Project Starship joins Bad Kitty Games!

So, Harem Collector’s a wee bit delayed- testing week should begin either tonight or early tomorrow depending on how much I get done today. Hopefully that won’t impact testing much- after all, it’s only two quests (one quite short) and the revamped daily quest stuff to check out.

Anyway, the big news for today: Dr. MadDoc’s adult visual novel Project: Starship is now hosted at! Give it a try, it should tide you over til the next HC release. Check it out here!

6 Replies to “Project Starship joins Bad Kitty Games!”

  1. interesting … funny…………………. lack of ship’s detailed information (i’m interested in hangar bay(best things are always waiting at the hangar))

  2. Seems I’m too stupid for this game. The artifact kills me everytime and I’ve literally tried every possible combination of choices.

    1. It’s not that you are too stupid, worry not. I don’t think the artifact has killed you, but it is the end of the first part, unfortunately, from what I can see, that is all there is in the game right now, but with more updates will come more content. Though, the concept seems awesome, and I know I am going to keep updated on it ^^

  3. Just thought you should know that the patreon link on the starship page just goes to the main patreon homepage not their individual one. I found it eventually and donated but it took a bit.

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