A word from Conash

Hey everyone, hope everyone’s been doing well! It’s been awhile since my last blog post so I’ll just talk a bit about a few things on my mind.

First of all, why don’t we talk about enemy balance a bit. I’ve noticed a few times that players have talked about how the later levels of HC are difficult, though usually I wasn’t too sure how to take that since I have seen a comparable, though fewer, comments about some of the earlier levels in the game as well, leaving me without a strong understanding on how the enemies that I had been putting together the stats and AI compared to say the ones that NM put together when you consider that the player is supposed to be having an increase in stats and resources in general as the game progresses, but during the recent testing release it became very apparent as both me and NoMoshing picked out the original stats for the enemies for the two quests that we’ll be adding, both quests share the same recommended level, and when we got initial feedback from testers, it seemed that we had both missed that recommended level mark but in opposite directions. I cut down the stats on my enemies far more than I boosted NoMoshing’s, but it did help highlight that I do need to work on rethinking my approach for calculating how to determine the stats for enemies going forward, hopefully I’ll be able to work on having enemies better keep place with a player who’s at level going forward, and I will welcome feedback in regards to the difficulty on quests since I definitely lean a lot more on the ‘difficulty’ side of things (Though when it comes to Super-bosses, once tester’s have given me the okay that it’s possible I am going to be very stubborn, Super-bosses are the one place that I can ramp up the difficulty as much as I want without worrying about breaking the game. One tip for those struggling with the newest super-boss, Wiki-tan is probably the worst match-up against him and runs a risk of making him downright impossible if she’s in your active team, she can be useful for him, but just be warned that depending on what you’ve done with her she can make the fight impossible for you).

Now let’s talk about code some shall we? NoMoshing has talked to me about adding in a new little script that would run at the end of battles, it’ll take a bit of finagling but I’m hoping to have it ready for the 0.39 release and it should help add a bit more fun to some of the general ‘crawl’ that tends to take place in dungeons, so look forward to it! I promise to do my best to not break the game… This time… Speaking of breaking the game, for those of you who’ve run into various furniture or other events teleporting around in either your Eastfort condo or your Westcastle manor, I have fixed the problems and you won’t need to mess with save files or anything. It’s an issue with the events of the game, so testers and the rest of you with access that event stuff (you know who you are) please keep in mind that completely deleting events can result in this little visual bug. Now, the final script thing that I want to talk about is in regards to AoE attacks from enemies, as I’m sure many of you know enemy tanks can take hits from your AoEs but you can’t have your tanks do the same from enemy AoEs, which can often lead to AoEs making tanks a lot less useful as the most important attacks to block you have no effective means of dealing with. Well I’ve got a few ideas (and even some formulas that I’m happy with) that I think will go a long way to help give players tools to help deal with enemy AoEs without going too far. I’ve still got a lot of stuff to test and look into in regards to this so I don’t want to be making promises that I can’t keep, but I will say that I’ve heard the complaints about how AoEs don’t have an effective counter-strategy if you would, and I am looking into ways to help expand the battle system to add in some options there.

Finally, there’s one more thing I want to talk about though it’s a bit more personal. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I haven’t exactly been as active with the blog posts, scripting, or a few other things over the past year, and I just feel that I owe a bit of an explanation for that. Lately in my life there’s been a few more things vying for my time and energy, but more importantly a lot of that’s been piling up some anxiety issues with me. I’ve worked out various ways to help keep it a lot more manageable but I’d be lying if I said it was fully under control. It gets a bit personal and goes against a lot of what I believe in to really delve too into it, so I’ll just leave it at emotions are irrational and sorry that I wasn’t really able to bring my A game for 2018, which I am hoping to change. I do intend to stick with HC though and plan to pay back the support that NoMoshing has given me so feel free to take that as you will. If you excuse me, I’ve got more code to write.

*makes farting noises with his cheeks*

As much as I like writing, there are some things that are very difficult to get across. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of times I’ve wanted to put emphasis on something, or make a play on words, and haven’t been able to effectively do so because of the nature of text. I think my skill at writing has increased over time- I encounter these problems less and less, I think- but it still crops up. It’s annoying.

That’s part of why the chat system has not been a priority. It takes a really long time to write so much dialogue. Trying to find something insightful or at least funny to say about this or that character is pretty hard. And I can only call the Hero a jerk so much before it becomes old.

But now, I’m just complaining. I had intended this blog to be about my writing process, since I’m going to be grinding away at chat menu stuff while the testers have their way with the new content.

Now that I think of it, though, I just find writing characters to be intuitive. Maybe it’s all the roleplaying I do- I have a regular table I go to every Thursday, where we generally have two campaigns that switch every week. So even if I happen to be running a campaign (like right now) I still get in a bit of roleplaying every other week.

I guess that’s not really helpful, now, is it? Writing sure is tough.

The backer release is in one week, and it’s going to have writing in it! And some other stuff, too! Two characters from long ago return, and you get to fuck at least one of them in the ass! It’ll be great!

Edit: I realize I bitched about writing last week too but the lead-in to a backer release is usually pretty slow, since I can’t start working on anything new, so it was either this or talk about my figma or video game collection.

v0.38 progress

Progress on Harem Collector has been pretty good this month. The next quest is all but finished, with only enemy behaviour and some other small things to deal with before the backer release. I’m working on a side quest currently, one that will fulfill one of the character cameo backer rewards from back when I used to offer those as a Patreon reward. So, if you purchased one of those benefits, back in the day, it hasn’t been forgotten, it’s just taking time.

I haven’t been very happy with my writing lately, for some reason. Those of you watching the weekdays streaming would have noticed how much I struggled with the new sex scene the last couple of days. I can’t really put my finger on why, if I’m just being neurotic or if there’s actually something bad about how I’m writing lately. Hopefully players of Harem Collector will be satisfied- you’re the people whose opinions really matter, after all.

Only two more weeks until the backer release, which is always exciting. I’ll try to cram in as much new content as possible, but right now there’s two new quests, a new sidequest, and some new places to explore. I’m going to try to update the Awiiabu collection sidequest and the Dark Seed sidequest as well, to get new rewards in for those.

Not any huge new insights this week, I guess, just a general update on how the new release is going. All the same, I hope you appreciate this little update, and are looking forward to the update at the end of the month!

Introducing “I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!”

Our next project here at Bad Kitty Games is a little something called “I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!” I’ve seen a lot of speculation on what kind of game it is going to be, so today I’ll just give you the basics. It’s going to be a very different project from Harem Collector, but will share enough in common that I think fans of Harem Collector will be able to connect with the new gameplay just fine.

The protagonist of our story is a Dungeon King, a rare breed of human who possesses the ability to mix their essence with that of a monster, and thus create a “minion”. These minions are not goofy yellow things in coveralls that look like the container inside a Kinder Surprise, but rather are a weaker version of the original monster. For example, a Dungeon King would be able to mix essences with a Succubus to produce an imp, or mix essences with a Vampire to produce vampire bats. As these minions lack sentience and are infinitely replaceable, they make up the majority of monsters within a dungeon. Thus why a Dungeon King is called a Dungeon King, they hang out in the depths of a dungeon, helping the local monsters fill it with random encounter fodder, and in exchange the monsters treat their Dungeon King with respect and reverence, caring for their needs.

ILTSDK is a dungeon building strategy and simulation game at it’s core. You will need to guide the monsters under your control, excavating new dungeon rooms, building traps, concealing secret doors, gathering treasure and coordinating your dungeon’s defenses. Eventually, a band of adventurers will be lured into your meticulously planned defenses, attempting to fight their way to their objective and escape with their lives. Defeat them, and your dungeon survives for another day. Fail, and they will make off with your precious stuff and leave your minions in tatters… but they’ll also spread the tale of how easy your dungeon was to defeat, and maybe the next band of adventurers to wind up at your door won’t quite be so cautious, well-prepared or skilled.

The idea of monster ecology is central to the gameplay of ILTSDK. The monsters within your employ require Mana in order to live. Unlike humans, however, they don’t simply absorb Mana just by existing. Instead, they require humans to come to their dungeon, bringing Mana with them. So you must collect treasure, kidnap maidens and earn fame in order to lure adventurers into your dungeon so that your monsters can survive on the Mana generated. Thus the game is a careful balancing act- too few adventurers and your followers will starve, too many and they will be overwhelmed and your resources exhausted. You also have to keep an eye on your dungeon’s reputation as well, as having a reputation for being a difficult dungeon will lure stronger and more capable adventurers, while having a reputation for being easy will bring adventurers who simply don’t have the treasure or Mana necessary for you to keep your head above water.

The other core element of the game is adventurer psychology. Adventurers have different goals and needs. A thief is in it for the treasure, obviously, but a wizard is far more interested in magical secrets and items, while a knight would prefer to chivalrously free captured maidens. You can use these different goals in order in manipulate that party, drawing them into ambushes or traps as they seek to satisfy their needs. But even better… if you manage to damage the party’s morale enough, with spells, traps and monster encounters, they will fall victim to infighting and fear. Then, when they find themselves at an intersection and need to decide which party member’s needs to fill, they may fail to maintain cohesion, and split the party to pursue separate goals. And as we all know, the worst thing adventurers can do is split the party….

Well, that’s all for this month’s ILTSDK preview. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what kind of game it will be, and what to expect going forward! Thank you all for listening, and I hope to see some of you at today’s devstream!

Hello, 2019!

So it’s the start of a new year, and everyone is hopeful and making resolutions, setting goals for themselves to achieve before 2020. Here at Bad Kitty Games, we’re also looking at 2019 with excitement, because there are a number of big changes coming our way.

First of all, Harem Collector.

Looking back, 2018 was a big year for Harem Collector. We completed ten new quests, which account for more than 20% of the quests currently in the game. We added two new harem girls, the fallen noble Natya and the clockwork robot Pandora. We also added a whopping sixty-seven new 2D CG images, including all the solo scenes for Yamamaya and Orange Kid. That might seem a little slow, but keep in mind that includes doing a bunch of minor sex scene images and the introduction scenes for Natya and Pandora.

We’re going to continue to push on new quests, and have solid plans to end the Demon Cult arc by summer. Our hope is also to end another arc (probably Kellos Invasion, for various reasons) by the end of the year, but obviously we have to remain flexible and might have to adapt as we go. We’d also like to get 3-4 new harem girls added to the harem before the end of the year- the last two shopgirls, and the reward girls for finishing Demon Cult and whatever other questline.

We will continue barrelling along with the new 2D CG, and, in addition to Larelle (who is currently in progress) and Therese (who is coming up), we will be doing a full set of CGs for the next Iron Waifu contestant and another character or two by years’ end.

We’ve also finally formally announced our next project, I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

That is currently in pre-production. Nekochan will be doing character designs, NoMoshing and Conash will be getting the engine and mechanics figured out, and plans will be put in place for a more efficient and organized development.

We will be doing updates every month, starting next week, with updates on the development of ILTSDK. So, if you’re kind of confused right now about what ILTSDK, we’ll be discussing the project in much more detail next Wednesday.

So, all in all, we’re feeling really good about the upcoming year and challenges, and we hope to continue to deliver awesome hentai goodness to you in 2019 and beyond! Have a great new year!

Holly Jolly Fapmas

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s enjoying the new content in the game and having a good winter holiday. I know I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve the most- Nekochan and I usually make the 24th our “couples Christmas” day, since everyone is usually so demanding of the 25th. We’re exchanging presents then going out for teppanyaki. 😀

Just wanted to let you all know:

-Larelle’s Wallpaper and the backers-only Christmas present will be available for $5+ and $2+ backers respectively on December 25th!

-Yamamaya’s Wallpaper will be available for everyone thee same day.

-There will be no daily streaming from December 24th-January 2nd

-On the 30th will be a special holiday stream, where I will be running a game of the Maid RPG for a handful of lucky supporters, and you’re all involved to watch! Booze will flow, dice will be rolled, and a good time is to be hand by all.

Or else.

Harem Collector v0.37 Public Release

Get it here!

Changes in this version:
-Larelle’s love quest is fully complete and functional, with sex scene and everything!
-Florine has a new quest for you starting in the Northmarket Manor front hall!
-Larelle’s beach vacation sex scene has new art and has been rewritten!
-This is new sex scene art for Larelle’s capture at the end of “Night of the Raping Dead”!
-It is now possible to swap between different sprites for characters with different outfits by examining the appropriate dresser in their bedrooms!
-A new praising event has been added to the game!
-A new revisitable dungeon has been added!
-There are a total of four new text-only sex scenes, including a replacement for Eulania’s placeholder!
-Orange Kid’s sex a la carte menu is now fully implemented!
-Weather effects have been optimized!

No Tumbles

So, Tumblr banning porn is a thing.

If you’ve following my rantings- which, by the way, you shouldn’t, I’m barely an expert on the things I directly control nevermind anything actually important- you’d know that I generally feel that freedom of speech isn’t freedom of platform, and that Tumblr, Twitter, Patreon, and whoever else can do what the fuck they want with their platforms, even if it sucks for me, personally.

But when it comes to Tumblr, I’m actually kind of disappointed in them. Alienating so much of their userbase just to make sure they get included on the app store seems really shortsighted. But then again, that userbase wouldn’t have been there if they didn’t allow porn from the jump, so I guess the lesson here is… don’t allow porn from day one if you don’t want porn, I guess? It’s not like there’s huge crowds of people abandoning YouTube because it’s not PornHub. Or maybe there are? Not an expert, after all.

Either way, if Tumblr is going to burn, we’re going to fiddle in style. Starting on December 16th, I will be uploading the entire gallery of existing and previously used in-game CGs from Harem Collector until they ban me. I suspect it won’t take them long, but you can following it on the official Bad Kitty Games Tumblr Account for as long as that continues to exist.

So long and happy fapping!

Backer Release On The Way!

Sorry about missing last week’s update. I’ve been very busy with personal stuff as of late, and by the time Conash and I realized on Saturday that we totally forgot about last Wednesday’s blog post, I just had no energy to write something up and Conash was busy chasing down bugs with the testers.

But, we weren’t too busy to get out the backer release today! Huzzah!

This is going to be a pretty strange update, all things considered. I had predicted that the very newest quest, Shipping Disaster would wind up being enough work to equal two normal quests, and I was right. For those of you who are going to get a chance to try it this week- appearances can be deceiving, and even though the quest from the outset may look fairly straightforward, even boring, it has it’s twists and turns and is a pretty big deal. Conash and I predicted that it would be the same amount of work as one and a half or two normal quests, and now that it’s finally all wrapped up and beribboned and in the hands of backers, well, it feels like it took even more.

Seriously, this update is going to be kind of a big deal, I hope you’re all ready for it!

Random Musings About Ancient Games

So recently I’ve been playing some EarthBound.

I’ve had the cart for a couple years now, but I haven’t really done a lot with it other than have it on display to look at (which I’m sure will cause some people to shake their fists and yell at me, for various reasons, most of which I sympathize with even as I horde my treasure like a weird gamer dragon). So finally I decided to bite the bullet, plug that sucker in to the Retron and finally beat EarthBound.

One thing that struck me immediately was how simple the entire experience was. No crafting. No relationship system. No game of elemental rock-paper-scissors. And considering how many games I’ve played lately that seem to want to pile mechanics on mechanics on mechanics like some layer cake video game orgy, regardless of whether or not it adds something to the experience, it was pretty refreshing.

I also appreciate the irony, especially considering the mammoth of trouble that the HC furniture system has turned out to be.

Then again, there are lots of games- Persona 5 really sticks out in this regard- that are absolute Taj Mahals of game design, with all the spinners and deely-boppers you could ever wish for, and still turn out to be fantastic experiences. So, simplicity isn’t always an absolute good either, and there’s lots of games with boundless complexity that I enjoy quite a bit.

It’s gotten me thinking about our next project, and some of the systems I’m planning out for that. Not taking out all the options, but examining what deserves to be an option versus what deserves to be a central focus of the game design. For example, I was thinking of offering a themeing bonus to reward players for using certain elements that tie together well… but maybe it’s just better to leave out the themeing bonuses, but leave in the cosmetic bits in case you the player want to theme things to taste.

Ugh, it’s difficult talking about the next project without giving away too much. Hope that made sense to someone.

Anyway, enjoy your week, I’m going to leave this random ramble here. After all, Giygas won’t beat himself.