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Alright, so I totally dropped the ball yeterday- I was totally intending to write a blog post on time but then I started playing video games and for some reason I thought it was Monday… sorry.

Anyway, in a rush to have a topic, I’ve gone ahead and delivered on a promise I made last summer- a tour of the new office.

Wide Shot

Okay, so here’s the view from the door- doesn’t look like much, does it? We’re still unpacking- a a combination of no personal time and needing to replace a bunch of old Ikea-type furniture that fell apart in the move- so this isn’t the final state of the room. Some highlights- you can see Nekochan’s drawing stuff on the right of the desk, next to my file folders of legal/tax/business docs. On the floor is a mismash of stuff- that’s my Senhime statue still in the box, our collector’s edition Catherine box, and a Diablo II strategy guide with a bunch of boxes. On the extreme right of the photo, you can see our CD rack- firmly establishing Nekochan and I as 90’s kids- and you can also see that I was in the middle of painting a mini when I realized I needed to do a blog post.


You probably also noticed the cat, because this is the internet. She hates being alone, so the cat tree is in here so she doesn’t lie down on my keyboard or notes. You can also see my backyard which is currently an overgrown jungle filled with spiders.


This is my Figma waifu harem, cheering me on as I work. I’m kind of a hipster when it comes to figures- Figma only, thank you, unless there’s no Figma for a particular figure (like Senhime). Can you name them all?


Right now this is not only my office, but also my minis painting zone. I’m making a serious effort to finish my enormous backlog of unpainted minis, and it’s actually helping me get more done on HC as I do a little bit of work while waiting for a mini to dry, or taking time to paint and chill out when I hit a wall while working. The office is going to be multipurpose- in time, we’re also going to store our lego here, and it’ll also be Nekochan’s sewing room.

Growth Space

This is the other corner of the room, to the left of the wide shot above, where the drafting table and sewing table will someday go. That corkboard is probably going to be hung up soon, as I like using the corkboard to keep track of my notes while I work. The lockboxes there will be moved into the office closet sooner or later, and they hold our more rare and expensive video games and memorabilia (Earthbound, FF3, Chrono Trigger, an autographed copy of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep….) Uh, please don’t rob me. I just wanted to brag.

Anyway, that’s it. Uh, enjoy!

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  1. Nice Office, mine is a little bigger than that but i have less desk space, mostly because of my books and my Bandai MG Collection that takes a lot of space.
    I have 12 Gunplas in my possession (mostly Zeon MSs, since I prefer them to Gundams), I find them more fun than purchasing figurines. Though my Rathalos Figurine is an sole exception to this rule.

    BTW I still play my old copy of Diablo II LOD every now and then, with either my Lvl.96 Pal, or my Lvl 99 Sor, the best game of the frachise in my opinion.

  2. I am looking at the second picture and can’t help but imagine her thoughts like: “Yes, human. What do you want? Can’t you see i am watching the jungle here crawling with all those spiders? Look at the camera? Fi~ine…”

  3. Can you name them all? I’ll take a challenge!
    From the left to right: Amagi Yukiko, Mami Tomoe + Charlotte, Hatsune Miku, Kirino Kousaka, Uesugi Kenshin (? Not sure), Kurisu Makise, Asada Shino aka Sinon.

  4. nice i like the mintures on top of your printer do you paint them ?
    i have been known to paint mintures. oh and the cat is the boss
    he is making sure you make HC right

    1. I started as a Circle player. Problem is, I’m really terrible at playing Hordesmachine in general and the Circle’s playstyle in particular. I’m too much of a “conventional/realistic strategies and tactics” player and not enough of a “Magic: The Gathering with minis” kind of player.

      Not to shame or dismiss anyone’s game, but Hordesmachine just isn’t for me. I bounced around the time I realized I just set my own Warjack on fire for the cover bonus and to extend the reach of a flamethrower by about an inch thanks to an order that generates a blast template. Nowadays I keep the minis around for tabletop roleplaying, and I play 40k occasionally for my wargaming fix.

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