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These are love/respect quests acquired by getting a character to 100 affection. These are different from Harem quests, which are meant for advancing your harem in general, in that these are more specifically about usually the closing of the individual character's story. These are completely optional and the final game is intended to be able to be played start to finish without ever doing any of these quests.

Love quests

Family Matters (Meline's Love Quest) (Lvl 11)

To start it, get Meline relationship to Love. This quest has two parts which can be done at different times. The day only advances at the end of the second part.

First part.

Your task is just to visit the house where the Hero and Meline grew up just one last time. It doesn't involve any kind of fighting, but you need to have Meline in your active party to proceed. The house is located in the Slums just above of the Slaver Guild post, and inside you will find some Missable items and the clues to start the real quest later (a map, a letter and the King Statuette). Check that you didn't miss anything because you can't return once that you leave. You don't need to complete the second part on the same day, so you should visit the house the same day that the quest becomes available so that you can equip Doctor Weird vol. III on one of the party casters ASAP.

Second part.

Proceed to the Buried City, west of Lumberhill in the world map. Missable items:

  • 2 Dark Seeds (in the room where Demon Statuette is located).

Quest Items you find along the way:

  • "Scroll of Translation" from a skeleton in the north-west corner of the first level to translate the walls for the "Power Word" (The word is "Tipareth", if you can't find the skeleton or just want to skip looking for it)(Note: if Kyrie is in your party she will translate the text herself)
  • "False Knife" in a house to the north-east of the first map (the same house that leads you to the lower level).
  • "Clay Vessel" in the northern house of the barred area of the first level (you have to get through the lower level to reach it). Turns to "Filled Vessel" if you fill it with water from the house with the water-riddle on the lower level.
  • The three Glass Shards:
    1. Chest in a house to the north of the first level.
    2. After you went through the lower floor to the blocked area of the first level, in a chest in the south-west corner of the map.
    3. A Chest at the eastern wall of the lower floor.
  • Statuettes and their locations:
    1. King Statuette: You find it in your old house, before the dungeon.
    2. Angel Statuette: In the house to the south-east. You need to translate the wall inscriptions using the Scroll of Translations (see Quest Items above)... or simply enter "Tipareth", if you can't be bothered.
    3. Demon Statuette: A house on the second level, with the angel statue (not statuette, actual statue), several torches and a hexagram on the floor. For the torch rows at the top and the bottom, light the middle one each. For the torch rows left and right, light the top and bottom ones each. The torches should now turn blue.Then stab the angel statue with the "False Knife" (see Quest Items above).
    4. Dragon Statuette: The house with the pathetic Kobold Ambush.
    5. Automaton Statuette: The house with the water-riddle in it. Add Gummies and Crystal to the water to freeze it, then walk over the ice to the chest to get it. (mix Gummies and seeds to get healing water!)
    6. Tree Statuette: the second house from the south in the blocked part of the first level (you have to get through the lower level to reach it). You have to water the plants using the "Clay Vessel"/"Filled Vessel" (See Quest Items above).
    7. Fairy Statuette: Find all three Glass Shards (see Quest items above) and bring them to the third house from the south in the barred area of the first level (you have to go through the lower level to reach it). Look at the Mirror twice. The first time repairs it, the second transfers you to a weird world. Walk around until you find the Fairy and answer her Riddle (Answer: "A Yardstick") or fight her (it's slightly more difficult that the dragon, gives no XP or loot other than the statuette).

Enjoy the sex scene with the Angel and Meline (and the added bonus to both siblings).

Mushroom Samba (Penelope's Love Quest) (Lvl 12)

  • Get Penelope relationship to Love.
  • Investigate her father's disappearance; you will find a Note on the ground and a hole in the ground.
  • Enter the hole and fight through the numerous Mycons. Take note that being physically attacked by a Mycon has a chance of making your character high, and therefore unreliable for a time.
  • If the Hero is hallucinating most chest drops will have distorted names (though you still get the same items).
  • There is a missable Dark Seed in this map that requires the Hero to be hallucinating to find. If necessary you can use a Mushroom on the Hero (remember that the Blue Dragon Ring doesn't allow you to get high).
  • You could find an old foe if you are high (He will run away if you try to kill him).

Hour of the Beasts (Yamamaya's Love Quest) (Level 13)

  • Get Yamamaya relationship to Love.
  • Travel to Westcastle with Yamamaya in the party and enter the beastfighter tourney in the Arena. Make sure that both are ready as they will fight alone in this quest.
  • Either pay the qualifier man 20,000 Sil to enter the arena, or fight him. Lose to get an h-scene, and still be able to do the tournament if you so desire. Win and get some experience.
  • After dealing with him, go into the room on the right. You can save here, and heal by talking to the woman on the right. Talk to the man at the door to hear the rules and fight. Win, heal and save and talk to him again. Win.
  • After winning and coming back in, go out the door and watch a scene, then come back in and go do another fight. After that heal and talk to Lola, then go in to fight the boss of this quest[1]. Buff Yamamaya immediately, because at the start of turn 3 the hero will be put to sleep for the rest of the match. Just keep hitting the monster and you should win. Defeating the Baloth earns you a piece of the Fierce Beast Fur Armour set. Your reward is 50,000 Sil, a Championship Reward (crafting item), and an H-scene with Yamamaya and Alina.

Beyond Good and Devil (Therese's Love Quest) (Lvl 20)

  • Start by getting Therese's relationship to love, then head to Faith's Bastion with Therese in the party, which is a separated zone to the southeast of Westcastle Outer District (a black castle). Enter the castle, then talk to the paladin at the front desk.
  • You're supposed to find the prince and the paladin that's giving him a tour (that's the paladin Therese was talking about).
  • Go up the stairs, and then to the paladin quarters. Here the hero suggests (more like orders) to have sex with Therese in her old room. It's the 3rd room to the left at the end of the hallway.
  • Enter and read the diary (don't forget to open the chest to get a Dark Seed). You will find out that the paladin that's supposed to be dying is trying to get immortal by sacrificing the prince.
  • Here you go to the 2nd stairwell (Therese kicks the barrels that are blocking the way) then you have to go up 2 stairs.
  • You have to kill all the monsters in order to reach the roof (don't forget to search the place for half hidden chests). There is a piece of the Antique Knight Armour set on a partially hidden helmet along the southern wall.
  • At the roof you fight the paladin and rescue the prince. Therese gets promoted and you have sex at the castle and a day passes.

Finishing Unfinished Business (Elaiya's Love Quest) (Lvl 20)

  • Get Elaiya to love and go talk to Shally. Go east towards Eastfort until you reach the Border Fort, then go south-east for a bit and you should spot another ruined fort. Visit it and examine the door.
  • Go get a bomb. There are three ways you can get one:
    1. If you still have the Amazing Old Man (i.e. you recruited him and he has not left yet) go talk to him.
    2. Go to the Alchemist Guild in Westcastle[2] and talk to Apple Kid[3].
    3. Go to the Alchemist Guild in Westcastle[2] and talk to Orange Kid[4].
  • Go back to the fort and blow up the door. Equip Elaiya well.
  • Fight[5] and advance through the dungeon. There are three Dark Seeds to pick up; one in a sparkling pot immediately to the left of the entrance, one in a wooden chest on left of the upper outside area, and one in a wooden chest in the basement (hidden behind some crates, in the upper middle part of the floor). Also make sure to pick up the Fumi & Hana Awiiabu from a small red chest on a table just before the first staircase. To progress through the dungeon, you'll need to fix the door with the broken switch; the parts to repair it can also be found in the basement. Near the mechanism parts is a chest with a piece of the Alchemical Leather Armour set. Return upstairs and repair the door. Continue on and eventually Elaiya will leave the party.
  • Elaiya[6] will fight a boss alone[7]. Beat him[8], he drops a cloak and the Killer's Eye[9]. After this time will pass and you will get an h-scene and Elaiya will learn Triple Barrage.

Also Sprach Nerys (Nerys's Love Quest) (Lvl 25)

  • Once Nerys reaches the Love level, she will ask Hero to investigate an old Elven temple that she believes is underneath Westcastle.
  • The entrance is at the very southern end of Westcastle, where a guard blocks off a small fenced in area with a ladder leading down. Speak to him and he’ll let you pass.
  • Examine the ladder to have Nerys join you for the quest as a party member. She has balanced attack and magic stats and comes with Ball Lightning, Hoarfrost, Revitalize, Barkskin, Channel Ley Line, Transfer Essence, and Lightning Rod.
  • Head into the Old Waterway and fight the Orc Looters that tunneled into the waterway on their way to the bank. Go all the way north and jump over the poles to the right. Head all the way south to a chest with a Potion of Resist Void, then to the right to find a chest with a Li’s Enhancing Elixir and a crack in the wall.
  • Inside the crack is the first of four puzzle chests that will have you solve a riddle to obtain the Elven Key within.  The first riddle is “Ever hungry am I, so feed me til I’m big and strong, yet never shall I thirst, and a single drink can kill me.” The answer is “Fire.”
  • Across the bridge to the right is a chest with Sparking Oil. In the middle area of the waterway is a chest with a Reinvigoration Potion.
  • Make your way to the top-right of the area a jump across the poles to the left. Find six chests containing a Hi-Potion, Orcish Moonshine, Iron Rations, Meat-on-a-stick, Boiled Egg, and a Scroll of Treasure Finding. Then enter the large crack in the wall to go to the temple proper.
  • Head right to a room with a book of Elven lore that Nerys will translate and the second puzzle box. Its riddle is “Upon the frozen forest pond, or green-dimmed sea I am found, but never has my countenance dampen’d, nor have I ever woefully drowned.” Its answer is “Reflection.”
  • To the left of the entrance will be a second lore book and a chest with five ancient coins. Then go right to another alcove with a third lore book and a chest with a Scroll of Lightning Bolt.
  • Go north to a save point, then left to a fourth lore book. The top left room holds a chest with an Elixir and the third puzzle box.  Its riddle is “Although my cow is dead, I continue to beat her. What a racket she makes!” Its answer is “Drum.”
  • Go right past the locked doors to a room with a fifth lore book, a clue in case you missed the first puzzle box, and a chest with five more ancient coins. Head right further for a sixth lore book and a chest with a Hi-Potion.
  • The top right room holds the last lore book, a chest with a Resurrection Potion, and the fourth and final puzzle box. Its riddle is “No lungs, no stomach, no brain, no spleen, no lights no loins, but a hundred hearts have I.” Its answer is “Cards” (or "Deck").
  • You can now use the four elven keys on the four locked doors to reach the inner sanctum. Nerys will call to the spirits and one will answer, but their exchange does not go well and you’ll find yourself in a boss fight with the Spirit of Snow and Seed. She hits hard with ice and necrotic spells and can “seed” party members for ongoing drain damage. She is weak to fire, but can cast fire resistance, and immune to ice, acid, and force.
  • When you take her down, enjoy the scene with Nerys, and as a bonus, you get to keep her Moonstone Orb for your other spellcasters.

A Debt to Pay (Alina's Love Quest) (lvl 26)

  • Get Alina relationship to Love.
  • Her parents invited you over for a dinner. Go to the southeast Townhouse on the Northmarket Wealthy District, below the Slave Market, and enter. Go to the upstairs floor and join the dinner through the Door. Be aware that this action advances time. When you are there you get informed that Alina's little brother Pietr was taken by the Tartufo's gang as a guarantee against father's gambling debts. Disappointed in her father, you and Alina leave the soiree.
  • Speak to Alina the following day to advance the quest, you get informed that your neighbors is the leader of the Tartufo's gang, so you decide to beat the shit out o.... to talk with him in a friendly manner.
  • Wondering about the big Mansion on Northmarket right next to yours? Go to the gates and speak with the Guards, an fight will occur.
  • When you enter you will face the first of 5 cute guardians, Doireann the Duelist, which introduce her as the 3rd strongest on their squad! Beat her and take her Rook Key. Left from you, is a save point. You can find 3 chests in this room: Expensive wine, Scroll of Contamination, and Noble Mail).
  • Go to the 2nd east room, which are actually stairs downside. Beat all and fight the Nari The Storm Ignition, the 3rd Strongest on their squad! (didn't I hear that before...?)

After you beat the Boss you get the Bishop Key, move east, within the room of 2 chests, look into the wooden chest in the middle, you will find an Crowbar. Their are a total of 7 items in this place: Purple Ether, Anointing Oil, Resurrection Potion, Brandy, Jackson's Sweet Ass Unguent, Steelcloth Dress, Crowbar.

  • Crowbar Location
    Crowbar Location.png

  • Move to Main hall, and go the farthest west room, you will get sniped on your way there, dodge and heal when necessary.

On the top you will find Soraya the Janissary, the Sniper and the 3rd Strongest of their Squad! (wait...) Beat her get her Knight Key and take the 5 chests in this room: Hi-Potion, Scroll of Fortitude, Hurricane Rum, Throwing Axe (x3), and Battlemage Hat.

  • Back to Main hall, now go upstairs, 2nd entrance from west. Beat Gunhildr the Valkyrie, the 3rd strongest of the Tartufo Guadians! (I think I missed something...) You get the King Key, and a total of 3 chests total in this room: Scroll of Murder of Crows, Scroll of Treasure Finding, and Deflector Ribbon.
  • Back to Main hall, now go to the middle entrance. You find yourself in a labyrinth, but don't worry, you can't get lost here. Explore both sides so you get all chests and find yourself facing Karin the Dragoon, the 3rd Strongest member! (Nope, all seems fine to me). Beat her take the Queen Key, go to the top left Corner and look at the Statue, use the Crowbar. Follow the small path. A total of 8 chests in this room: Mid-Potion, Blue Ether, Contact Poison, Throwing Axe (x3), Scroll of Lesser Quickness, Resurrection Potion, Wolfslayer Ring, and Scroll of Force Barrage).
  • You are now in the Hidden Room of the HQ!

There is a chest with a code.

The code is:
36-10-59-97[10](Mephy Awiiabu)

  • The Boss fight is through the Stone Door, saving here can be useful (main hall), you will need all 5 Keys to open this Door! (Rook Key, Bishop Key, Knight Key, King Key, Queen Key)

Move to the stone door on the top of the labyrinth (middle door), fight the boss. The Guardians will spawn one after the another, beat them first, than focus on the Boss himself, Poison and Burning can be very effective!

  • After you beat them and killed all the girls, he tells you the son is on the slums, for your trouble you kill him.
  • Go to the Slums, move to the top right corner house, pick up the boy, and show who the new boss is! Your reward is a criminal enterprise and Alina respect love!

Note: Bringing Therese doesn't give any additional dialogue.

Magnum Opus (Orange Kid's Love Quest) (lvl 28)

The boss of this quest reflects magic, so it's recommended to bring a basically physical party to this quest (with a healer, of course).

Orange Kid will give you the quest once her affection has reached the Love status. She’ll ask you to return to the Alchemists’ Guild Hall and retrieve two ingredients, Aqua Regia and Prima Materia. Go to the Guild Hall in Westcastle and add your name to the registry by checking the book on the front desk, then save and head through the door in the back center of the floor.

There are two paths down, and the lower floors remain split by junk on the floor. Take the right stairway down first. On the right side of floor B1, clear out the enemies and collect the 7 chests (3 contain Eldritch Vapors, 2 contain Quartz Crystals, 1 has a Mid-Potion, and the last a Potion of Greyskull). In the lower right alcove of floor B2 you’ll find a chest with Quartz Crystals and a spilled bottle of Aqua Regia, meaning you’ll need to find a way to make more. In the alcove above you’ll find a chest with Eldritch Vapors, a wooden chest that is locked up, and a chest with a Crowbar (if you have done the Alina's LQ the hero mentions the other one). The crowbar can used to move the big black orb in the middle of the room, but DON’T use it on this side or you’ll miss out on an important item. Instead, go all the way back to the beginning of the dungeon and go down the left stairway.

Check the book in the northern most room of B1 left-side to find out the ingredients to Aqua Regia. Remove the enemies and open the 8 chests for 2 Quartz Crystals, an Eldritch Vapors, a Crystal Goblet, a Porno Mag, a Sobering Drink, a Potion of Resist Energy, and a Scroll of Treasure Finding, then go down to B2. In the lowest alcove is a chest with Quartz Crystals and the Stannic Butter ingredient. The middle alcove has more Quartz Crystals and Eldritch Vapors, and above this is even more Quartz Crystals and Eldritch Vapors, collect them all and head up to the cells in the top left of the floor.

The leftmost cells has a Quartz Crystals and one Steward’s Powerful Powder, a stat-up item that permanently increases Mana. The second cell has a Stink Bomb, and the third cell holds a Cockatrice Girl! You need a cockatrice feather (unless you happen to have one in your inventory from fighting creatures in the Feywoods) and can acquire it by setting the Cockatrice Girl free. If you want an optional sex scene, choose to “Exploit” her, and you’ll still get the feather you need. The last cell contains Eldritch Vapors and the Sulfuric Acid ingredient.

Exit the area with the cells and go right, passing a chest with Quartz Crystals, to reach the storage vault. The vault contains chests with a Ruby, a Gold Bar, an Iron Bar, three Azothium, a Hallucinogenic Grenade, and the Prima Materia. When you open the chest with the Materia, you’ll have to fight the Lead Golem. It is weak to Acid, but reflects all magic attacks. Once you’ve taken it down, head back around the floor until you come to the Big Black Orb and use the crowbar to send it rolling to the right. Follow its path to see that the locked chest has been crushed, and check the remains for an Alchemical Leather Armour Piece, then return up the right stairway. In the middle alcove of floor B1 right side is the final ingredient, the Citrine Wax. Now return to the left side of the Practicum Floor, and use the alchemical station that is in the bottom alcove to create some Aqua Regia.

As you are leaving the dungeon, you’ll meet the “mate” of the Cockatrice Girl you freed. You’ll have to fight him, and if you exploited the Cockatrice Girl he’ll be a little harder, but take him out and leave the dungeon to complete the quest and end the day.

You can meet the Cockatrice Girl inside a house in the Eastford Non-Human District, near the Guild Slave building, but the meeting doesn't have any consequences.

A Haven of Gloom (Larelle's Love Quest) (lvl 32)

Go to the Mourning Wood in Lumberhill (where you captured Larelle). You can skip to the last Room. Go to the left Statue, activate the switch and go down. Get the 4 items in the first room and read the sign.

  1. Heir gets the axe
  2. Son gets the spear
  3. Cleric gets the mace
  4. The mage gets the dagger

You need to put each item in the corresponding coffin.

On to the next level. Make sure to catch the Patch of Dark Lace in a chest in the west. Go up and examine the water, then let Larelle revive the skeletons on the level. Then you can cross and enter the boss room. Save and kill the boss.

Afterwards watch the scene.

Apocalypse & Chill (Kyrie's Love Quest) (lvl 35)

Once Kyrie reaches 'Love', the next time you speak she'll ask you to be her arm candy for a drink with Gui and Silas, her former adventuring party whom you met back in Ain't No Party Like a Search Party. They'll appear outside your Northport Mansion. Speak to them to begin the quest. You need to bring Kyrie, and Felix can't come: he's underage.

The drinking party starts at the Northport Adventurers' Guild. After some banter during which the Hero gets called out for quest-sniping, and Angel enters. She announces that the entire town is under interdict. All sinners are being turned into salt. Judgment time! Saiful Eadala translates as 'Sword of Justice', by the way.

After fighting the angel and her buddies you determine that, since they're here for sinners, they're most likely at all the bars in town, as well as the Gambling Den in the northeast corner. Head out on your pub crawl quest. The town is swarming with wandering angels who will chase you if you get too close.

In the south, by the docks, is an old friend: Mikele! Man, that guy can't catch a break. His horse has run off, and the angels have scattered his delivery chests through the town. Yours now! Missable items include a Embroidered Scrap and a Porno Mag.

Once you've cleared out the angelic rabble from the three bars and the Gambling Den, you'll need to head to the little chapel where Xaven was up to no good. Here you'll fight the Angelic Crusader and her army of Salt Golems. She summons more if you kill them all, so concentrate your fire on her. She channels a different horseman of the apocalypse during the fight depending on how much damage she's taken. Death has a one-hit kill move.

After you defeat her and obtain the Angel Hair, a Crafting Item, Gui and Silas call it a night. There's a sex scene with Kyrie and the day ends.

Gender Bender Blues (Gargan 's Respect Quest) (Lvl 38)

Gender Bender Blues (Lvl 38) Gargan askes you to find a witch that specializes in infernal curses to see about getting his gender swap curse removed Radiant attacks will be effective on this quest. Seek out ‘the Isolated Ridge in the far northwest corner of the Middle Kingdom. Explore the path you will find a Mid Potion, a save point and the witches cottage. Go into the cottage and talk to the witch. She will offer to help if you kill a dryad.

Follow the path up, east and then down to find a cave entrance, enter the cave.

Follow the cave to the east and up to find anointing oil and first cave exit. Go up and east to find, Pearlescent Steel Bar and Alchemist's Fire.

Return to the cave and then go down and you find that the path is blocked. Go back into the cave and go down and east to find the second exit.

Follow the path up and east to find Potion of Resist Cold. Then go west and down to find a Resurrection Potion. Further west you will find a new cave entrance.

Enter the cave, and you will find a Mid Potion, go down and you will find Starry Orb. Next go west across the bridge seen earlier and go up to find cave exit here you will find Sparking oil, and warm cloak.

Now re-enter the cave.Go down to find Hi-Potion and another cave exit. Exit the cave, first go east to find Enchanted Plate then go west to find Cleanser and Scroll of Fireball. There is a bolder that you can push down to unblock the path.

Retrace your steps the very first exit from the first cave. Go down and east now the path is clear, you find a throwing axe. Next go up to find Jackson's sweet-Ass Unguent.

Now interact with the big tree standing alone in the centre of the path and press enter which starts a conversation, and the boss fight. The Dryad is weak to fire, psychic, darkness, acid, lightining and force damage. She takes normal damage from Radiant and Ice. She has a regeneration buff, so use fire damage to inflict burn status and force damage to inflict knockdown which Gargan can exploit with his Coup De Grace. Kill the dryad and then return to the witches cottage for your reward, the Edgy Spiky Emo Belt acessory.

A Princess Named Desire (Quinta's Love Quest) (Lvl 40)

A Princess' Named Desire (Quinta's Love Quest) (Lvl 40)

Go north of southport (the snowy forest). You meet Quinta at the entrance. After a speech, go north-west corner of the map, try to open the door. Go back but now there is a new area at west (also another new are with 2 chests in the middle of the gumdump forest) and "talk" with the snowman (Dominic) and obtain the key of the cabin. Go back to the cabin and speak with the elf prisoner. He tells you about the witch and all the other slaves elves. Note that several of the items on the tables in the cabin can be taken.

Before you go to rescue the elves, open all the chests you find, or you won't be able to come back once the quest is over. A Shimmery Fabric Piece is found here.

Now head to northeast corner and speak with the two snowmen. Princess Quinta will make them move and the road is now free for the factory (there's a chest in the corner of the map). Once inside loot all the wardrobe lockers in front of the entrace. Go on and you finally meet the witch. She will turn the princess into a snowman. Time for vengeance!

Use the cart on the railway to reach the witch. At every tile like an arrow you stop. Kill the fairies and loot the chests if there are any. Check the area and turn the lever if there is any, everytime you meet one new (not sure if there is a sequence). When you are in the south-est corner of the factory you are arrived, now go north to to kill the witch. Quest done. Enjoy the H-scene with the princess.

When All You Have Is A Hammer... (Kevin 's Respect Quest) (Lvl 40+)

When All You Have Is A Hammer... (Lvl 40+)

Talk to Kevin, he will ask Hero to take him on adventure. Go to Northmarket's Adventure guild and read new poster with supposedly easy quest, call for Kevin, tell him to be ready and go out. On a street you will be approached by Kevin's girlfriend Lyra (now you understand the real reason for Kevin to go on adventure).

On the road to the Westcastle there is a smoke, go for it, call for Kevin, choose your team (preferably thous who don't care for Deafened status effect, like Bronwin). While looting chests, Hero will say about attackers as someone who values bodies over goods. Go up and tell Kevin to smash crate, kill some fire salamanders, go left, kill more salamanders, open chests, teach Kevin that treasure is always good no matter of it's value. On way back you'll get attacked by salamanders with Ogre, Kevin tells that he can polish, sharpen or blunting weapon (adding blind, bleed or shock effect on hit respectively) before battle (real saver in future fights, active for one battle, then need to redo though).

Now you can fight ogres or avoid them and go straight to the cave for savepoint. In cave kill all ogres, loot all crates, save all merchants.

Before exiting cave save your progress, then bossfight 'Rust Monster' on exiting. Kevin learn new trick 'Emergency maintenance', though it's futile to use as Boss rust equipment for all team at once and do it often.

After bossfight you return for reward and meet Kevin's girlfriend, Kevin ask her to marry him, she agrees. Now you can congratulate him and have H-scene with some of your girls for +3 satisfaction or you can rape Kevin's fiancee in front of him for +5 satisfaction (either way you'll get your reward and Kevin will still work for you).

Day advanced and Kevin gives you Repair Kit, that you can use between battles.

Subby Secrets (Doll's Love Quest) (Lvl 39)

  • Get Doll relationship to Love.
  • Go to Southport University to search for clues about Doll's origin. Doll must be in your party.
  • Upon entering Southport University, go to the "Office of Student Affaire" room (first room to the right)
  • Now head to the "Theoretical Magic Building" (Brick building with a red roof in from of the University) And talk with the Professor in the second room to the left.
  • Enter the CEMP building (Brown brick building in the top left) by going to the graffiti on the wall.
  • Go to the Second floor using the stair at the far right, there's a key in a glass jar in one of the room.
  • Unlock the access to the basement and proceed to the second sub level.
  • After a brief talk with the professor, the boss fight will begin (she is weak to Acid and Lightning).

Quest done. Enjoy a small amount of HP regenerating while Doll is in your party.

That's What She Said (Chimei's Love Quest) (Lvl 40)

Start by talking to Chimei She then invites you to a picnic and you get to choose her as a teammate. While you two are enjoying picnic together, SUDDENLY ninja everywhere and the hero got to put to sleep (Damn you ninja !).

Waking up from one of the ninja calling you, he then gives you the ability to understand their language. Turn out, Chimei was a Maiden of the Moon Goddess that came from the Moon Kingdom. Now the previous owner (the Moon Emperor) wants her back and sends his death ninja squad to do his dirty jobs. Your object is to escape the Moon Kingdom Airship which is way high up in the sky. Besure to stock up on potion since the enermies can cause bleed and poison effect.

Go to the hangar, get some dialog and to the left. There are 2 ways here, one on the ladder and one to the left, we will go back to the ladder later. The left room is the engine room that have chests containing 2 scroll of blizzard, 3 enchanced brew. Now go up to the ladder and exit south. You will be outside the airship, go up the ladder and to southwest is a stair lead to the airship bridge which got locked. Go back up outside and to northwest is the airship cabin with a save point, save it, get Senhime Awiiabu from the closet in front of it too. On the table is airship map route and the key, get the Ninja Key. Interact with a weird machine to the lower right of the table to open up the hangar.

Back to the corridor's ladder to the crew quarter . Quite a lot of chest to loot (a cleanser, mid potion, porno mag, earth spirit charm, pure white silk scrap, THE KRAKEN, clockture addicts, nun panties, iron ration). After that go to the airship’s exterior and down the ladder on the right. Use the ninja key to open up the Ninja Barrack doors. In there, go loot all the chest to get 2 ninja kite (also 3 throwing knife, 2 sleep power, 3 bottled smoke, hallucinogen grenade, scroll of lesser, scroll of fireball, 4 contact poison, suzaku feather). Back to the airship exterior and Chimei will summon a short powerful storm to aid your escape. Now back to the hangar and face the elite ninja death squad boss. After the escape, you will receive the Wind Spirit blessing and a not-yet-ready H scene but lose the ability to understand Chimei (What a shame).

    • EDIT - This quest can be very challenging with only your Hero and Chimei, purchasing the Delinquent Uniform for Chimei in advance, can be useful for it's immunity to Paralysis. If you are having trouble with the Elite Ninja Death Squad boss, begin the battle using a Deadly Neurotoxin bomb. It will paralyze and cause decent damage to all the Ninja's, and allow some time to build up your

momentum and take out a couple of the Ninja's before you are overpowered.

Chimei now received more evocation power when it’s raining


  1. Dying removes all states, including the super sleep affecting the main character. Let him die and then resurrect him with one of the resurrection items available to make the battle MUCH easier.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Or in the basement of your Westcastle mansion, if you already had recruit her after completing Hero Baker and the Philosopher stone.
  3. If you made the investment you'll ask her to make you a bomb and she'll do it without any questions. If you did not invest in her yet, do it and then talk to her again.
  4. If you made the investment you'll ask her to make you a bomb and she'll do it reluctantly. If you did not invest in her yet, do it and then talk to her again.
  5. While having characters at level 20 or higher is recommended it is not required. With the right party members and the best equipment you can finish it while still level 12-13. Just remember that the main character's Assault skill grants the whole party an Attack buff that can stack. Using Assault two turns in a row grants you a significant attack boost.
  6. Use Stealth skill against the boss.
  7. when you reach the stairs, she leaves the party.
  8. This boss will kill you in 3 or less hits regardless of your level. Use the stealth technique to buy time.
  9. A crafting item.
  10. [1]Explanation for Code.