What the Hell Happened

(As dictated to NoMoshing by Nekochan)

Warning: Lots of delicious Eye Scream to follow.

So, a couple Thursdays ago was your average game night for us. Game proceeded as usual with the normal Vampire-related happenings. Everything was fine.

After game, NoMoshing started playing around with a recent acquisition of ours- a replica Assassin’s Creed hidden blade. This replica has a button which causes the blade to spring out, collapses back in on itself like a stage blade, and has a handy switch for locking the blade closed for safety. So, after NoMoshing was done mock-assassinating all the other players at our tabletop session, he turn to face me sitting on the couch. The intent was to jab in my direction as if the blade was going to pop out, while the blade remained locked closed, for NoMoshing to make me flinch and tease me afterward. NoMoshing believed the blade was locked, however, it was not [Or else the cheap locking mechanism simply didn’t work- NM].

The blade hit me in the left corner of my right eye. At first we thought that the blade simply hit me in the tear duct, as that was the only place I could feel it, and I was simply stunned. One of the remaining vampire players grabbed me a bag of frozen peas to put on the wound, and after holding it to my face for a few seconds and not feeling much pain, I pulled it away assuming no major damage had been done. However, the frozen bag of peas was now covered in blood. At that point, everyone kind of freaked out and an ambulance was summoned.

I was whisked off to the hospital while everyone else followed in their respective vehicles. While in the ambulance I asked the paramedics if I was their weird call for the night, and the paramedics said yes, but the night was still young.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was triaged relatively quickly, but vision in my right eye was deteriorating. I was able to see a doctor who, after speaking with an ophthalmologist by phone, confirmed that there was so much blood in my actual eyeball it was impossible to diagnose me. The recommendation was to go home, stay upright as much as possible, and see the ophthalmologist the following afternoon.

When we finally got to see the ophthalmologist, we were initially relieved because vision in my right eye had improved. However, the doctor had so much trouble getting a pressure reading from my eye that I had to be dosed with Ativan and held down by NoMoshing before I stopped flinching long enough for the reading to happen. The specialist then informed me that my eyeball pressure was so low I had probably suffered a retinal rupture and needed to go into surgery immediately. After he confirmed that I wasn’t going to be awake for the surgery, I told the doctor he was welcome to whatever he needed so long as I was drugged unconscious.

Within the next couple hours, I was prepped for surgery and stoned out of my mind. I don’t remember much from here, but I am told the surgery was a success. The doctor told NoMoshing that there was a four-millimeter stab wound in my eye- it doesn’t sound very big, but when you consider the size of the eye that’s actually pretty huge. Another smaller cut had to be made so the surgeon could remove some of the blood in my pupil. Also, the larger wound cut across part of my iris, and I am told I now have an “eye freckle”- part of the iris broke free and is visible in the white of the eye. For would be, if I wasn’t constantly bloodshot.

NoMoshing was then provided with the list of fun things I am not allowed to do during recovery, which includes (but is not limited to):
-Standing for long periods of time
-Lying down (I continue to sleep upright, supported by a tower of pillows)
-Sneezing or coughing (You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone, trust me)
-Blowing my nose
-Making any facial expression that scrunches up my eyes
-Bending at the waist or lifting things, for example like you’d need to do to change a DVD or video game
-Leaving the apartment unless I’m being driven somewhere

I can read, but I can’t tilt my face downward so all books need to be held upright in front of me. I can play video games or surf the interwebs if it wasn’t for the fact that one of my five eyedrops leaves me so sensitive to light I can’t do it for more than a few minutes at a time. Recovery is sloooow, but I have NoMoshing on hand to take care of me. Thank you for all your well-wishes, I really appreciate them.

[Quick update from me- I haven’t had much time to work on the game, but in the next release you will be able to find and explore Shally’s apartment. -NM]

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  1. ok this goes to no moshang but (wtf is wrong with u.. U never point a blade in a way that it could accidentally cut someone much less a round the head. even if its a replica, its a recreation of a tool designed to kill and not much else. this goes against every rule of responsible knife ownership. :{ ) that said u seem to be taking responsibility for it. Please learn from this and make sure your friends do also. It’s bad when someone accidentally hurts another because they don’t realize the danger, it’s worse if you don’t stop it from repeating. In all seriousness as bad as it sounds it could have been worse. You “assassinated” a bunch of people right, what if it went off then? someone could be dead! An absolute rule of knife wielding is that if you aren’t willing to risk killing someone don’t point the blade at them, this goes double with spring loaded blades. I’m sure you dont need to hear all this right now and i’m not trying to guilt you out. Just please think next time, this is a perfect example of how people get killed by accident and we are all both lucky and grateful it wasn’t worse. As for neko i don’t know how this will affect you in the long run but please forgive him four being an idiot, hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again.

    1. Sorry, this doesn’t come across in the blog post, but the blade was plastic. Specifically, it’s this blade. That weird slanty part about halfway down the blade is actually a seam, because the knife is in two parts. It’s a stage blade, and in case you’re not familiar with those, it’s meant to collapse in on itself when it meets resistance, allowing stage actors to “stab” each other during a performance.

      What I did was still fantastically stupid, you should wave pointy things at people’s faces regardless of the material, but it wasn’t that stupid.

      1. i apologize. I am a martial artist who trains with many blades of varying sizes. I don’t use props and even the replica sword i own is steel. i figured it was at least metal even if not sharpened. with the force of springs behind it even dull metal could tear through a neck. I am truly sorry for jumping to conclusions but I’ve seen people playing with real knives like this and i try to stop it whenever i can. It’s not just guns that are potentially lethal accidents waiting to happen when people are careless. To me such things are especially aggravating because a few careless idiots kill someone and it becomes hard to legally carry or even own a combat knife or sword. This is apparently not you. *bows in apology*

  2. Oh my god. I only hope Nekochan is able to recover and keep her vision intact, as i can imagine that kind of injury culd cause some permanent vision loss.

  3. Oh my God, please be okay, Neko! You seem like an amazing person and you don’t deserve this kind of pain! I will imagine tiny cat-fairy things to magically cuddle your eye until it’s better. Get well soon, you’re in my thoughts.

  4. See this is why we learn in grade school not to point anything remotely sharp at peoples eyes. I was cringing almost the entire post, and some of the things you can’t do.. Ugh would go crazy trying to do it. Do feel better soon, whenever you eventually recover it should be an interesting story if people ask why your eye is like that.

  5. This is why you always aim for the chest when it comes to play blades. Even if not real, if it’s got a point it don’t go nowhere near the eyes.

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