Goals for October Release

Since things are finally relaxing at home, things are looking up in terms of gamedev. I was able to put in some solid work so far this week, and hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill my plans for the game.

Things I’ve already done:
-Added a half dozen new banters
-Added new mind control scenes for Therese and Yeon
-Added new Trophy Traders for each major city
-Made the Abandoned Fort re-visitable, allowing players to grind a few more slimes per day (or not)
-Made the face set for a new harem girl
-Added a new hovel to the Northmarket Slums with some minor plot significance

Things on their way:
-Finally have a sprite artist on board, so expect a lot of sprites that were unfinished or whatever to start appearing.
-New backer custom scene for next release, which happens to also include something you guys have been demanding for awhile.
-New town music courtesy of PeaSea
-More revised battlers

Things I want for next release:
-Beach vacation quest
-Sacrifices for Algernon quest (continuation of the Demon Cult arc)
-New quest for the Save the Elves arc.
-New harem girl + sex scene
-At least two more random sex scenes
-Make more revistable dungeons (there’s a relevant thread on the forums, if you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion on that)
-More on demand scenes, banters, etc.
-Be able to spend more time promoting the game and getting back on track with Patreon rewards/goals.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Have fun and happy fapping!

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  1. All of it sounds exciting, but I’m particularly excited in to meet a new girl, specially if she is Diadira. A hot bard (or singer or minstrel or whatever) sounds very promising.

  2. I am unable to do Yamamaya’s love quest, as it requires me to make a 2-person party of just me and her, but I’m unable to remove Kyrie from my party since she has a silver star next to her. This forces me to have to close the game, as there’s no way to back out without making up a 2-person party and include all 3 people with stars by them.

        1. What went on is that I didn’t know the requirement flag carried over after she is removed from the party at the conclusion of Ain’t No Party Like A Search Party. It’s fixed now- a new game won’t have a repeat problem- but right now the only way to deflag her is to use the code.

  3. Obligatory beach scene check. Hopefully “Hot Springs Resort” is not too far off. Or maybe hero could just install an onsen for repeatable scenes.

    Side note: they just announced RPG Maker MV so maybe an update or hopefully easier time for the sequels.

    1. if we talk about Sequel.

      considering this game is about recruiting and put someone use to the castle.

      i really expect a “load Prequel Game save” new game Bonus.
      it’s another talk of course

      1. Honestly this wont happen (almost definitely). Nomosh has mention previously each game will be separate, and while I understand why it would be cool for it to be linked, I understand why its a pain in the ass. Linking the games via loadable saves means the game has to stay in vx, cant have any major reworks or mod changes without potentially borking previous games, clogs up all the database tables (as you have to leave some of the switches and gear in, and eventually you will have to deal with some power creep or having your gear de leveled as by the time you manage to get to 999 in a stat you will have basically won the game. The laxius power games did this and restat everything when you preloaded in using an old save from the previous game to prevent this as by the end of the first game the main char was dual wielding swords that provided him with 999 atk

      2. “Load prequel game save”-bonuses are hard to do. I’ve yet to see even a single RPGmaker game that implemented something like that.

  4. Personally I’d really like you do more love quests, and sooner rather than later. We have a couple dozen girls in the harem already (as well as Felix & Kevin) but only, what, 4 complete love quests (Yamamaya, Meline, Elaiya and Penelope)? Until a character’s love quest is finished, the character is technically incomplete, which means we have a LOT of incomplete harem girls. Methinks you should focus on finishing at least a few of them before you go throwing more in there.

    1. I’m sorry that it bothers you that these girls’ character arcs are incomplete, but the love quests are supposed to be late-to-end-game content. I don’t feel like it’s a smart use of my time to make more love quests just to end up re-balancing and re-engineering love quests once development is near close. Please try and put up with it for now.

  5. So I hate to sound like I have a one track mind but just saw PRG Maker MV is supposed to have apk support native. Since you are discussing patreon maybe it could get added to the list. While I am not looking to play during my commute, getting access to another enjoyable android app would be nice.

  6. Importing saves sucks. Do it the KOTORII way, let you pick in each play through what happened. That way you can have it fit your playthrough from the other game, but if you want to see the other options, you don’t have to replay the last game on top of the new one.

    And if you want bonus stuff, well, that’s what passwords are for.

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