It’s All Fun and Games, Until….

Okay, here’s the scoop:

Nekochan received a injury to her eye last Thursday night, and since then things have been kind of crazy. The injury was pretty serious- it wasn’t until Sunday for us to have a day where we spent more time at home than at a hospital. Nekochan’s eye is going to weeks or maybe even months in recovery, and she requires full-time care at home, from me. The good news is that she isn’t in a lot of pain, other than some medicinal eyedrops that cause some stinging.

I’m leaving it to Nekochan to give you all the gory details, if she wants- she’s considering popping on to write a blog post in the fullness of time, because, well, let’s just say that the accident that caused the injury is pretty fantastic and singularly nerdy.

So, what does this mean for you? Well…

Harem Collector will be delayed. “Full-time care” means exactly that- I get only a handful of hours each day when I’m not either caring for Nekochan or cleaning the apartment. Those hours have, so far, been spent on stress management- ie, playing enough video games and enjoying enough internets that I don’t go crazy. Every day gets a little easier, but I probably won’t have significant time to sit down and do some game work until at least another week.

Sangreal will be delayed. When I announced that I was working on Sangreal again to the testing team, they seemed pretty excited. And honestly, I’m excited too, it will be nice to have made a game I can share with my family. But Sangreal didn’t have a firm release date before and it sure as hell won’t be getting one now.

Indecent Gaming Podcast will be affected, somehow. Since out producer/editor is now down for the count, I think editing duties will be passed on to Cypress_Z for the time being, but I’ve been to busy to get ahold of him. IF anyone sees him, please ask him to contact me. We are definitely not recording new episodes for now, until I can get my shit reasonably together.

GameDev Blog will be ongoing. I will give you guys updates as I get them. Also, I will update you as I get shit done on the game- funnily enough, because of the delay I might be putting up more than usual updates about the actual game just to prove that I’m not doing nothing.

Universal health care is awesome. Don’t worry about us, all our medical bills are paid for. I always appreciate more donations, but this isn’t a cry for help- we’ve got our costs covered courtesy of the Powers that Be. If you have the urge to send us some charity, why not pass it on to Doctors Without Borders because they could use it a lot more than us.

Sorry for all this, but this was a surprise to all of us, and I hate that it comes immediately after the last update that took three months. But this is the reality. Sorry.

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  1. Ee…My hopes to a speedy recovery to the missus. I know how that goes considering the amount of times my dad has been admitted to the hospital because his heart decides to be an asshole.

  2. That sucks, hope Nekochan will be okay though eye injuries hurt like a motherfucker. Got poked in the eye with a childhood friend brandishing a stick so yeah sucks.

    Would also like to point out Summer Games Done Quick is ongoing still where they are playing games for a week straight and all proceeds goto Doctors without borders. In case anybody wants a little more incentive to donate they also have a Humblebundle which gives you games and the proceeds also goto DWB. Sorry if this seems like a plug 🙁

  3. That’s rough. I wish Nekochan as speedy a recovery as possible.

    On an unrelated note, though, I’ve been playing through the latest available version of the game, and I’ve noticed a few little oddities and minor hiccups.

    The description on Raina’s Knockdown skill misspells “your” as “yoru”.

    Meline doesn’t get a “love quest not implemented” message like the other girls.

    Finishing the ‘from beneath the equator’ quest doesn’t seem to advance time to the next day the way completing other quests does.

    Elaiya is still marked as having ‘trust’ relationship status after finishing her love quest, and her new skill isn’t mentioned among her bonuses on the followers page.

    Not sure if these have already been reported/fixed, but there you go.

  4. I’ve been enjoying your games for quite a while now and was always fascinated by all the work you put into it. I’m not a man of many words, so I usually don’t leave any replies or comments.
    In this case though, its something different. I really hope that Nekochan will be better soon, and just wanted to let you guys know. Not only for the sake of the game, but even more for Nekochans and your sake NoMoshing.

  5. meh not gonna lie I’m curious what kinda eye injury but i know they hurt even without getting one. i hear the top 3 pain zones are
    genitals(or breast if mammary tissue present)

    i had surgery on my toes and the local anesthetic hurt as bad as any burn i ever had (i pulled a plate off a lit oven burner as a kid)and i’m betting that was worse. fyi i nearly went into shock from the toe numbing. (seriously they needed a local anesthetic for the local anesthetic lol)

    still hard to figure what kinda pain and or damage without a clue wtf happened.

    to summarize, i sympathize, am curious, and wish neko well.

  6. short version: life comes first, games can wait, and i hope nekochan recovers without too many issues.

    i wish a speedy recovery to nekochan, and urge you not to worry too much about the delay, i’m sure most of us fans will wait patiently(or distract ourselves with other things while occasionally looking in.) for you guys.

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