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These are quests that deal with your harem (or followers) but are NOT love/respect quests, this will mean recruiting characters, quests they give you at 40, 60, or 80 affection, or any other quests that deal with a follower aside from their respective character quest. Slave collar quests will also be found here.

Party members


Recruitment: Stuck in the Middle With You


Recruitment: Rescue Me

  • (Optional) Check out the fliers around the various cities to find out about the upcoming concert in Westcastle.
  • (Optional) Go into the Westcastle Arena and talk to the guy behind the ticket counter (on the left) to find out they're sold out.
  • Talk to the scalper outside the arena and pay him 2,000 Sil for four tickets.
  • Go back into the arena and go through the left door.
  • Go through either of the doorways to the North in the hallway to get to the audience stands
  • There are a few unique items that the vendors here can sell, feel free to also talk to the audience members for some dialogue (one in particular on the left side of the 2nd row in the center might seem familiar).
  • On the uppermost row stand next to the old man to begin the concert. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th party members in your party (doesn't matter if they're in your active party or not) will come out and thank you for bringing them (only if they are in your follower list). They will then get +2 affection and the concert will start.
  • You can select 'done' to end it pre-maturely, or wait the full two and a half minutes that the concert runs.
  • After the quest, Hero will comment that he wants to rescue Didi, some party members may have something to say about this if you brought them. When you're ready to proceed walk to the left or right side and face the concert then hit the action button to jump from the stands down into the arena.
  • Proceed towards the door to fight some guards. After dispatching of them proceed inside to find Diadira.
  • After some talking and fighting, feel free to check out the various flowers here to get some free 'Lovely Flowers' for gifting. Players can also find an extra joke if they try to use the new 'Bound Idol' item from their menu anytime during this quest. When you're ready, exit through the south door.
  • Fight more enemies to make your way to the lobby (to the South) where you will then fight the crowd of fans to escape with Diadira.


Recruitment: A Forge Too Far


Recruitment: One is the loneliest party


Recruitment: Looking for a Cure

My Little Chimera

  • Received from Gargan after getting him/her to Like.
  • Take Gargan to the Western Woods and hunt down a Rogue Chimera.
  • You have to locate a clear in the Westerns Woods when you will find a recent victim of the Chimera.
  • Once you have done so, leave the area and you will see a new visitable location:
Chimera's location

  • Read about Chimeras (rightmost book in "Magical Creatures Pens" in SouthPort) if you haven't red this book already.
  • To attract it, talk with the Sausage Lady in the Northmarket Slums.
  • Once you got the bait, return to the camp and finish the job.
  • You get Chimera Talon and two Chimera Heads.

Blow Job

Once you have progressed Gargan’s affection to “Trust,” Gargan will offer you a job investigating an abandoned temple that was once dedicated to a wind god. On the world map, the temple is a short way north of Northmarket. Bringing Gargan is not required, but will provide some additional dialogue during the quest.

For this dungeon, there are two special mechanisms to advance: you can jump with the wind (the flags will be blowing in a specific direction, and if you jump in that direction you will sail over the holes in the floor) and you can control the wind's direction by interacting with the four altars in the temple, just leaving a 100 sil offering.

If you want to collect all the treasure chests and reach the boss, you will need at minimum 700 sil for offerings, which will increase if you mess up your jumps and have to start over. The following is an optimal path:

  • In the first room, go the far right wall and jump north until you can exit east into Room 2. Here, jump north again and follow the path around to the opposite side of the room where you can jump north to a chest with a Feather Helm. Now jump off the platform to be taken back the entrance to the temple.
  • This time, go to the left side of the first room and jump up to a chest with a Mid Potion. Jump north again to reach the East Wind Altar at the back of the room, and make an offering to change the winds so they blow east.
  • In Room 2, jump east to the West Wind Altar and make another offering. This will let you jump west from the far northeast point of the platform you’re on.
  • Once you land you can exit east into Room 3. Here you’ll want to jump west from the part of the platform that sticks out into the middle of the room. Follow around to the South Wind Altar and make an offering. Now you’ll want to position yourself exactly six steps to the right of where you made your offering and jump south to land to the left of a chest containing the tome Dark and Stormy Knight (you should equip it on one of your casters, it teaches both Spells and Prayers so only Doll and Chimei don't learn anything from it). Grab it and jump south again, then exit through the southern door. Outside, you’ll find two chests, one containing a Dark Seed and the other Stallone’s Vital Vitamin. You’ll now need to go back inside and jump down to once again return to the entrance.
  • Now that the wind is blowing south, go the left side and jump down to the chest with a Feather Mail. Fall one final time and reenter, then use the North Wind Altar in the center of Room 1. Now retrace your steps to the South Wind Altar, but this time jump south from the far northeast corner of Room 3 so you can exit east.

Enter the small outbuilding to fight the boss of the quest, Baby Roc. Defeating the boss will complete the quest and end the day. After the quest, the Wind Shrine becomes a repeatable daily dungeon.


Recruitment: Research Materials


Recruitment: Night of the Raping Dead


Recruitment: Manor invasion


H-scene: Another Word for Catgirl

Started when you get Yamamaya. This quest does not show up in the quest log despite being told that it is a quest when you initially receive it and when you finish it, also it advancing time when completed. There are two ways[1].

Drug Her (missable):

  • Go to Eastfort and buy a Catnip from the drug dealer in the NW corner[2]
  • Go back to your mansion, go in the Servants' Quarter, find Yamamaya's room[3], and examine the fish there. You'll be given the option to use the Catnip to drug her food. If you do you'll see a sex scene, get the Chemical Persuasion achievement this game (no effects in-game), receive +3 satisfaction and end the day.


  • Once you do this then you lose the ability to drug her
  • Simply raise her happiness (easiest via Gifts, specifically Monster Fangs[4]. You can get more Monster Fangs by exchanging for them at the various Trophy Trader's Shops, but most likely you will have enough from the random daily quests to rarely need to do so.
  • Once her relationship points reach the Trust level the quest will complete. At this point the game will cut to a sex scene and then end the day. You will receive +5 satisfaction


Recruitment: Hall Monitor from Hell

Non-combat slaves


Recruitment: Lord of the manor

Apple Kid/Orange Kid

Recruitment: Hero Baker and the Philosopher's Stone

  • (Optional) Invest in either the Apple Kid or Orange Kid, then talk to that one again to get the quest.
  • Acquire a Philospher's stone. There are currently two ways to get it:
  1. During Research Materials, on one of the floors of the dungeon (Containment Room) there are many chests, most of which are mimics. Open three of these and all the chests lock. Your goal is to use the books in an earlier room to figure out which chests contain actual items. One of these chests has the Philosopher's Stone.
  2. If you complete the above quest without getting the Philosopher's Stone, head to Westcastle, there should be a thug standing near some flowers who is willing to sell you the stone that you missed for 125,000 sil.
  • Once you have the stone and have invested in Apple and Orange kid (As of a recent update, you must invest in both to complete the quest), an h-scene (An Alchemist's Duel) will trigger[5] upon entering. The girls will join your harem and go to live in the Westcastle Manor Basement[6] and the quest will be complete.


Recruitment: Hell to Pay


Recruitment: The Phantom Breaker battleground


Recruitment: Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job


Recruitment: Scholastic Excellence (University)

  • Enter Magical Academy of Southport Primary Lecture Hall with Felix in the party to start this quest[7].
  • Talk to Ino and you will start a timer. Your goal is to find books around the campus with the answers she needs. For each one you will have a better relationship with her when she is recruited. You have 5 minutes to find 8 books[8].
  1. Describe the three most popular theories of the origin of Mana. Enter the "Theoretical Magic Building" (down and to the left of the main building), interact with the leftmost bookshelf.
  2. Explain the difference between the two different kinds of attack spell. Enter the "Department of Applied Thaumaturgy" (to the right of where you just were). Top left room, second bookshelf from the right (each bookshelf is 2 squares wide).
  3. Write a short essay on the mating behaviour and ploidy of dragons. Enter the "Magical Creatures Pens", (to the right of the big tower). Interact with the top-left bookshelf.
  4. Name the three plants most effective at repelling undead and explain the physical appearance of each. Enter the "Herbalism Studies Center" (to the right of the creature pens). The book is sitting on a crate straight ahead.
  5. What are the names of the two founders of this school. Enter "Southport U- Main Hall" (where you start the Quest), straight ahead there is a plaque with the answer (it's directly next to the clock).
  6. Label and identify these constellations. Enter "Astromancy Tower", (the tower in the south-west corner). Interact with the leftmost bookshelf.
  7. Write an essay on the properties of the Lightning element. Enter "Department of Applied Thaumaturgy", top-left room, rightmost bookcase.
  8. Describe the relationship between Slimes and Alchemy. Enter "Magical Creatures Pens", Interact with the left part of the rightmost bookshelf.

Meet Ino in the main hall to complete the quest. A day will pass, a general quest end H-scene (NOT with Ino) will play, and you will get your very own Enchanter.


Recruitment: A Forge Too Far


Recruitment: A New Girl Just Like Clockwork

To access this quest you’ll need to purchase the Southport Hovel. This can be done at any time after completing Lord of the Manor if you have 2,000 Sil to spend. Visit the Southport Docks District and find the realtor’s office in the top left of the map. Buy the hovel, which is located in the Southport University District, and go visit. At first it looks like you’ve been ripped off, but check the closet to access your real property. Inside the True Manor, head up the stairs and into the top left alcove to find a deactivated clockwork doll. Examining it will begin the quest, as well as move your party members into the manor.

If you have Elaiya, she’ll mention that an expert in clockwork is probably needed for a job like this, and that the University has a clockwork enthusiasts club. Visit the Student Union Building, just right of the main Lecture Hall, and talk to the cogpunk in their club room. You’ll need to have completed the quest Check Out My Package before you can convince him to help, but once you do he’ll ask you to re-retrieve the watch you delivered before by stealing it from a local clockwork convention, GearCon. You can take a copy of Clockture Addicts from the table in the clubroom.

Bring 1,000 Sil to the Convention Center in the Southport Docks District, save your game, and head inside. You’ll have to wait in the line to your left before you can access the floor (talk to the people in line beforehand for some fun conversations and a couple familiar faces). After waiting, grab a swag bag form the next table over, and then feel free to explore the Con, buy exclusive GearCon T-shirts and pins, or overpay for the Clock furniture item. There are also three brand new Awiiabus you can purchase for 4,000 Sil each. Once you’ve had your fill, go to the top left corner display to meet the collector, and talk to him to knock him out and take the Rare Watch. As you attempt to leave, however, he’ll call out that you’re a thief and start a riot.

Within the rioting crowd are soldiers and cosplayers who will seek you out and attack, and a load of chests to collect. You can snag, in total, 7 Bags of Cogs, 5 copies of Clockture Addicts, a Clockworke Amusemente, an Adult Clockfic, a Plate Mail, a Sparking Oil, a Blue Ribbon Brew, an Iron Ration, a Warm Cloak, a Scroll of Sleep, and 1200 Sil. There’s also an Elixir in the “stopped clock,” which has the same code as usual. When you’re done looting, head to the exit to fight the Clockwork Scorpion 2.0. Defeat it, and return the Rare Watch to the cogpunk at the Student Union. He will visit your Manor and help “fix” your clockwork doll, Pandora, which will finish off the quest and end the day.   


Recruitment: Talk to her after you had completed the Looking for the Cure quest.


Recruitment: Maid to Order

Slave Hunt

Slave Hunt Part I

  • Run out of slave collars.
  • Go speak to your slaver friend who gave you the collars in the first place[9].
  • Go to Page of Cups Tavern, which is the Pub in Southport University.
  • Buy 3 of their brews[10].
  • Speak to the patrons, one of the lone guys on the right side of the map is receptive, speak to him until you have his signature.
  • Go back to slave merchant to get 5 more collars. Finishing this quest will NOT advance time.

Slave Hunt Part II

  • Run out of slave collars.
  • Go speak to your slaver friend who gave you the collars in the first place[9].
  • Find the right Orc in the orc cave north of the Tree where you fought Orcs before. You might have to enter the cave twice - the first time, you might find something related to the Strange Notes instead.
  • Go to the lower right corner of the map and talk to the Orc next to the campfire.
  • Upper right corner, hidden behind the utmost right tent is a chest that contains a Dark Seed.
  • Go back to slave merchant to get 5 more collars. Finishing this quest will NOT advance time.


  1. Either you drug her or get her to Trust. you can do both but only if you drug her first.
  2. The same one that gives you The Pusher's Lament quest.
  3. You need to have already done the Hire the Maids quest.
  4. She comes from a warrior culture and is offended by most gifts.
  5. It doesn't advance a day.
  6. Where you can request that they make various items for you. Check the Alchemy page for more details.
  7. You cannot leave once you started, and the quest cannot be failed.
  8. One is not a book but a wall plaque.
  9. 9.0 9.1 He is found wandering inside the slave market, he is the same one you give 10,000 Sil to for a joint venture that gets you Yamamaya.
  10. Enhanced Brew - 75 Sil each.