario RPG and Silent Hill 3), and just really felt like an epic way to send off the Demon Cult questline in style. And then, while we were working on it, the whole lootbox scandal happened, inspiring a whole extra section of dungeon, with it’s own mechanics and stuff going on. Sometimes our chaotic, inefficient, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants style of game design really gets to pay off dividends.

Anyway, those were my favourites bits of the year. Please feel free to share your own highlights as a comment, Discord message, forum post- whatever form of interact floats your boat!

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  1. Hi NoMoshing.

    In another forum RomeoPapa was told of some bugs with the latest 0.43.2 version such as:
    – movement speed getting stuck after killing the boss in Quinta’s LQ
    – crashes in the Golden Tomb and possibly 2nd arena tourney

    1. The movement speed bug has been identified and I’m working on an issue for it. As for the crashes I have not been told of any new error messages that accompany said crashes so I assume they’re crashes to desktop right? If so those have been shown to be on an individual player’s end. Check to see if your computer is overworking itself, needs to be dusted, or anything like that. If the performance isn’t causing the crash try downloading the release from another site to see if that fixes things, as you may have gotten a bad download.

      1. Cleaned (dusted) rig, task manager shows nothing else running aside from the game and my standard AV program, and still got crashes in the tomb quest. That quest is unplayable/ broken in it’s current state. I also tried downloading from the other two sites, still got the crashes.

        1. Hmm… Would you be willing to help test out a few possible fixes to the problem? Currently I’ve been trying to get in touch with someone who’s able to consistently experience the CTD issues as I’ve got a few things that I’ve been trying in order to resolve it, but me and the testers aren’t able to replicate the issue consistently enough to be certain on our results. If you are willing, and use discord you can find our discord channel at and if not, do you have a means of getting in contact that you’d prefer using so that I can send you some stuff directly?

    1. Currently no, because of how RPG Maker VX Ace is setup an android version isn’t something that we can provide, both due to a lack of resources and even due to legal issues that would arise. With the scope of the game as well, remaking it in another engine isn’t quite worth it, but I did some research the other day and found what seems to be an emulator specifically for RPG Maker games for Android, I’m checking out if it’d work but if so then we’ll if we might be able to make it a bit easier for players to be able to make use of it for Harem Collector, as this is something we get a lot of requests for. Thanks for the interest, we hope your gameplay experience continues to go well, and I’ll leave another reply if it turns out to be an option we plan to offer in the future!

    2. Well I have good news, more good news, and bad news! First bit of good news, after testing it out I can confirm that it’d be possible to make a version of Harem Collector that would be compatible with the ‘Neko RPGXP Player’ app on the android market, while the current version of HC isn’t compatible with it making it playable would be an easy fix, I also reviewed the EULA’s that I was worried about and making a version of the game designed to work friendly with that or any other emulator for RPG Maker wouldn’t pose any legal problems, but the bad news is that a lot of the extra programming we have, both from me and other third parties, raises quite a few conflicts that can make the game very difficult to play a lot of the time. As a result, it may be awhile before we starting having any releases designed to play nice with an emulator, but do know that it is something that I’m working on!

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