One of Those Days

I had spent the last couple days stressing about the tester release, basically sweating bullets because pretty much everything seemed delayed. It was only this morning, when I sat down to write a blog explaining why everything was delayed, that I released I was getting ahead of myself- Testing Week starts NEXT Wednesday, and I actually have a full other work week with which to finish polishing everything up.

That’s not to say that everything is necessarily peachy keen. I think we’ll be able to pull everything off on time for the May release, but I am very frequently wrong about these things. Now that the Patreon is up, releasing on time is a pretty high priority for us here at Bad Kitty Games.

Part of the problem, I think, is our late start. While that April Fool’s version of the game was a lot of fun, I think it was a poor use of my already limited work-hours. Oh well. By the way, there will a code that will unlock the April Fool’s sex scene in the next version, in case you wanted to keep access to it.

Also in the next update will be the first custom sex scene from a Patreon backer, which is pretty exciting. Plus, a new harem girl, as promised. It’s going to be a smaller update overall than last one though, but I hope the new content (brand new character, the daily quest revamp, one full-size quest and one mini-quest) satisfies.

Now, I’m back to work. Only two weeks until the backer update, so if you want in on that please hit up the Bad Kitty Games Patreon before the end of the month!

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  1. I’ll just say “good luck”.

    And yeah, not being allowed delays isn’t fun since you can’t just spend a day lazying around—truly lazying around, as it only counts if you don’t have to worry about work at all—because you’ll keep on getting reminded about the time-tables.

  2. Hey, I don’t know if this is the ideal place to post this, but I found a sequence breaking bug in the most recent release.

    I took out the thieves in the slum storehouse and when to dig up the rubies. While there, I happened to see a zombie group at the top of the screen and decided to fight it. I figure easy xp and gold, so I fight a couple more. Next thing I know, it turns night, as if the protection quest were starting. I decide to leave the town, and it is still night. I decide to continue the kidnapped niece quest and hit the orc camp. I kill all the orcs there, but no boss spawns. I am assuming I was still considered to be in the protection quest, so other quests refused to progress.

  3. I know this is off topic and might not be the right place to ask but, does MagicWhiteLady still have a blog/website? Id like to keep up with her projects.

    1. I know she’s on Tumblr and has an old Blogspot account, but I’m not sure what she’s updating these days. Honestly, your best bet is to Google her by name.

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