She Slimed Me

Not a long post I’m afraid. Due to a Dropbox-related incident, I’ve lost a ton of work hours. And now I have to figure out how to fix it if I ever want to use my laptop for gamedev again….

Anyway, Gusbus dropped whole pile of slime on me today, so here’s a preview of some of the new enemy battlers that will be in the next update.

The new Virulent Green Slime is just happy to see you:
green slime large

The new Quivering Jelly offers some insight into why those caves are always so well-lit:
orange slime large

The new Clockwork Slime just realized how ridiculous his mere existence is:
silver slime large

Anyway, that’s all for now. There’s a lot to do in the next week, so I’d ought to get right to it!

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    1. I take it on good authority that if you’re interested in that sorta thing you should pay special attention to when we get more housing, specifically housing in a certain port with a magical school. All this info and more can be found in the forums…. Somewhere, been months since I read that bit.

  1. about you *dropbox* prob i’m not sure how much you keep in the “clouds” but, a trick i’ve learned is to keep more than one service fed e.g. gdrive, dropbox, mega,; i try to mirror on all the free servers and never let them sync to my os drive(usually turn that off completely), ya, i know its an uploadin’ pain but, for me i’ve managed to avoid the more serious blips in those servers crapware… ;p

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