darkdeamon Saves the Day!

Thanks to dedicated fan darkdeamon providing the critical clue I needed for my Dr. House-type realization, the To Catch a Predator event has been fixed and now should function as intended (I hope).

In other news, I’m very pleased to hear that some people are trying out the shovel and looking for buried treasure. Nobody mentioned it at all, so I was wondering if it was wasted effort.

Anyway, link: http://www.mediafire.com/?h13e181zm0ocq2e

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  1. OK, so I played through the game (I have to admit I laughed out loud at the chrono trigger reference in the book of hax), and I found a few bugs. Nothing gamebreaking, but I thought I’d better report them either way.

    After I completed the male prostitute even, the hero always said “Let’s never speak of this again” every single morning. In case it might be related, i did the turnip farm even on the night after the prostitute event.

    After I got the second house and met Randi, the sister character moved into my house (might or might not be a bug). Then, when I chatted and gave gifts to them, I noticed they both had the same responses, and always used the sister’s character portrait, even when i was chatting/giving gifts to Randi (definitely a bug). I was also able to trigger the angel of love sex scene without having ever met the angel of love in the first place.

    When the slaver gives you five extra collars, the game freezes if you talk to the slaver, but the event works fine if you leave the house and make the slaver come up to you.

    After getting the stable, you can only ride to Eastfort, even if you’re in the Eastfort stable.

    If you go up right after loading the dungeon screen, you can walk on top of the walls.

    In the shoe shop, if you have a full party trailing after you and the trail is pointed straight to the boy when you ask about an investment, the boy will collide with your party and the game will freeze.

    The guild card is a single use item, so if you use it to check your rep, you’ll no longer have a guild card.

    Doll’s gift today value doesn’t seem to reset, so I can only give her one gift. (Gave her a porcelain doll, in case that matters)

    Those are all the bugs I found in my runthrough. Hope it helps. ^_^

    1. Duly noted. I should be able to fix these before bed.

      The thing with Randi having Meline’s conversations and such stems from my own laziness. When I implement a new at-home character, because the gift-giving interface is so complex and requires only changes to the dialogue anyway, I usually just cuntpaste another character and change the graphic. In the shop girl’s case, I shut off the gift giving and chat events- in Randi’s I forgot.

      The slave collar thing is a known bug, and I’m actually working on removing it entirely. The good news is that by the time it happens, you’re seen at least 90% of the existing content anyway, so I’ve decided to ignore it for now. It might help to talk to the slaver directly, though I’m not 100% sure on that.

  2. Hey, in case anyone happens to check these comments, I don’t know why the poll randomly decided to reset itself, but I do know that a character profile had a significant lead. Any idea who you guys want me to write about?

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