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Yamamaya - Mountain Goddess/Arena Champion
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Class Berserker
Gender Female
Age 21
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Green (right), Blue (left)
Northmarket Manor Dining Room
Eastfort Condo Main Floor
Westcastle Manor Dining Hall
Southport Manor True Southport Manor
Elf Shrine Kitchen

Story Information

The unstoppable warrior queen of a far-northern tribe. Weak point: being scratched behind the ears.

Yamamaya comes from a fierce warrior (and cat-girl) culture, she respects strength, power, and dominance. The collars are also very ineffective against her kind. The slavers only managed to capture her because she got lost and was weak from starvation. She breaks free of the collar and starts beating them up when you show up. You express your desires and she agrees to follow you, for now, so you can prove yourself as a mate. This triggers a pseudo-quest to seduce her, Another Word for Catgirl. It does not show up in your quest log, but is given out like a quest and advances time when finished.


Invest 10,000 Sil in the Slave Market, funding a slave-taking expedition. 3 days later a slaver appears in your manor, speak to him to acquire. This will end the day.


Skills given by Level

  • Level 1 Strong Attack: Technique. Costs 5 Momentum. Targets a single enemy. Physical attack that deals additional damage.
  • Level 1 Mountain Lion Rage: Rage. Costs 50 MP. Targets Self. Raises Attack, lowers Defense and Hit Rate. Is immune to Possession, Sleep, Stun, Daze, Blind, Sugar Rush and Charmed. Can still use skills
  • Level 8 Polar Bear Rage: Rage. Costs 50 MP. Targets Self. Increases Threat, Lowers Hit Rate, Takes 40% physical damage and 80% magical damage. Is immune to Possession, Sleep, Stun, Daze, Sugar Rush and Charmed. Is resistant to Poison, Blind, Paralysis, Nausea, Burned, Bleed, Burning Pitch, Hallucinating, Madness, Drowsy, Attack debuff, Defense debuff and resist debuff. Can still use skills and Guard
  • Level 12 Shockwave: Technique. Costs 12 Momentum. Targets all enemies. Sonic element physical attack that lowers AGI and has a 60% chance to Deafen.
  • Level 16 Honey Badger Rage Rage. Cost 50 MP. Targets Self. Increases Evasion, Magic Evasion, Hit Rate and Agility. 10 momentum regen. Is immune to Possession, Sleep, Stun, Daze, Blind, Sugar Rush and Charmed. Can still use skills and Items

Skills given by Equipment

  • Beast Axe. Hungry Wolf Rage: Rage. Costs 50 MP. Drains 25% of damage dealt. Increases hit rate, physical damage and magical damage. Lowers Hit Rate and attack speed. Takes 5% DoT damage. Is immune to Possession, Sleep, Stun, Daze, Blind, Sugar Rush and Charmed. Can still use skills
  • Crow's Totem[1]. Laughing Crow Rage: Rage. Costs 50 MP. Target Self. Double Damage against Mages. Does MP damage, and drains 10% of mp damage done Increases Evasion, Magic Evasion, Hit Rate and Luck. Lowers Defense. Is immune to Possession, Sleep, Stun, Daze, Blind, Sugar Rush and Charmed. Can still use skills

From Unity force

  • Fastball Special: 5 Momentum. This Chrono Trigger inspired attack involves Yamamaya throwing Hero at the enemy for MASSIVE damage, with a 100% chance of inflicting knockdown (barring enemy resistances or immunities). Afterward, the Hero will become nauseous and Yamamaya will go into her Mountain Lion Rage for free. Both are references to the move as described, but from Marvel Comics. The most famous team-up for this is probably Collosus and Wolverine.

Skills Taught by the Elf Elder:

Speak to Meiriona with Yamamaya in your party and she'll offer to teach Yamamaya some of her old battle axe techniques, as long as you're willing to pay a bit for the upkeep of the Elven Village.


Quest completed Sil cost Effect Momentum Cost
Taunt Requires Stuck in the Middle With You 5.000 Increases Yamamaya's threat generation by 150%, and gives 2 actions on the next turn. 5
Shield Buster Requires A Manxome Foe 15.000 Damages an enemy, applies a defense debuff, and removes cover (Cover, Stonewall, Guardian, Wing Shield, Shieldwall) 8
Lion Charge Requires Elf Half Empty 30.000 Attacks an enemy. If that enemies dies, attacks a second target.[2] 20



Off Hand:

  • Not equipable





Yamamaya is a physical melee damage dealer of the Berserker-class. As such, she comes with heavy single-target damage and the ability to use Rages. She also has a few techniques at her disposal. For her techniques, she requires momentum as usual, her Rage costs 50 mana each, which is very expensive considering her low mana pool, so you might want to preserve mana for bossfights or dangerous enemies.

Yamamaya is able to wear heavy armor and has a high health pool which makes her very durable, also she comes with a high natural agility which can be further increased by items. This makes her hit early in the fight, crit regulary and for very high amounts of damage. However, she has one overall weakness, which is her hit chance that's lower than most other melee attackers. Especially if you fight enemies with a high natural evasion chance, you may find Yamamaya missing her hits and techniques multiple turns in a row, which can mess up your momemtum management as well as cost you additional rounds of battle.

Working against this are her Rage-abilities. Throughout the game, you will unlock up to four different rages, one of which is unlocked by an item you get during Yamamaya's Love Quest. Rages take one turn to activate and last for five turns. Once activated, Yamamaya's auto attacks and techniques will benefit from certain bonuses. When the rage buff runs out, Yamamaya will suffer from one round of weakness in the following turn:

  • Mountain Lion Rage increases attack, but lowers hit rate and defense which means Yamamaya will deal a lot more damage, if she actually hits. Since it also lowers her defense, it can be risky to use it if you're dealing with high amounts of incoming damage.
  • Polar Bear Rage raises threat level, physical resistance and magical resistance, so it's more defensive and best used in fights where you wish to protect weaker party members, especially when Yamamaya is also wearing heavy armour.
  • Honey Badger Rage increases hit rate, agility as well as both physical and magical evasion. That means Yamamaya will now hit consistently, most likely before other enemies and with a high chance to deal critical damage. At the same time, she is less likely to get hit by incoming damage, making this rage the most balanced both offensively and defensively.
  • Hungry Wolf Rage slightly lowers hit rate but hugely increases critical hit rate. It also lowers physical and magical evasion rates and deals a small amount of damage to Yamamaya at the end of each turn. However, with Hungry Wolf Rage activated, Yamamaya will now heal for a portion of the damage she deals, including critical damage. Like Mountain Lion Rage, there is risk in using this rage, but the high damage output through critical hits and the additional healing weighs out the risks in most situations.

Her natural techniques are Strong Attack, which does exactly what it sounds like: Hit a single enemy for additional damage. It's dependent on Yamamaya's lower hit rate, it will miss from time to time. Shockwave deals a moderate amount of sonic damage on every enemy with a chance to deafen them. Again, Yamamaya's hit chance comes to play, so not every enemy will be hit each time. Shockwave can be used to gain some control on mage-heavy enemies, but it's usually not reliable enough.

Once you advances the Elf Quests far enough, Yamamaya will be able to learn additional techniques. In essence, these skills will partially solve the problems with Yamamaya's low hit chance and upgrade the usefulness of her more defensive Rage-abilities:

  • Taunt increases threat generation which in conclusion gives her more momentum to work with from being hit more often or can be paired with Polar Bear Rage or Laughing Crow Rage to direct incoming damage at Yamamaya and then mitigate a whole bunch of it.
  • Shield Buster deals high damage to a single enemy and removes any form of cover or guard effect, which can be very useful. In later fights, nearly all groups of enemies you face have at least one enemy who will guard its weak companions. Yamamaya's high agility allows her to attack first, remove the guard and gives your other party members the chance to finish up a weak enemy more quickly.
  • Lion Charge is your typical bruiser ability, hit one target with high damage, if it dies attack once again. Very good for finishing off targets or against low health enemies, especially considering that this skill will benefit from Yamamaya's high crit chance.

Yamamaya can be used in any kind of party setup as a single target damage dealer, like Elayia or Bronwyn. She doesn't need turns to set up high damage like Gargan or Raina and her Rage-abilities give her a nice flexibility to deal with various scenarios. In a party, she benefits from having Kyrie at her side, since her cold and acid magic lowers enemy defense and agility set, making Yamamaya hit more often and for higher numbers. Paired with Bronwyn, Yamamaya benefits from having pinned-down targets with lower evasion rates. In any case, Yamamaya should be in a party with a healer, since she is all about offense and her few defensive abilities usually are not enough by themselves.



  • +4: Monster Fang
  • +2: Sweet Perfume, Berry Gera, Clockworke Amusemente, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake, Rock Candy, Pocket Tome, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Pearl Necklace, Lovely Flowers


  • Initial relationship: 61


Love Quest - Hour of the Beasts (Level 13)

  • 30,000 or 50,000 Sil
  • Championship Award - Crafting Item (not usable yet)
  • H-Scene with both Yamamaya and Alina.
  • +5 Satisfaction

Conversation & Sex


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Sex (after getting her to trust)
    • Be Nice
    • Be Rough
    • Enforce Discipline
    • Go for a Walk
  • Nothing

Sex scenes:

  • That's Strong Catnip - Before Yamamaya gets to trust[3] if you buy some catnip and use it on the fish in her room[4] you get this scene. (missable)
  • Mating Season - Get her to trust.
  • When You're Not the Victor... - During her love quest, if you lose to the Director you'll watch Yamamaya get gangbanged.
  • Bullying Alina - Win her love quest for a threesome with her and Alina
  • Test Drive Tsundere- Vacation scene

Hidden stats

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Has a natural 20% resistance to all 'cold' element attacks
  • Has a natural 40% resistance to the 'pinned' status effect
  • Has a natural 90% hit chance
  • Has a natural +7% evasion chance
  • Has a natural +10% critical chance
  • She is immune to the 'Possession' status
  • She is immune to the 'Stun' status
  • She is immune to the 'Paralysis' status
  • She only has a 50% chance of being inflicted with the 'Charmed' status (so if a skill has a 50% chance to inflict it naturally, it'd only have a 25% chance against her)

Former Facesets

In her original face set, she had a lighter skin tone, seen below. The change was done to better reflect that Yamamaya's previous life resulted in a tan and may possibly lead to yet another face change to add in some tan lines.

First version: Yamamaya.png

Second version: YamaFaces.png

The third (presumably definitive) can be seen in the infobox at the start of the page.


She has a Specific item (Crow's Totem), that she gets during her Love quest.

Finishing her love quest Hour of the Beasts will change her status from "Mountain Goddess" to "Arena Champion".


  1. I know the description says Hit rate, Agility and Attack Power. But it actually raises above mentioned stats.
  2. If a follow-up attack misses, the chain will still continue until an enemy does not die to it or all enemies are dead. As more enemies die to the move, each successive hit does more damage.
  3. So while the quest Another Word for Catgirl is active.
  4. Need the maids for this to appear.
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