TLDR: Whining and First World Problems

I know it’s not really classy to go into my own problems like this, but my situation has really had an impact on game development lately and I feel that everyone who follows Harem Collector development is owed an explanation.

Basically,  my savings is running out and I’m going to be cut off from GA by the end of May. I was hoping by this time to have some kind of monetization in place so I could support myself and continue to work on HC and other projects full time. I was also looking to phase out donation support for the game, because technically I’m operating in violation of P-yp-l’s TOS and that doesn’t really sit right with me. However, that has not been the case- I have failed to meet minimum standards for most advertising companies, my bank considers this business too much of a risk to give me the support I need to run my own online store, etc. Basically, while these things might still happen in the future, for now time has run out and I need to get a second job.

In the middle of this whole thing (being depressed about having to flip burgers or something again, updating my resume, figuring out the future of the company, etc…), I also found out my aunt died. We weren’t particularly close, but due to my family situation things were… complicated, and my feelings on the issue have been similarly complicated. This is also the second family member I’ve lost to lung cancer, in case you needed additional incentive to quite smoking yourself.

So, for the last week and a half, work has basically stalled on HC and related projects. This is also why I haven’t been updating my Twitter- when you’re spending your days in a housecoat, obsessively playing PS2 games and trying to avoid thinking or feeling anything, you’re not gonna to have a lot to update people on.

But now, MWL is back in town from her week-long adventure in the middle of nowhere, and we’re going to try and get things done and back on track. Some changes are going to have to be made, though. To summarize:

Harem Collector: Progress will be slowed in the next few months. I’m hoping to get by with a part-time job, which will leave me half a week to work on HC, and evenings + weekends to work the administrative/business side of things, but we’ll have to see what happens.

Harem Collector: Fairy Side: Progress will continue as normal, or at least it won’t be affected by things to do with me. MWL is doing some great work, and I’m really excited to see how the new release is received.

Dungeon Assault: No Mercy and Project Norn: Unfortunately, these are the big victims here. Both projects are going to be shelved indefinitely.  When I have more time and the business is more self-sustaining, I’ll get back to them, in some capacity.

Anyway, that’s basically it…. Just wanted to explain why things got really derailed these last couple weeks and why things are going to slow down in the future. For today though, I’m going to get back to work and hopefully overcome this inertia and make progress once again.

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  1. I can do mapping in RPG Maker. I just need to know which version and I always have way to much time on my hands. Shoot me an email, I’d be happy to work with you for free.


  2. I’ll scrounge up some cash for you while a certain pal is still cooperative!

    Have you thought about accepting Bit/Doge/etc coins / virtual currency? You could just collect and cash out; might open up some revenue streams for you.

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