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This page is for quests that you receive from taking down the fliers posted in any of the four Adventurer's Guild branches. Once a guild quest is finished, you can turn it in by talking to the guild administrator in the same guild building that you took the quest from. Note that you may want to have a shovel for most of these.


Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job (Lvl 3)

Orc Encampment.png


  1. 1 Bottled Smoke.
  2. 1 Porno Mag.
  3. 1 Potion of Excellence. Easy mode only.
  4. 1 Bottled Smoke.
  5. 1.Chain Mail.
  6. 1 Dark Seed & 3 Scroll of Dark Bolt.
  7. 1 Suspicious Brew.
  8. 1 Potion of Barkskin.


  1. 2 Orc Raider.
  2. 2 Orc Brute.
  3. 3 Orc Raider.
  4. 1 Orc Raider & 1 Orc Brute & 1 Orc Shaman.
  5. 1 Orc Raider & 1 Orc Brute & 1 Orc Shaman.

Quest Progression:

  1. Boss battle: 1 Orc Chieftain & 3 Orc Raider & 1 Orc Shaman & 2 Orc Brute.

Unlock Condition - This quest is automatically given by Alina after acquiring the Northmarket Manor.

  • Go to the Adventurer's Guild in the Northmarket Slums and read the job posting.
  • Exit the Guild and go south to the docks. Speak to the merchant and go through all of the dialog options. He will suggest speaking to an Orc. Go to the Bitch's Sixth Tit and speak to the orc.
  • Head to the Bitch's Sixth Tit and speak to the orc. He will direct you to the lightning-struck tree in the forest.
  • Enter the world map and go west after crossing the Northmarket bridge until you find the tree mentioned.
  • Enter the orc encampment and clear the orcs until you receive a message to fight the boss. (Tip: Make sure to take his bodyguards down first or you may find yourself swarmed by reinforcements.) After you are done, you will receive an h-scene with the newly collared Florine.
  • Go back to the Northmarket guild to collect your reward.
  • Go back to the manor to unlock the Item Shop in front of your home. You can use the item shop to sell your vendor trash to Florine.

Check Out my Package

After you have finished the quest Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job, 2 more quests appear in the Northmarket Adventurer's Guild. Tear the bounty notice off the wall to start this quest.

  • Go the toy shop in Northmarket, she will give you a ticking package (a clock) to deliver to the clock shop in Eastfort. Do so. Defeat all those who try to stop you from doing so.
  • Right before reaching Eastfort will be a girl and a clockwork scorpion. The scorpion has a lot of health but should not be truly difficult. It will drop Mechanism Parts, which can be used to strengthen Healbot's weapon.
  • Now go in, go to the shop in the northwest part of the town and give the guy the clock. Then return to the guild to turn in the quest. A general quest end h-scene will then occur and it will be a new day.
  • Now you can acquire the Southport Manor.

Night of the Raping Dead (Lvl 7)

After you have finished the quest Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job, 2 more quests appear in the Northmarket Adventurer's Guild. Tear the bounty notice off the wall to start this quest.

  • Go to Lumberhill, talk to the mayor in the pub at the inn.
  • Go to the church, talk to the priest for a free blessing (massive boost to attack and defense that lasts a good while), do not waste this! If you're confident on your forces you can save it for the second part instead.
  • Save! Talk to mayor in the church to start the quest.
  • Run around from the top left to the top right of the map, zombies all spawn at the very top and come down towards the houses. Make sure you are at maximum speed (shift to toggle) to engage all the rape zombies before they make it to any houses (if you hear a scream, they made it to a house...) If they break in the interior will be destroyed meaning if the cobbler is broken into then the store is lost. But if you want the chests in the inn (both have 1,500 sil, for a total of 3,000 sil), you will want to let that be destroyed.
    A map to show help show the paths of the zombies
    • If you're having trouble handling the zombies, three zombies spawn initially (one on East of the church and two West), the player should take out the Zombie to the East first then proceed West (be aware that the second zombie spawned from the West will go for the cobbler). The next two zombies will also spawn in the West (the fourth zombie from the West will go for the Inn), then the next zombie comes from the East but will head to the North-West building so staying in the West area will be fine. The Next Zombie also spawns from the West (totally five zombies spawned in the West), and the final Zombie will spawn in the East and do a little dance in front of the North-East house before going in.
  • When the last zombie is dead you will get a dialog where the Hero talks to himself and says so. Go back to church.
  • Win the boss battle, be warned he will buff his allies AND he will summon more at certain HP thresholds, so kill his minions to avoid being overwhelmed. You should still have your blessing which makes it much easier.
  • After reporting to the mayor accept the extra secondary quest. Save if you want, get (another) Blessing if you don't do it before (or if the one you got for free ended), and then go to woods (NW corner of the village).
  • Note that you can go back home at this point so you may want to just to heal your parties health and mp
  • Talk to Mickele (if you speak with him again after trying to access the crypt he will give you a hint about how to access the tomb), then go right and perform a complete counterclockwise sweep of the map killing everything and looting everything; Ignore the crypt for now, do NOT go in yet. Be efficient about it, as the blessing lasts 2,000 steps. There is a missable Dark Seeds buried on this map. You must destroy all the orbs before entering the crypt.The hero will fight a possessed bear to signal that you have found the last orb.
  • Go right again, this time enter the crypt you passed by earlier. Save point. In the crypt you need to navigate the rooms using the following directions: Left, Up, Down, Down. Circle the room three times going clockwise starting from top left corner and when you hear a click exit to the left as per riddle on tablets (this means start at the top left corner, go to top right corner, bottom right corner, and so on). You might want to INTENTIONALLY go the wrong way on each of the rooms, doing so will get you to multiple individual crypts, each with a skeleton that drops expensive vendor trash and a chest with loot. Each room has one single crypt, so for example on the second room you need to go left to reach room 3. but if you go right, up, or down all 3 directions will lead you into the same crypt number 2.
  • Save point. Going through triggers one of the tougher battles, hopefully, you were quick about all the stuff before and your blessing is still active. Larelle does massive damage and applies a stacking debuff to your Attack until it deals practically no damage, note that each time it is applied it extends the duration of the entire stack. You can cancel counteract it with the Hero's buff to Attack. The shade has a fraction of her HP and defense, deals nearly as much damage, and applies crippling status effects. The meat shields would have been extremely dangerous and tough if it wasn't for your blessing massive boost to physical Attack and Defense. Kill the shade, then defeat her, then mop up the meat shields.
  • After winning, have sex, wake in the morning, and watch the quest marked as complete... But don't forget what you are owed. Go to adventurer's guild to get paid, then go back to Lumberhill and talk to the mayor in the church to get paid a Sil bonus (500 Sil and weapon component: Silver Churchbell).
  • Aftermath: Any buildings the zombies got to will be destroyed and no one will be found in those buildings anymore. If the Cobbler is destroyed the store will no longer be around (any investment made will no longer give returns), if the Inn is destroyed you will have access to 3,000 sil in chests. No benefits beyond your own sense of morality for completely saving the town or letting it be completely destroyed.


Ain't No Party Like a Search Party (level 9)

After you have finished the quest Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job, this quest appears in the Eastfort Adventurer's Guild. Tear the filer off the wall to start this quest.

  • Then talk to the guild master in the back. Exit Eastfort, and travel north. Once you get to the bare patch of ground near the mountains, turn north and enter The Giant's Path. WARNING: Unlike usual you will not be able to leave Giant's Path once you enter so be prepared.
  • Once you enter go north. You'll fight some Kellos soldiers. Continue north and you'll fight some more. Once you reach the top of the third screen, go east.
  • Continue east, fight some soldiers and then a boss. Evanie the Sword Saint can hit hard but has no AoE, status effects, or minions so the fight should not be too hard. She'll drop some good armor and an upgrade item for the hero's sword and then run away.
  • Continue east, fight another battle and across the east bridge is a save point if you want to save. Then go back one bridge and go south, fight, and continue south.
  • You will be in an encampment of soldiers. Your goal is the two odd tents near the bottom. The left one contains the adventurers and a fight. After winning Kyrie (Level 17, mage) will be forced into your party[1]. If you have Doll but not Felix on your party, she'll heal the fighter whose legs are completely broken. If Felix is in the party you will just see a scene where Felix says he can't heal his legs. If you Therese, she will react as well. If you don't have any of these characters, there is also a scene. Regardless, your new goal will be to defeat all the guards outside. Open all the chests for some battle and healing items. You have the chance to get two Achievements: Snowball Fighter and Dropping Acid by using Kyrie's single-target skills Ray of Frost and Acid Arrow.
  • The right tent has a rapeable maid (+3 Sat), a good shield and a map on the table you should take. Now go defeat all the soldiers. If you are a decent level they should not be too hard.
  • Quest complete. You will get a general quest end h-scene and it will be a new day. Go talk to the guild master and then the blue guy at the counter to receive your reward. On the east side of Eastfort is a building (Military Intelligmence). Trying to enter it allows you to trade the map for a Siege Shield, a very powerful shield. Then go upgrade your weapon and everything is done.

Cannibal Corps.

After recruiting Gargan, this quest appears in the Eastfort Adventurer's Guild. Tear the filer off the wall to start this quest. You need to talk to the engineer in the engineering corp in EastFort. At this point, you will lose the Hero as a member of your active party (for the first time in this game), so you should select with care the three members for this quest[2]. The next character after the Hero[3] will become a party leader.

Wordlocked chest.

Your party leader in the dungeon determines the 3 possible variations of how it is resolved.

If your leader is a character that speaks Elvish (Bronwyn, Kyrie or Yeon) you get the translated riddle, which looks like this.

Holy paladin, honoured knight,
a boneless hand with grey
flesh and iron might.

The answer is:

If your party leader does not speak Elvish, who pretty much is everyone else aside from those 3 mentioned above and possibly Felix (see below), then you get the original untranslated puzzle written in Elvish.

Olyhiel alandinpiel, onouredhiel ightkniel,
aiel onelessbiel andhiel ithwiel eygriel
eshfliel andiel ironiel ightmiel.

And the catch is, that from your party leader's standpoint, the puzzle is written in Elvish and the answer to the puzzle must be written in Elvish as well.

The answer is:

Felix is a special case. If you have recruited Bronwyn, then she has taught him some elvish and he can understand the riddle, so you get the translated version. If you do not have Bronwyn, then he does not speak Elvish and so you get the untranslated version instead.

The last special case is Chimei. She simply casts some sort of Unlock spell on the chest and just takes the stuff inside without the need to solve the puzzle.

You can learn more from the enemies here.

In one of the chests in the north part of the dungeon, you can find a Dark Seed. Near the end of the dungeon, you can take a Porn Mag from a chest. In the top west chest, there are some Magician's Gloves.

Clean the dungeon of enemies (sonic and physical damage recommended) and kill a troll boss to finish this quest (after his cryptic message you can freely roam the dungeon, as it ends by climbing the stairs, not by defeating the boss).

The engineer reveals that he is actually an Agent of the Crown that is investigating the disappearance of Kellos. Apparently, they are not being released, they are being used as sacrifices for the members of the cult.

Part II

The following day, meet your contact just north of the gates into Eastfort, along with his small group of fellow fighters. Together, you will storm the keep and take out the cult of soldiers inside the fortress. Your party will be doing all the fighting, with the rest of the group handling “other areas” in the fortress.

Inside you will fight knights, soldiers, and imps. Head left into a training room, and pull one of the shields off the wall for a Knight Shield. The sleeping quarters above contains four chests (Bottled Smoke, Manhunter Poison, the Megail Awiiabu, and the Ancient Puzzlebox CD). The top-right room has a chest with a Scroll of Contamination.  Below this room, above where you started, is a chest with a Scroll of Lesser Quickness.

In the top-left of the map is the kitchen area, where a chest with a slice of cake sits on the table. A final group of soldiers and knights explain that they had summoned a demon for power, as they were underfunded by the kingdom and facing increasing threats from Kellos, but that they had to continue to feed the demon Kellosian prisoners in increasing amounts. Defeat them and enter the bathroom above to face off with the Sharp-Toothed Fiend. 

The Fiend begins the battle with a knight and a soldier alongside him and will eat his allies to power himself up. He can also summon more allies if you take them out. Use Ice and Radiant attacks to bring him down while trying to keep him from eating his allies. When he falls, you meet with your contact who signs your guild paperwork.

Return to the guild for your long-awaited reward of 10,000 Sil, and enjoy a general quest end scene.

Can't Handle It Cove

After completing Honey Trapper, make your way to the Eastfort Adventurer's guild for this quest. Grab the flier and head to the tavern to find a paladin there willing to give you further details on the quest. After the talk, head south of Eastfort and enter the town there and you'll find yourself in Coastburg. You should notice a barricade in front of the guard house, talk to it for Hero to move it out of the way and enter the guard house. You'll be informed about the Coastburg situation from the town drunk in here. If you check out the item shelf next to the treasure chests you'll get a key to let you explore all the buildings in the town if you wish to do some further investigation as well as get the various pieces of loot in the buildings. The most notable things are: a Porno Mag, the Brisk(sleepy) CD, the Rio Awiiabu, and a letter to Mitzi[4].

Once you're done looting the town, check out the well to jump down and continue your quest. In here make your way down, grabbing any chests along the way (there's a scroll of stormroar and two mid-potions down here) until you find a little alcove. In this alcove will be an object that your first party member will be interested in. Interact with whatever it is and they'll be hit by something that will inflict a bad status effect or drain their mana (the effect is personalized for each party member). Once the item is gone, you'll be able to go through the hole at the top of the cave to continue down the cave. Here there will be items for your 2nd and 3rd party member in the bottom left and top right corners respectfully. Make sure to grab the scroll of fireball, scroll of sonic boom, hi-potion, and dark seed in the chests before moving down to floor three of the cave.

Here you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a nice little "mini-game" before fighting the boss responsible for this mess. Sonic based magic will serve you well here. Afterward, you'll be rescued by Dio, Grandmaster of the Paladins of Law and Justice. You will either have to fight in a battle to the death or in one-on-one combat depending on if you sold the nuns in the Manor assault or not. Either way, you'll receive the 'Holy Driver', a powerful holy sword that Therese can equip (and will become a weapon upgrade item for Hero).

  • If you sold the nuns, there won't be anyone to sign your papers and the quest and day will end after the fight.
  • If you returned the nuns to the church Dio will sign your papers, after a bit more talk, and you will be given the opportunity to return to the Eastfort Adventurer's guild to finish up the quest and claim your 12,000 sil & 3 Fame reward.


The Virgin Gynocides (Level 6)

Enter the Westcastle adventurer's guild and find the notice on the wall to start this quest.

  • Go to the church in town and speak to the priest.
  • Go to the house south of the church, read the diary. You can speak with both her grandpa and her little brother, for a little background info, but it's not mandatory.
  • Go to the Curio shop (bottom left of the previous house, advertised with a ring), speak to the shopkeeper's wife.
  • Go to the townhouse (leftmost building in town), visit the left apartment on the first floor, and speak to the woman.
  • Try to enter the theater (right above the inn), after a cutscene you will need to rearrange your party to include a guest (Gargan[1]). Bringing Raina will open more lines if you brought her for both of the quest's cutscenes.
  • In the front area of the theater, all the doors are locked except for the door to backstage. (Before heading backstage you can go upstairs to the balcony to get Athena 2.0 Awiiabus). Entering the backstage will trigger a fight that will give you a disguise. The backstage area has 13 exits, but don't feel overwhelmed it is fairly simple. It is shaped like a horseshoe, there are a left and a right path, each with one room (referred to as right path room and left path room), an exit to under the stage, an exit to the stage, and an exit to over the stage. The back arch has 5 doors (from left to right referred to as room #1 through #5).
    • (Optional) You may loot left path room, and room #3&5 at any time (3 and 5 are actually a single large room that is connected, it contains a dark seed). There are also some optional bits of dialog with the cultist in the left path (talk twice) and Mickele is in room 3/5.
    • (Optional) Go under the stage, listen to the dialog.
  • Go to right path room, the second from the right switch on the wall contains "Mechanism Key".
  • Go to room #2, talk to cultist (Optionally loot his dresser).
    • (Optional) Go to the stage, talk to Brogan, get "Borgen's Key". If you completed a Forge Too Far he will recognize you and give it to you for free. If you did not he will call you a new member and will charge you 3000 for the key.
  • Go above the stage, use the left switch using the "Mechanism Key".
  • Enter the stage, collect "Theatre Office Key" from an unconscious Brogan (and "Borgen's Key" if you haven't already).
  • Go to room #1, loot chest using Borgen's Key for spot remover (optionally loot closet and goblet on the table).
  • Give spot remover to guy in room #2 to receive Tentacle Porn.
  • Walk past the guy guarding Room#4, he will take your tentacle porn and leave the office unguarded.
  • Enter office using the "Theatre Office Key". Read the mail on the table to get a Dark Seeds and Strange Note. Then leave the room.
  • After a cutscene, the party is reduced to 3 people (Gargan is removed) and you must fight a boss with ~3000HP who deals a lot of damage per hit. Winning this fight will provide you with a Vial of Demon Blood and the Black Metal Gauntlet. It will also advance time one day and play a general quest end scene.
  • Speak to the priest in Westcastle's church to get your papers signed.
  • Talk to the clerk in Westcastle adventurer's guild to receive your reward (1200 Sil and +3 Fame).
  • Aftermath: Before the quest, the three girls will be around the village. One will be speaking to a hooded guy and the other one will be in their homes. (we are looking for the last girl). The girl who lives south of the church will be the sole survivor.

The Phantom Breaker battleground (level 18)

Start the quest[5] by taking the right flier on the Adventurer's Guild. Go to the guild master and ask about the identity of the client. Now go out and do it again, politely. Your client[6]can be found in the noble district. She lives in the blue roofed house in the southeast[7]. Before you head in, dig in front of the statue on the east side of her house to get a Ghostly Orb. Inside, you meet with with the client, and are given your task: to clear out evil spirits from an ancient tomb she recently bought, so she can claim the various treasures in peace.

Head out of Westcastle, and follow the road north. Go to the Inferireux frontier and head toward the (new) tomb sprite[8]. Before heading in, dig a few spaces to the west of the entrance for an Ancient Coin. When you're ready, talk to the guard to gain access to the tomb. Read the translated glyphs for flavor if you wish. Open the only closed chest (top right) to get the Sword of Mind[9]. Talk to the ghost while equipped with the Sword to defeat the Knight of Flesh.

Take any of the two stairs, fight the skeletons then open the two chests[10]. To defeat the phantom in the middle, equip the Sword of Flames[11]. The other phantom can only be defeated with the sword of Thunder.

Go to the next floor and use the Sword of Seas on the guy closest to you to defeat the Knight of Desert. Get the Sword of Darkness and the Sword of Earth. Take the stairs on the west side, fight the skeletons and take the Sword of Steel[12].

Return downstairs and defeat the guardian with the Sword of Earth. Head north and use the stairs on the right and eliminate the guardian with the Sword of Steel. Take both the Sword of Stone and the Sword of Dragons. Return upstairs, equip the sword of darkness and get access to the rest of the floor. With the Sword of Dragons equipped, attack the guard on the left side and take mysterious tile A[13]. You need the Sword of Stone to defeat the next phantom. Open the chest to collect the Sword of Chaos and return to the first level. Defeat the final Guardian.

(So to make it short "Flames-Thunder-Seas-Earth-Steel-Darkness-Dragons-Stone-Chaos).

Now only rest the usual Boss Fight. It includes a bling bat[14]. After you beat it, touch the armor and meet Eulania.

Now, wait for an update to enjoy the sex scene. There is a small tutorial about the use of the new Phantom Knight class and it advances a day. The guard at the gate of Lady Monte's mansion will sign your papers, so you now can collect the 100,000 Sil reward. Sweet!


All's Were That Ends Were (Level 8)

Acquired from the Southport Adventurer's Guild.

  • Take the quest and head for the Church, just north of the Adventurer's Guild. Talk to the nun.
  • Head to Huntervale. Follow the brick road from Southport until you spot a dirt path with a sign branching out and towards a forest. If you want to save, do so before entering the village.
  • In the house south of the Mayor's House, you could find two chests. They contain a missable Dark Seed and a Potion of Barkskin. The house just below this one also has a chest that contains a Dark Seed.
  • Head to the Mayor's House, the house at the northwest corner of the village. You'll be shown a cutscene and be transported in the middle of the forest.
  • There are two chests east of the altar. They contain Mushrooms and Red Ether. Dig one block south, one block west of the rock south of the altar to find a Dark Seed.
  • Continue east and fight a few werewolves. From here on out, there will be various werewolf villagers roaming about.
  • Head south and you'll see two chests. They contain a Hi-Potion and a Potion of Barkskin. Head further south and there will be a chest containing a Lo-Potion.
  • Continue west. At the south, you will find a villager that won't try to chase you. You can either rape her for an H-Scene and +3 Satisfaction or ignore her.
  • Continue west. North, you will find a werewolf villager with a bunch of chests behind him. Fight him and loot the chests. They contain a Dark Seed, Druidic Robes, Topaz, and a Porno Mag.
  • South, you will face a boss. After defeating the boss, you will receive a Clay Idol, used to upgrade Doll's weapon.
  • You will be given the Priest's Letter and be told to deliver it to the nun. Return to the church in Southport and hand it to her.
  • Turn in the quest at the guild and you'll get a general quest end h-scene. This will advance the time by a day.
  • Aftermath: The village will be less hostile and some will be some ostentatious with their powers. The priest will move to Huntervale and his position in Southport will be occupied by a nun.

It Came From Below the Equator (Level 11)

Acquired from the Southport Adventurer's Guild.

  • Take the quest and go to the east side of the dock, talk to the captain there. Follow where he tells you to go and enter the ship.
  • In the Captain's Quarters, you will find the Captain's Key (you will need it later, but you may not be able to grab it yet if you don't have the Seeker's Stone) and some equipment.
  • In the crew bunks (second door on the top), you can find more items (included the Sill Awaiibu).
  • Journal on the table to the right. These can be found throughout the quest for a bit of a tale if you want, plus some guidance on what to do. Take the bottom left door for a fight; if you lose, do the quest later. After you win monsters will start roaming the ship for you to fight.
  • On the other side of the room are some notes that you need to read, and a Dark Seed in a chest. After you read the note, go back to the initial room and enter the top left door, and on the pillow next to the upper-right chest is one of the keys. Another Porn Mag is in one of the chests.
  • Now you can go into the middle of the hallway, exit out the left door and then go in the new top left door. Go through here, and in the next room read the notes.
  • Now backtrack to the first door on the top of the hallway, and search the dressers for some items and the Captain's Key if you hadn't grabbed it before. Go back to the middle hallway portion, and enter the left bottom door for some items.
  • Fight whatever is left, and enter the door at the end of the hallway for a boss. After you win, talk to the captain to end the day and get a random scene.
  • Next day go to the Guild Clerk for 4,000 Sil and +3 Fame.
  • Notes: Before leaving the ship, make sure you have at least 2 x Fauster's Brew in your inventory to use for the Spirits and Wine quest.

Hall Monitor from Hell (Level 14)

Acquired from the Southport Adventurer's Guild.

Go to the Magical Academy of Southport and from the entrance go left and into the West Wing of the School. The quest giver is in the last door to the right.

Enter the room to meet Prof. Antimbits whose whole class has skipped out. Your job is to find all of them. There are 30 students in all. 12 have to be persuaded:

  • One student is right outside the door to the left looking at the statue.
  • One is in the registration office of the Magical Academy. He is the one on the left.
  • One can be found in the Magical Creature's pens near the entrance, reading a book.
  • One can be found in herbal studies, busy cleaning.
  • One is working at the student store[15]. (Have 500 Sil ready)
  • One is playing games on the 2nd floor of boys' dorm.
  • One is on the fourth floor on the Astronomy Tower[16].
  • Four students are taking a break in the pub.
  • One is having a fun time "looking" around in the Bookstore.

Note: Once you start this quest your character will not let you leave southport city. But if you previously bought the house here , you can use the horse bipass the restriction

Battle Section

  • Go to the clubhouse right outside left entrance from school is a guy standing. Talk to him and you will enter a battle.
  • Save if you want before entering the house. You will be attacked by 3 students. There are 3 chests to the left. Loot: Porno Mag, Blue Ribbon Brew, and 500 sil. Go up. The shelves near the table can be looted for a cheap wine and rum.
  • The student in the left room will attack and the right one will not. The chest on the left contains a "Gang Hideout Key"
  • Go downstairs and find 3 students. Two of them will attack. After the battle, the third one will chew two out and agree to go to class.
  • Box on the left of the stairs contains a Sobering Drink. Go down to find a man and a student, "cooking" and will attack you.
  • 2 boxes in the room: Loot: Blue Magic Crystals and more Blue Magic Crystals... To the Next Room!
  • Go to the next room. A student and a guardian that reflects magic will attack. Defeat them (Chromium Ingot received) and grab the bench from the top of the room.
  • Go upstairs and use the bench to cross the gap.
  • Downstairs in the basement, find two students. They won't fight you. 3 chests in the upper room and 5 more in the lower room. Loot: Cryobrew, Appletini, Enhanced Brew, Brandy, Power Brew, Blue Ribbon Brew, Cheap Wine, and a Dark Seed. Go back up.
  • Go up the stairs, 3 chests will be just below the stairs: Loot: "Hard like Diamonds" CD, Pyrobrew and Mushrooms.
  • In the next room, fight two students. The Yarra Awiiabu is hidden in the shelves to the north, second from the left.
  • Use the Gang Hideout Key on the door. You will find Yeon and her 3 lieutenants there and you will have a tough battle ahead of you. (Phoenix Feather is received from this battle).
  • After your victory, you will have an H-Scene with Yeon, and off the Dungeon she goes.
  • As she is now in the Dungeon you can go and interact with her, before the day end, to raise affection.
  • Back to Prof. Antimbits, talk to him. Go back to the Southport Adventurer's Guild to finish the quest and get your reward: 10000 sil, a General Quest End H-Scene, and time moving forward by a day.[17]

Sacrifices for Algernon

Vegabanana suggested party[18].

Once you have collected the flier in the Southport's Adventure Guild, head to the northernmost farm.

The old man will lead you to the crop circle. You will find a Magic Handbook on the right side of the field and a buried Dark Seed on the left side. If Gargan is in your party, he will tell you it is done by a cult. If Kyrie is present, she tells you the cult opened up a pocket dimension. The presence of Chimei is not really helpful. Everyone else is bored, scared, or has a random comment that adds nothing to the case. Once you had finished the study of the crime scene, go to the fourth floor (F4) of the Astronomy Tower for a cutscene with three girls. That is a good place to save.

Go back to the farm and talk to the farmer to watch the scene. After the scene, you are teleported to another dimension thanks to a rift in time and space.

Your goal is to capture the girls and find the exit of the maze[19].

One imp will sell you stuff or you can kill him. However, if you killed the imp salesman in Elvo's Manor, you will be unable to buy items from or kill him, and he will teleport away.

The persecution of the three mages will eventually lead you to a demon looking man. Make sure to grab the Noemi Awaiibu from a red chest directly before him. The ringleader rage quits to Northmarket and you will fight the boss and the other two witches. After you kill the boss[20] go back where you meet the succubus and she will bring you back to farm.

The old man who posted the reward falsified it so that it would read 4800 instead of 480 Sil. I'm so sorry, Hero.


  1. 1.0 1.1 As the character is a guest, you get him/her at a prefixed level and you can't change her equipment.
  2. The party can jump on the beams to get across to treasure.
  3. The character that occupies the second slot in the Formation menu.
  4. It triggers the Mister Postman quest.
  5. Although it is an elven tomb there is nothing to be translated nor do party banter happens so bring whoever you please. Vegabanana suggested party: Meline, Bronwyn and Kyrie.
  6. Lady Bella Monte.
  7. It's one just east of yours.
  8. Near the forest where you hunt the Chimera.
  9. As it will happen with any other metallic chests, it will trigger a fight.
  10. You get the Sword of Flames and the Sword of Thunder.
  11. Don't forget to get the Sword of Seas from the chest.
  12. At this point, you should have three Swords in your inventory.
  13. You get the quest I'm Not Saying It's A Quest, But It's A Quest.
  14. Later appear three other bats and its core.
  15. She is a stubborn one. You should insist...
  16. Big tower on the left side of the School District
  17. If you had missed some loot, you can revisit the building any other day. Only the cook is inside.
  18. Vege's party: Raina, Gargan, Hero and Meline!
  19. There is a missable Dark Seed in this dungeon.
  20. Gargan gets moody over losing their only lead on the cult (+2 Happiness with Gargan).