Donations, Updates, Sorrow

Well, okay, that poll was a dismal failure. Never doing that again. I have no idea why it kept resetting, but that was terrible. So I have no idea what ended up winning, so instead here’s a regular no-bullshit update post.

First of all, there is now a donations button on the side column. I didn’t want to do this, but it seems that 3D Custom Girl is impossible to find a reliable download for, I now have a fuckton of adware on the PC I share with my wife, and I’m not really comfortable with pirating software that people worked so hard on anyway. The cost to purchase and ship it to my country is about $120, which is outside my “money I can afford to spend on porn” budget. So I’m hoping to raise that much so that way I can finally implement hentai in the game. If for some reason, people get really excited and donate waaaaay more than I need for that, I’ll look into getting some of the DLC for RPG Maker VX Ace and using it in the game as well. If less than 2% of the people who downloaded the March update each give $1, we can reach this goal and improve the game for everyone.

What was donating get you, other than porn and a warm fuzzy feeling? Well, you’ll have access to new versions of the game one week earlier than everyone else. You’ll get a donator credit. And, you will also get a .pdf Player’s Guide, detailing all the little secrets, fun facts and such in the game, updated with each new release. This will contain every secret in the game- even the stuff I only tease at in forum posts.

Actual Game Stuff

The most exciting thing I’ve implemented all week: You can now tap the shift key to toggle between three speeds in game. Basically, RPG Maker uses six speed settings. Setting 4 is the default for player movement, and you can hold down the shift key to “dash” at speed 5. In the March Update, I set the player’s default speed to 5 and removed the ability to dash, and I planned to add the ability to “walk” at speed 4 by holding the shift key, for greater precision during puzzles where movement is necessary. And yet, people still complained about the player not moving fast enough.

So now, you can use the shift key to toggle between three speeds- setting 5, which is default for Harem Collector, setting 6, for fast travel, and setting 4 for when you need precision.

Other than hammering away at the undead quest and squashing bugs, I’ve also added in two other things. One, using the shovel now returns a message no matter where you use it. You’ll be notified if you’re digging on a valid square and there isn’t anything there, and the hero will complain if you try to shovel on cobblestone paths or indoors.

The other new thing is that there is now a reason to visit the world’s churches- within, a priest (or nun) will offer to Bless your party in exchange for a donation (cost is linked to your level). Bless is an extremely powerful buff that lasts for awhile, but because it’s only available via churches there is some preparation and strategy required to get the most out of it.

Anyway, happy playing, and hopefully soon I’ll have good news regarding the 3D Custom Girl situation.

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  1. Good to know we can expect some h-scenes ^^ now to some feedback: there is an ungodly amount of bugs when you go collect the debt from the mage, the game crashed twice and the mage battle in the attic is still possible even after you defeted him in his bedroom.
    By the way, did you recive my donation?

    1. Probably. I don’t see your name in particular because I’ve gotten a couple of donations where the name is written in Cyrillic or Hebrew characters. Would one of them be you?

      I am very pleased with the way donations are proceeding. We’re just over $80 right now, so with a little luck we might break $120 by this weekend. If we do, I’m going to go ahead and drop some of my own money on buying some of the music packs for VX Ace and work on integrating them into the game. If not, I can make up the $40 myself. Either way, I’m ordering the software for sure on Monday.

      That’s one thing I need to make clearer- Elvo is actually an illusionist. The easy fight against him on the second floor of the mansion is a fake-out, and the hero should mention that the payment you receive from him disappears as you’re on your way out of the mansion. The real Elvo is the much more difficult fight inside the attic.

    2. Thats good news, I forgot to mention before but is there a reason the towns are so big? it seems there are a lot of empty lots and you can spend quite a bit of time just running around looking for the house you need. the town in the east (forgot its name) is rather big and very empty.
      Keep up the good work!

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