Backer Topic #4: Auto-Extinctionism

Things are proceeding pretty smoothly. About 50% done a new quest, with a pretty interesting design if I say so myself- I’ll post some screens for Backers when things are a little more complete. Finally getting the sleeping sprites done for Meline and Elaiya, too.

Anyway, on with the show.

Every third quest has you killing a bunch of clockwork nerds, or bandits, or just some royal guards. Often times the worst wars or unrest comes when the population booms. … So is there an in-story reason there is an excess population the hero is helping cull?

You know, I never really thought of that. Probably? That is a lot of dudes- over 300, even without daily quests. An excess population (particularly an excess population of men, though I’ve never heard of the opposite) has historically lead to unrest, war and crime. I never wrote any such thing into the game, though.

I do have a Doylist explanation, though: human antagonists are more interesting to write about.

It’s probably unsatisfying to hear, but most monsters have very simple motivations. Vampire counts and demonic conspiracies aside, a lot of monsters have no dialogue and no motivations outside “protect my territory” and “get something to eat when you’re hungry”. There’s a reason why random encounters exist- hordes of perfectly anonymous monsters in most RPGs that show up, kill or be killed, and have no lasting impact on the story.

Instead of random encounters, combat in Harem Collector is firmly focused on quests. Because each of these quests has its’ own little story, it’s just easier to write around an understandable antagonist. There are a few quests built around other monsters, either incidentally or as minions of a more relate-able threat.

So there’s the simple truth- I put a lot of human antagonists in the game because it’s easier to justify in-story. Sorry that there’s no deep story reason behind it.

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  1. If you wanted to imply some sort of justification, you could just drop a few mentions here and there to some crops being newly available, or some talk about how the cure potions are now much cheaper because they can be made more easily. Just a few mentions here and there, but enough to imply why there might be a rappidly growing population underway thanks to more nutritious crops and/or more access to healing.

  2. Didn’t the entire kingdom pay off it’s debt to that one kingdom and rename everything like 20 years ago? If an improved economy lead to paying off the debt, (Instead of the debt being payed off and that improves the economy) it could be a reason for that.

    Plus once the debt is payed off, they can start plowing that money back into the kingdom. Or just lower taxes, which might spur a boom.

    An excess population helps explains why there are so many hot girls ages 18-23 around too. The hero might have been born just before the boom, letting him reap the advantages of getting his foot in the door just before everyone else shows up, who then have to turn to crime/whatever. Or maybe the Clock Work crazies are just a side effect of an industrial revolution that the hero is too dense to notice, putting people in the middle kingdom out of the low skilled jobs?

    1. Heck, the fact that they paid off their debt just like that without any random event helping would pretty much mean that they did it via population and production increase, unless they were simply paying it off at a steady pace since forever but that would be boring.

  3. Here are Random Suggestion!

    Give A new male character adventurer that hate Women.
    don’t make it party but let him reccurence in some quests.
    doesn’t need to be in this game to, maybe sequel.

    Give the Protagonist the [Star Crossed Rival]

    Seifer to Squall
    Kuja to Zidane
    Sephiroth To Squall
    Jowy To Riou
    Nemesis to Jill
    Hijikata to Gintoki

  4. *facepalm*
    Now i see the real hold up of this games development..
    you’re getting too deep into the byline.. sheesh! you guy’s…’s a RPG hentai game! albeit, a pretty well thought out one. c’mon. random encounters is a must in some games just for the grindy build. tho, in this game its’ “The Gifting” that kinda replaces it.. need to work on more h-scene encounters with current slaves ’cause.. ya, the hero’s gonna F-himself to death. seems hero only has the enslavement scene for some, without the rewards scenes being connected(completely). i do realize 151 slaves is gonna be a whole lotta codin’ and scenerio development, and, some slaves may end up with only the initial enslavement scene..
    Keep it up tho you are doing fine *thumbsup* 😀
    ..Just remember the advice i always give myself: “KISS”

  5. That’s one of the things that bugged me about The Last of Us, it’s supposed to be a post apocalyptic struggle against a gang of people who kill every one they meet and yet there were still enough survivors to have a dozen bad guys around every corner.

    But I hadn’t though about it here until now

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