Stun-locking and Saving

Hey everyone! Conash here, to tell you about a couple of things we have planned for the next release!

First of all, we’ve heard complaints about several enemies being able to stun-lock players for extended periods of times, in some cases making it impossible to win the fight. As such NoMoshing and I talked about it and came up with a few ideas for how to fix it, to that end we put in the changes and gave our testers a copy so that they can give us feedback on these changes. We might need to fine tune the percentages more to help allow players to use these statuses without enemies able to lock down the player enough. Hopefully things go well so we’ll see!

Now I know that most of you generally aren’t too interested in some of the scripting projects I’m working on but I like to at least give you all a brief overview of what I’m working on each update. This time around between the Iron Waifu contest coming up and me working on enemy we’re keeping me to just one scripting project this update. What we’re looking at is revamping the save system, firstly by changing over to the Yanfly save system which allows for 99 save files instead of our current 16, the other major change to the save system we’re looking at is implementing a new auto-save feature. This auto-save feature would activate right before the player enters a dungeon or any other ‘point of no return’ over a save file that players can load but not save over. We hope that these changes to the save system will help prevent a lot of the struggles with save files that players tend to have!

Well that’s about all that I have to say for today, hope you all enjoy the recent release!

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  1. got no idea if this is the right place to leave this but i found a bug with the vacation thing in Harem Collector. after i returned from vacation when felix gets left behind when i went outside the mansion i had to get him like the first time. same chat and everything, even got re-named to healbot. he had nearly 100 relationship points before the vacation and then dropped all the way back down to when you first get him in the game.

    1. This was a problem in the 0.27.3 release, to fix the issue please download the 0.27.4 release and transfer a save file from while you were on the island or before to fix the issue! We thank you for your patience while we deal with these new release bugs! We hope that you enjoy your game-play experience!

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