Backer Pack is Out!

If you’re a backer, you should have received your Backer Pack.

I’m kind of really tired and dead right now, was up all night working on Fairy Side and sending out the Backer’s Packs. If you’re a Backer and didn’t receive your pack please contact me immediately- I only had one email bounce this time, but it could be that your paypal address is different from your regular address or something.

I might not get around to a better blag post than this- I’m up really late, no doubt tomorrow I’ll have a bunch of fresh bug reports and such to parse through, and at some point tomorrow I have to make a 3 hour road trip. =/ I’ll try my best, though!

Until then- thanks for your patience, please enjoy the game, and please come back for the public release on the 24th.

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  1. Well, Sangreal seems like it’ll be fun when it’s got more to it. Not sure if the demo is supposed to end when you get to the reception, cause some characters just repeat lines, and I dunno how exactly to advance. pretty sure i talked to all who had extra things to talk about.

      1. Unless I’m supposed to magically figure out which numbers to use from the tombstones, I see no hints. o.o

        Nothing in the house gives a hint away anyways.

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