Free Civ V!

Hey everyone, I’d just to share that dedicated fan Capi Duffman had generously donated a copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization V for a little contest this weekend, open to backers only. So, if you happen to donate, this weekend ONLY, you’ll have a chance to win! That’s on top of all the usual perks of being a donor! Much excite!

Link’s on the right!

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  1. @NoMoshing

    Great game man, really funny and entraining. I burned 6 hours on it and that’s saying something (even through I was using HAX).

    Anyways, I got stuck after the journeyman party. I lost my guild credential “apparently” and when I talk to the guild girl (Raina?) she doesn’t give me a new one or anything.

    So I was wondering if that is as far as the game has been developed or if it is some sort bug or something. Thanks.

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